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In October, 1884, a station was established on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy (earlier the Rockford, Rock Island and St. Louis) line about four miles east of Lyndon. It was first called Round Grove Crossing. By January, 1885, the settlement had been furnished with stockyards, passenger and freight station, lumber-yard, corncrib and elevator. The name was changed to Sands, probably because there was already a station called Round Grove a few miles away on the Chicago and Northwestern rairoad; and also because it was located on one of the several Sands farms that formed a contiguous group in that neighborhood. Railroad service was discontinued after a period of time and the buildings disappeared.

The elevator was operated by a man named Crosby for a time and he apparently wanted the small settlement named after him. He had the name Crosby Center painted on the tall grain-bin in large letters. Later it was operated by a Chicago firm which had a number of elevators in operation under the name Neola. A paint job changed the name but time and weather wore the covering away and Crosby Center showed forth again, shabby but nostalgic.

The two branches of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company crossed on the line between sections 19 amd 30 and just east of the Fenton-Lyndon boundary. A triangular switch was built there. Early maps showed the station of Denrock west of the line dividing the two townships and the post office east of it. The post office was established there in 1890 when the one at Pratt was discontinued. There were also a restaurant with sleeping accommodations, coal chutes and two water tanks. They have all disappeared. The small station is boarded up but numerous freight cars on the triangular junction are evidence that Denrock is still a transferral point. The post office was discontinued October 31, 1911.


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