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Feb 26, 2012
6:51 AM
I am new to your board, but have been researching my Forster and Bartle relatives, who lived in Whiteside County from 1854 forward, for some time.

One topic that has eluded me is details on Henry Ford's visit to Sterling around 1906. I have a picture of him with my great-great grandfather, Bartholomew A. Forster, and other relatives in Sterling.

B.A. Forster was part owner of the Eureka Mgf. Co, which made carriages, wagons and furniture. Henry Ford wanted the company to go in with him on manufacturing cars. To our regret, my great-great grandfather declined.

However, by 1915, under other ownership, Eureka did start making car body parts.

Does anyone have an info on Ford's trip to Sterling?

I appreciate your help and hope that I can contribute to other people's queries.

Barbara Davis
Venice, Florida
831 posts
Mar 05, 2012
7:16 AM
I had emailed Barb some Gazette articles to peruse (listed on their Index).
Hello Barbara,
After changing the "search criteria" on the Gazette Index site, I found many articles on the Eureka Co. I particularly like the looks of July, 1915 article. Possibly the Feb. 28, 1925 article may mention it in its "history." If you have not yet contacted Marilyn Anderson at the Sterling public library, this list may help you refine your search parameters for her:
Eureka Co.{^} organized in 1871 17 Sep 1946;4;4
Eureka Co. (Rock Falls){^} needs 40 workers 11 Sep 1945;3;1
Eureka Co. (Rock Falls){^} saved from serious fire damage 9 Dec 1948;3;4
Eureka Co. (Rock Falls){^} recollections in its heydey 18 May 1990;C1;1-3*
Eureka Co. (Rock Falls){^} a leading manufacturer from 1871-1964 5 Jul 1992;A1;1-6*
Eureka Co. (Rock Falls){^} former employees gather to meet Prof. Car Soc. members 28 Nov 1992;A7;5-6
Eureka Company{^} honors Frank Newman 4 Oct 1952;3;6-7*
Eureka Company{^} 12 new funeral cars and ambulances 16 Jan 1953;18;2-5*
Eureka Company{^} bids highest for RF city land: 4th Ave/W 1st St. 3 Sept 1958;3;1
Eureka Company{^} honors J. Frank Newman, 35 yrs, 86th birthday 17 Oct 1958;3;4-5*
Eureka Company{^} hearse building industry featured 24 June 1960;10;1-6*
Eureka Company{^} report that its closed 18 June 1964;2;3
Eureka Company{^} sells company 12 Aug 1964;3;4

Eureka Co. (Rock Falls){^} building being torn down on W. 1st. 22 Aug 1987;A1;3*;A2;1*

>Eureka Co.{^} began in 1871; limouisine works 28 Feb 1925;3;1

>>>Eureka Co. (Rock Falls){^} making bodies for Fords 28 July 1915;Standard;1;7

Eureka Co.{^} Inmaha boat sunk in Snake River 17 Nov 1903;twGazette;1;3;8;3
Eureka Co.{^} probably will build new boat 20 Nov 1903;twGazette;5;1
Eureka Co.{^} more on sinking of Inmaha 20 Nov 1903;twGazette;B1;5
Eureka Co.{^} launches Imnaha boat 13 Jan 1903;Standard;1;4
Eureka Co.{^} ship, Imnaha, has trial trip 3 July 1903;Standard;1;4
Eureka Co.{^} ship, Imnaha, wrecked in rapids 16 Nov 1903;Standard:1;1
Eureka Co.{^} ship, Imnaha, sank on Snake River 18 Nov 1903;1;5
Eureka Co.{^} tale of the sinking of the Imnaha 20 Nov 1903;Standard:1;4

Eureka Company{^} statement of suit against 7 Aug 1905;Standard;1;7
Eureka Company{^} Baker, John returns to copper mines 1 Sept 1905;Standard;1;5
Eureka Co.{^} Keefer, Frank heads the company 18 June 1907;1;4
Eureka Co.{^} . J. F. Keefer is president 18 June 1907;Standard;1;7
Eureka Co.{^} doubles capacity of plant 24 Oct 1907;9;1*
Eureka Co.{^} addition completed 31 Dec 1907;9;7*
Eureka Co.{^} making carriages for Buenos Ayres, S. A. 8 May 1897;5;1
Eureka Co.{^} make Wheat Brush and School Seats 10 July 1875;wStandard;8;1
Eureka Co.{^} building new kind of chair 14 Aug 1875;wStandard;1;5
Eureka Co.{^} success in making Becker Wheat Brush 12 April 1879;wGazette;1;5

Eureka Co.{^} continuing article on local companies 21 Feb 1880;wGazette;8;2

Reminder that Terry Buckaloo at the Sterling/Rock Falls Historical may also be able to shed light on this.

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