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Want to connect with old Tampico area buddies
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Donald Hopkins
Mar 09, 2006
8:58 AM
(This was originally posted in our Guest Book. I have posted it here incase anyone would like to respond to Mr. Hopkins)
I was introduced to the site by Classmates. It is great. My parents address was Tampico when I was born but the farm they lived on was five miles south and west of Yorktown. The county line dividing Henry and Bureau is the first road west of Yorktown. Yorktown as you said is in Bureau county and Yorktown Township is on the west side of that road just west of Yorktown but is in Henry County. The Yorktown Cemetery is about two blocks north of the Highway 92 and is on the east side of the road just north of the church.
While visiting with the gentleman running the old store in Yorktown, he mentioned that it had been owned by a family named BOOTH at one time in its history. This caught my interest immediately as Uncle Levi Hopkins had married a woman whose maiden name was BOOTH. Levi had a farm about four miles south of the highway on that county line road. Due to some health problems I have not been able to check to see if she might have been of the family of the store. Levi was one of four brothers Levi, John, James, and Merritt, who moved from Weedsport, New York, to that general area. Merritt and John married two sisters, Elizabeth and Susannah hunter. Levi married Mary Booth, and James maried Betsy Road (or Rhodes). John's wife Susannah died in childbirth when their daughter Emma was born. When the Civil War started John joined the Army and his brother Merritt and Susannah's sister took his two children to raise. I believe Levi also was in the Army and both were in Libby Prison when it was liberated just a couple of weeks before the war ended. A couple of years later John married Mary Crakes Minor who was a war widow. They had one son, Leonard, who was my grandfather. I am now sevety-seven years old, had a five-way by-pass, and am diabetic. I live in Wichita, Kansas, which is five hundred miles from that area and the county seats of Morrison, Princeton, and Cambridge. Before I have to check out, I would like to know of any decendants of the four brothers who might read this. Through Ancestors.com I did get in touch with a decendant of the BOOTH family who was wanting to know if anyone had any information on Levi Hopkins. Oh! Yes! About three miles south of New Bedford there is something that I always took family members to see when touring that area. The Hennipin canal crosses Green River. Think on that for a minute. It is an unusal sight. real engineering. Thank you for maintaining this site.

We lived in the area until I was nineteen years old and I see many familiar names. Glassburn is one. Hoping to get in touch with Jimmie Gassburn, I did find a Jack Glassburn who told me that Jimmie had married, had several children and had died several years ago. I believe he spent most of his adult life in Wisconsin. Bob Cassens fascinated me on the basketball court. He was real short but made up for it in speed and agility. He was fantastic! My E-Mail address is DDEHopkins@aol.com

Donald Hopkins on March 8, 2006

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Mel Taylor
Mar 13, 2006
6:12 AM
Note for Donald Hopkins. I believe we are cousins...Leonard Hopkins married into the Markle family, I believe (I don't have my records with me, so this is off the top of my head as I remember). I have recorded as much as I can find on this family from his wife's (Mabel?) ancestors and some of Leonard & wife's descendants and probably have your name in my files. Maybe I can fill in some gaps for you and you for me. I don't have email into my home, but pick it up at Library or my daughter's. You surprised me.

Mel Taylor on March 12, 2006
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