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Ladovic Underhill
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Jun 06, 2008
4:47 AM
Recently on Rootsweb I found a post on Ladovic that says he died in Oklahoma at the home of his grandson. The grandson had the last name of Aber.
I know that Ladovic's wife Ann Dickerson had been married to Patterson Aber.
Does anyone know if one of Ladovic's children also married an Aber?
Also does any one know why Ann & Ladovic moved to Indian Territory?
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Jan 12, 2011
12:26 PM
Ladovic Underhill married Ann (Dickerson) Jones as second wife. Ann was first married to Parmenas Jones 1837 in McDonough Co. IL. Ann's sister, Nancy Dickerson, was married to George Foy of Whiteside Co. IL. Ann had 3 surviving children by Parmenus Jones, Sarah (who married Benj. F. Dow, Nancy (who married Ed Duratt), and Martin Luther (who died about 1858); she next married Patterson Aber by whom she had 1 child (John Aber). Patterson Aber went off to the gold fields of California and died of cholera. She (Ann) married a third time (1851) to Ladovic Underhill, by whom she had 3 more children, Margaret (who married William Lane), Charles, and Elizabeth (who married William Love). Sometime after the 1880 census, Ladovic & Ann, John Aber & family, William Love & family, all moved to Missouri for a short time and later to Oklahoma where Ladovic and Ann both died. A lot of this information can be found in the Pension application forms for Ladovic Underhill's service in the Civil War. Ladovic died in Waldon, Pontotoc Co. Oklahoma 3 Dec 1897, where step-son John Aber lived. Ann's pension application is dated 29 Aug 1898 in Blaine Co. OK where Ann's daughter Margaret Love lived. I have not found a death date for Ann, but as she was 88 at the time of her application, presumably she died soon after this as she was 88 years old.
I do not know why they all moved to Oklahoma, presumably for cheap land. Hope this helps.
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Jan 12, 2011
12:27 PM
Oops! Elizabeth and William Lane moved to Blaine co. OK.
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Jan 13, 2011
9:10 AM
Sandra- thank you for such wonderful information!
I am assuming they went to OK for cheap land also.

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