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c. frank
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May 05, 2008
9:21 AM
My great-grandmother was Wilhemina Noredenadler, who came to this country in the 1860's. She married Axel Dahl; both were from Sweden and settled in Westchester County, NY. I have not been able to find much regarding the name Nordenadler, including no listing on immigrant ships. If anyone is familiar with this name and can tell me anything about it, would appreciate it. Thanx, c. frank
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May 05, 2008
3:15 PM
Interesting....Do you have a marriage certificate for them? It appears they also lived in NY, where their first child was born. My guess would be there has been a serious spelling change through the years. What does it say on their marriage certificate? Have you checked church records for their marriage, baptism of children, etc. There may be a clue to other spellings and perhaps other family members.
Check with Historical/Genealogical Societies in the NY & Mass. areas. If you know the ancestral village, you may be able to find something in the LDS-FHL or check their Swedish Immigration records. According to census records, she immigrated in 1867.
Good Luck,

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Nov 03, 2010
5:16 PM
Sorry to bring an old topic back to life, but I just stumbled upon this.

Nordenadler is the name of a Swedish noble family, the male line is still intact. A rendition of the coat of arms is shown here: http://www.svenskadel.nu/nordenadler.htm

The woman in question was named Augusta Vilhelmina Adolfina, born Apr 6 1847 in Sätila, outside Gothenburg. Married Mar 7 1869 w. trader in New York Axel Dahl, who was born in 1842 in Hyssna, only a few miles east of Sätila. He died in 1917, not sure about Wilhelmina.

Her father Gustav Adolf was born Jul 26 1803 at Horn's kungsgård on Öland. He started his military career as a cadet in 1817 and became a captain at Älvsborg (Gothenburg). Died May 15 1882. Married Oct 16 1840 with Emilia Maria Hendriksson who was born Nov 18 1817 and died May 17 1896.

Her grandfather Lorentz (or Lars) was born Feb 12 1758 in Varberg. Joined the army as a volunteer in 1775, became an officer 4 years later, joined the Russian army as a lieutenant in 1784, left after 3 years to become a captain in Sweden for the remainder of his career. Died Feb 11 1837. Married twice, 2nd time on Jul 28 1799 with his cousin's daughter Gustava von Bergholtz who was born 1770 and died 1852.

Her great grandfather Urban was born 1715, volunteer in the fortification brigades 1735, commander at the Varberg fortifications 1754 and became captain later that year. Died 1760. Married 1756 with Catharina Susanna Sifvert who died 1776.

Her great great grandfather Anders Toresson, born 1683, received a university education before making a career in the government where he finally became a "guvernementssekreterare" in 1722 and was ennobled in 1727. Died in 1761. Married 1713 with Elsa Catharina Psilander (1687-1740).

Before that, there was a long line of alternating Tore Anderssons and Anders Toressons who were all city councilors in Skänninge, but the records don't go farther back than 1574.

If you happen to see this and there's anything else you or anyone else would like to know about Nordenadler history, feel free to drop a line at: genealogy@beyondthenorthwaves.net

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Mar 24, 2011
7:21 AM
I received the following email from Kim Teleman: "I just found an entry on your website named NORDENADLER. Very interesting. I´m not a member so I can not write an answer there but I live very near Horns Kungsgård, the place where Vilhelminas father was born and I just read a fantastic book based on his diaries. The book I read is called An officers memories and there he tells us about the upbringing of his sons. One of his own books in form of a diary is called " A will to my five sons". I think that his relatives in the US should know this. Kim Teleman

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