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The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Sep 03, 2003
1:17 PM
iam looking for information on john greenman sr.(parents william and polly) who married maude foy (parents austin foy and lucinda mckenzie).
john sr. and maude last child, john v. was born about 1911. after that time i can't find information on the last child or john greenman sr.
the family has said that john sr. died and the children were farmed out,but the family never mentioned john v. so i believe he must have died at birth.
latter maude remarried jim selkirk.
so where is john sr. and what year did he die?
also my great aunt always said that a foy married a reagan, and that we are long distance cousins to ronald reagan.go figure!
p.s.mckenzieusa web site has alot of info on the family line.
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Sep 05, 2003
7:19 AM
There is a John Greenman (and many other Greenman's) listed in the Tampico Cemetery section of this site. If you think any of these belong to you, I can check the funeral logs to see if I can get any more info for you and can even mail you a copy of the funeral log page if they are listed.
Mar 02, 2005
7:01 PM
Here's some Tampico Tornado articles highlighting John GREENMAN husband of Maude McKenzie FOY and their relatives:

February 28, 1891

To whom it may concern, I hereby give notice that I have this day given my son, John J. GREENMAN, (a minor) for $1 to me in hand paid, his time as if of lawful age. I will not try to collect any of his earnings or pay any of his debts of his contracting after this date. William M. GREENMAN, Tampico, Ill, Feb. 24th, 1891. (Obvious, interesting, relationship of John J. with father William M. - John J. was 17 at the time.)

December 19, 1896
John GREENMAN, who had the misfortune of spraining his ankle last week by falling off from a load of hay, is now able to get around without the assistance of cane or crutch.

February 22, 1902 There will be several changes in the neighborhood about March 1st. John GREENMAN will move upon the Mrs. Elsie McKENZIE farm, vacated by Pleas. DOW; Clarence SHERE will live on the HOPKINS place, vacated by George GREENMAN, who moves to the NOON farm. (Elsie nee PELTON wife of Hiram McKENZIE was the step-grandmother of John GREENMAN's wife Maude McKenzie nee FOY. Elsie died in 1904).

August 8, 1903 - YORKTOWN
Eva RENSLOW returned home Saturday after a few days visit with Mrs. John GREENMAN.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayte TEACH and Mr. and Mrs. Jay GREENMAN were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John GREENMAN last Sunday.
(Eva RENSLOW is Harriet "Eva" FOY m George W. RENSLOW. Eva is the sister of Maude nee FOY McKENZIE's father Austin FOY. [note Harriet "Eva" and George had a daughter Florence "Eva" RENSLOW - the Eva mentioned may be Florence Eva - cousin of Maude.] Mrs. Clayte TEACH is Bertha Mandana FOY, Maude's sister. I am not sure how Jay GREENMAN is.)

August 29, 1903 YORKTOWN
Mr. and Mrs. Homer BURNS, of Tampico, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John GREENMAN last Sunday. (Mrs. Homer BURNS is Mabel C. EMMONS, dau of Edwin and Irene nee FOY EMMONS. Irene is the sister of Maude GREENMAN's father Austin FOY.)

November 6, 1903
Over sixty of the McKENZIEs and their relatives were gathered at the home of Virgil McKENZIE south of Yorktown Wednesday and had a big family reunion in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Fred McKENZIE of Texas and Mr. and Mrs. Frank McKENZIE of Kansas. A big dinner was served at noon. During the day the guests recounted the old times when all were young and the gathering was a joyous occasion. xxxxxx xxxxx Frank, Fred, Albert, John, Jed, and Virgil, Ernest, Robert, and Chancey McKENZIE, Chas MORRIL, Austin FOY, Allie PIERCE, Wm. PARENT, Clinton BROOKS, John GREENMAN: Mrs. M.G. LOVE, Lue McKENZIE, Lena NELSON, Levi BRAINERD, Clayte TEACH, Freeman FOY and Ella FIELD. (lots of ties here - I don't have time to log them all)

Last Sunday the FOYs and thier relatives had a family gather ing at the country home of Morrel FOY north of here in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McKENZIE of Kansas. When the guests were collected for dinner it required three large tables to seat them all. The dinner served was an excellent one consisting of all manner of good things. Those present with their families were: Messrs adn Mesdames Wesley FOY, Milton, Fred, Frank and Will FOY, Clayton TEACH, Homer BURNS, Frank McKENZIE, B.F. DOW, E.A. EMMONS, Wm. VanDREW, Mesdames John GREENMAN, Eva RENSLOW, C.A.F. CROSS. (likewise with the FOY family reunion - lots of links here [including my gg grandfather- B.F. DOW]

November 13, 1903 Mrs. John GREENMAN and Mrs. Clate TEACH of Yorktown, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.T. FOY last Saturday and Sunday.

December 11, 1903 Yorktown Mr. and Mrs. John GREENMAN spent Sunday with Mrs. GREENMAN's parents Mr. and Mrs. A.T. FOY at Tampico. (Obvious links to parents MM Austin T. FOY)

Janauary 27, 1905 YORKTOWN Some of the friends and old neighbors in the immediate neighborhod of Mr. and Mrs. Albert McKENZIE gave them a surprise last week Thursday. A big dinner was served which all heartily enjoyed after which Mr. and Mrs. McKENZIE were presented with the proceeds with which to purchase a new chair as soon as they get located in thier new home in Princeton. This was presented by Mrs. C.D. McKENZIE in a very fitting speach to which Mr. McKENZIE kindly responded thanking the friends heartily not for the value of the gift alone, but for the kindness which prompted it. Those present were Messrs and Mesdames Wm SHERE, J.D. McKENZIE, C.D. McKENZIE, A.O. HUNTER, Virgil McKENZIE, Ernest McKENZIE, John GREENMAN, C.A. BROOKS, G.E. BROOKS, Mrs. Ella FIELDS, Guy and Frank McKENZIE and Miss Lois McKENZIE. (more links - sorry, no time to list them all)

March 3, 1905 YORKTOWN
John GREENMAN's youngest child is very sick of lung fever. Mrs. Austin FOY of Tampico is with her daughter Mrs. John GREENMAN. (not sure who this "youngest" child is.)

March 2, 1906 YORKTOWN
John GREENMAN has a new 'phone installed in his home.

April 13, 1906 YORKTOWN
Mrs. Clayton TEACH of Deer Grove visited his sister Mrs. John GREENMAN.

June 15, 1906 YORKTOWN
John GREENMAN is recovering from a severe attack of appendicitis.
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Nov 19, 2006
5:48 AM

I have posted your query on Brian Sanders Msg board.

He seems to have quite a bit of info on the FOY families and may be able to help. I will continue looking on my end. We have a "John Greenman" buried in our TMC. Died Jan 7, 1911 at the age of 35.

Unfortunately, prior to 1919, our funeral logs don't give too much info. Log says services were ordered by "Train Job". This is posted on a lot of entries, but I do not know what it means. Usually a family members name is in that entry. I haven't checked to see if I have his obit yet, but will try to do it in the next day or two.


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Nov 21, 2006
2:18 PM
Kim -

This should help!

Tampico Tornado January 13, 1911


John GREENMAN of Drinkwater, Canada who formerly lived in this vicinity, died Sunday evening at the hospital in Moose Jaw from typhoid fever according to a message received here Monday by his father, Wm GREENMAN. John was taken sick about three weeks previous to his death at Drinkwater and two weeks ago was moved to the hospital at Moose Jaw where he died.

A message was received Wednesday afternoon by Milton FOY stating that relatives had started with the remains for Tampico. It is expected that the body will reach here Friday morning and the funeral will be held the same afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Christian church and the Woodmen will have charge.

The deceased was born April 17, 1874 in Prophetstown township and spent practically all his life in the vicinity of Tampico and Yorktown until a couple years ago when he moved to Canada. He was married Jan. 23, 1900 to Maude FOY who with five small children survive, the oldest being about nine years old. Ten sisters and brothers also survive. The deceased was a son of one of the old inhabitants of Tampico and has a large number of friends and acquaintances here who regretted to learn of his death.



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Dec 14, 2006
11:56 AM

See article:

Charged with murder - Maude Greenman, Austin Foy

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Aug 02, 2011
7:46 AM
Updated information per 1911 Canada Census:

1911 Census of Canada Record for Maude Greenman (mis-transcribed on Ancestry as "Mande Greenman")

HOH - Maude Greenman, b. Jan. 1878, age 33,widowed, USA, immigrated to Canada in 1908. Ethnicity - Scotch, Nativity - American, Religion - Baptist

Dau - Marie, b. May 1901, age 10, imm. 1908, Ethnicity - Scotch, Nativity - American - Religion - Baptist

Dau - Mildred, b. March 1904, 9yrs, USA/1908/Scotch/American/Baptist

Son - Lloyd, May 1906, 5yrs., imm. 1908, Scotch/American/Baptist

Dau - Helen, b. Sept 1907, 3yrs. USA/Scotch/American/Baptist

Dau - Bernice, April 1909, 2yrs., Sask/Scotch/American/Baptist

Father - Austin Foy, b. Jan. 1846, 65yrs., USA/1910/Scotch/American/Baptist

Mother - Lucinda Foy, b. Sept. 1864, 43 yrs., USA/1910/Scotch/Baptist

Servant - Robt. Wheeler, single male, b. April 1881, 30 yrs., USA/1904/English/Canadian/Anglican, farm laborer
Source Citation: Year: 1911;Census Place: , Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Page 8, Family No: 107.

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