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Descendants of Theron Crook
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Sep 01, 2008
2:25 PM
Robert Crook has sent a link to Descendants of Theron Crook, son of Asa Crook. The Asa Crook home has been renovated/restored by the P-town Historical Society. I think it was the first house built in their area. Here is Mr. Crook's email msg and link to the photo album.
Hi there!

I have been meaning to send you photographs depicting some of the descendants of Theron Crook, son of Asa Crook and Mary Dustin. I know that you had requested them in the past.

The Theron Crook branch of the Crook Family predominently settled in the Smith River, California/Gold Beach, Oregon area. Rather than fill your email with pictures, I have posted them on Photobucket for your review and enjoyment:

Photo Bucket

Take care,
Robert (Asa Crook)

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Mar 22, 2012
12:20 PM
I'm continuing the research on the Crook family. The census records for Asa Crook are very confusing.
Atkinson, Henry Co., IL: In the 1870 census for Asa Crook, b. 1827, NY, & wife: Lucy, the children listed include a John S., born about 1869 in IL. There is no reference to him in 1880 census. He is not listed on the Family Headstone in the Oakwood Cemetery, Geneseo, IL. (Family names are listed on the stone, even though not all are buried there). They also had a daughter, Eva, that would be 3 yrs.old on 1870 census. She is not listed on this record.

In the 1880 census for Asa Crook, (1827), wife Lucy, still living in Atkinson, Henry Co., IL, there is no child named John S, born 1869. However, there is a child named Roy J., born 1869 listed as a son to Asa & Lucy.

In the 1900 census, now in Geneseo, Henry Co., IL, Lucy is a widow and only one of her 7 children is living with her.

The Family Headstone in the Oakwood Cemetery, Geneseo appears to have all of the children engraved on the stone, whether they are buried there or not.
CROOK families

Here are the children listed on the headstone:
Front of Stone reads:
Asa Crook, 1827-1896
Lucy A, 1830-1908
Julius T, 1855-1908
Jay D., 1869 - ____ (Moved to Chicago)
Hallie C. Crook, 1871-1938 (wife of Jay D.) & their children: H. Millard, 1903 - ___, & Jay C., 1901-1913.

Other side of stone
Children of A & L Crook:
Lilla L: 1859 - 1863
Asa S: 1864 - 1986
Albert B: 1861 - 1893
(Albert's wife is also listed on stone: Dora E Bowman - 1870-1952 & their son, Albert B., 1892-1952)

Another side of stone
Children of Asa & Lucy:
Nathan B. 1852 - ___ (buried in Riverside, P-town)
His wife: Flora E Kempster, 1852 - ___
Their son: Royal "Roy" E., 1881-___
Their daughter: Bertha V. 1883 - ___

Another side of same stone
E. H Stemberger
His wife, Eva L. Crook- 1867-___. (daughter of Asa)
Their daughter, Ruth, 1892

1. Nathan 1852
2. Julius 1855
3. Lilla L 1859
4. Albert B 1861
5. Asa S 1864
6. Eva 1867
7. Jay D 1869

1900 census says Lucy had 7 children.
I have news articles referencing Jay living in Chicago area and also that he is the son of Asa Crook. Jay is listed on the headstone.

The John S. & Roy J. are only listed one time as a child of Asa in two different census records. No census lists Jay, but he is on the family headstone and I have news clippings referencing Jay as the son of Asa.

Asa did have a grandson named Royal (s/o Nathan) who went by the nick name of Roy, but different birth year, of course.

Their daughter Lilli does not show on census records either.

Does anyone have any insight on this family?


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Mar 25, 2012
12:49 PM
Hi Denise,

I have held back for several days in the hopes that someone would have a better idea on the family of Asa Crook Jr., than what I have as most are clues. At times I guess they can be helpful. As the Crook name is in Henry County, I'm going to open this with a little about Asa Crook senior.

When Asa (Sr.) left P-town, many say he went to Sharon, or so went the history of him. I do not have a map that would show the size of an area that was called Sharon, but we do know where the Sharon Church stands. I find that Asa (Sr.) purchased two 40 acres in Henry County. One north of what is now Rt. 92, and to the South of 92. The first was 40 acres, Section 13, Twp., 18N, Rge. 03E, NENE qtr. on 12/02/1845. The second purchase was on 02/03/1846. SWSE Section 18, 18N Rge, 04E. Asa (Sr.) age 60; Wife Mary, age 56, and son Charles are found in the 1850 census, and I assume their residence was on one of these two 40's. Theron and Nancy Crook were close by, and next door to Asa was David and Caroline Vader.


One could make a strong case about Asa and Lucy as having raised nine of their own children, but I have my doubts they were all theirs from birth. the list one can gather; NATHAN; LILLA L.; JULIUS; ALBERT; ASA; EVA; JOHN S.; JAY B.; and ROY J..

I looked at the 1900 census for Lucy, and like you I find her listed as having had seven children, and four living. Three of the last children, John S., Jay B., and Roy J., all seem to have the birth year of 1869.

As I recall, while running through the Atkinson portion of a Henry County census, and I do not remember just what census it was, so I could be 10 years off on this, but I do remember pausing at a Vader house hold where there was twins age 1 in a census.

In the following you will notice that Asa (Jr. & wife Lucy) are on the forty section 18. In my HUMBLE OPINION, Asa Jr. and family moved from the 81 acres in section 12, that he had purchased 01/14/1846. I'm assuming the move was after his fathers death. Henry Co., history that I have been in usually places Asa Jr. on Section 12.

Page 267; History of Henry County Illinois It's Taxpayers and Voters 1877.
"CROOK ASA, Farmer, Sec. 18; P.O. Geneseo; born in Erie Co. N.Y. Jan. 27, 1827; came to this county in 1844; Rep; owns 220 acres of land, valued at $12,000; came to Ill. May 27, 1834, with his father, Asa Crook, Sen., who settled at Prophetstown, Whiteside Co., at that time, and was the first settler there; their nearest neighbors were then at Davenport, Iowa, and at Dixon, Ill.; wife was Lucy A. Cole, born in Erie Co., N.Y.., March, 24, 1830; married Jan. 1, 1852; has six children.

Crook C. H. Sec. 18; P.O. Geneseo; laborer; Dem; from Vt.
Crook J. T. lives with Asa Crook; Rep; born Henry Co.
Crook N. M. Sec. 18; teacher; lives with Asa Crook; Rep; born Henry Co."

The entry as above, "has six children", sure leaves room for some guess work, as to which six of the nine I listed were at the household in 77. All sorts of ideas run through my mind.

Some rainy day, I have a list of names to do some micro film work on at the Geneseo Library. I'll see if I can come up with some dates of death on Asa Jr. and Lucy and see if there were obits for them.

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Mar 25, 2012
1:32 PM
I forgot a couple notes:

As I remember, Going North from Rt. 92, as half a mile on 1870E, there is a small cemetery, and said by some to be the second oldest in Henry County. I went looking for Asa Sr. one day, but only found a couple of standing and legible stones. I didn't record them, but I do remember the name Bowman as one of them. It would be less than a mile due East of the Crooks on section 18.

I cannot find Asa Jr. in the 1860 census. The pictures I get of it are very though to read, but there is reason to believe he was there in 1860. His Civil War data found on Ancestry, "Atkinson, Henry Co., (I think section 12) age 1 July 1863, 34, born, N.Y."

Next; The state marriage license for Eva L. gives the spell for her husband as "Edward H. STEINBERGER".

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Mar 25, 2012
7:43 PM

I'm usually behind and there may be people out there that already know this, but it is news to me.

Several times I have been at our local Historical Society and the subject of when Asa Crook died and his burial location was unknown when I was there.
Tonight I seen a death for him of 26 Oct. 1854 on somebody's family file. I did some looking, and on Find-A-Grave I see this A. CROOK, death 26 Oct. 1854, and is listed in the North Cemetery, Geneseo. It was posted 8 Oct. 2011.

Now I know I have to make that trip to Geneseo.

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Mar 26, 2012
8:02 AM
Dear Denise,

The following is the names of CROOK, in the Geneseo North Cemetery:

CROOK A. OCT 26 1854 34 102

CROOK EDWARD JULY 25 1925 77 266

CROOK ELMER ROY NOV 6 1899 77 266

CROOK LYDIA OCT 9 1903 77 266

CROOK MARY L. JULY 5 1881 34 102

CROOK SARAH MARCH 20 1903 77 266

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Mar 26, 2012
4:09 PM
Hi Jack,
Thank you for all of your input and suggestions. I was not sure if you saw the two Crook obits on this site - one for Asa:

1896 - Asa Crook
Dec. 4,1896
Asa Crook of Geneseo, formerly of Whiteside County,, died at his home Monday morning, November 23, aged 69 years. He was the brother of R. C.Crook of this place. N. M. Crook is his son. Mr. Crook settled in this county in 1834.

and one for
Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
The Daily Gazette, Sterling-Rock Falls, Illinois
January 17, 1964 - Friday, pg 6
Roy E. Crook Rites Conducted Thursday
Prophetstown: - Funeral service for Roy Ephram Crook, 82, former Whiteside County Sheriff, and a descendant of Prophetstown's first white settler, Asa Crook, were held Thursday, at 1 p.m. at the Gardner Funeral Chapel.

The Rev. Nelson Chasteen of The First Congregational Church officiated, and burial was in the Riverside Cemetery of Prophetstown.

Mrs. Lyle Dingman was at the chapel organ.

Serving as pallbearers were Eldon Blair, Anton Gibson, Roscoe Mathis, Henry Oberle, Frank Lanphere and Roibert Maxfield.

Mrs. Frank Lanphere, Mrs. Douglas Draper and Mrs. Eldon Blair were in charlge of the floral tributes, assisted by the Hillcreast Greenhouse.
[Note: Roy is really Royal E. Crook, son of Nathan & Flora Crook, grandson of Asa Crook. His name is listed on the CROOK family headstone in Oakwood Cemetery, Geneseo. His dob is inscribed in stone as 1881 but no death date listed. I will look for his stone in the Riverside Cemetery, Prophetstown]

Yes, I did see the spelling of STEINBERGER on the ISA site, however, it is spelled as Stemberger on the headstone. I physically went to Geneseo and took the photos myself. If you check the photo of the headstone, it will open the entire photo album for the Asa Crook Family Head stone in Oakwood Cemetery, Geneseo, IL.
From CROOK families
(click to oen/enlarge photo)

I did see the Crook on Find-a-Grave as well. Not sure who that one is. There were several by that name.

The obit doesn't give us much information, other than it is obviously the same Asa as the one on the Headstone in Oakwood Cemetery. (dates match).

I'm still not sure of who R. C. Crook is that is mentioned in Asa Crooks obit.

I'm still digesting all of this wonderful information you have provided. Thank you for taking the time to share. Looking forward to more!
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Mar 26, 2012
6:24 PM
Hi Denise,

1. The R. C. Crook in the obit of Asa's, is in my opinion, Rodney C. Crook, b. Vt. Aug. of 1836. 1880 census Hume Twp. & in 1900 P-town. He may have been a cousin to Asa, but I don't see any way he was a brother.

2. The Gazette Index ---- Crook, Roy E., (Suzanne Shearer) 15 Jan. 1964, 1;5 (Royal Ephraim Crook)

3. About the Find-A-Grave, Asa Crook.
Bent Wilson, Bio., on Asa states he died in Sharon 1854. A family member, and descendant who left us Crook family history from out Oregon way said 1854 for his death. The entry on Find-A-Grave in the Geneseo North Cemetery can be none other than Asa Crook of Prophetstown fame. If you take a look, the Mary L. (Dustin)Crook buried next to him matches her death records exactly. (both in 34 - 102)

4. The other four Crook's in 77 - 266;

Nathan and Nancy (Hamilton) Crook had twin sons, Edward and Elmer, b. abt. 1851. I haven't tracked Elmer as yet, but Edward was in Geneseo, 1920 census. I feel pretty sure the Edward in 77 - 266 is son of Nathan. There will be no surprise to me if the Elmer turns out to be Edwards twin.

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Mar 26, 2012
6:39 PM
Denise, your spam protection got me, so please delete one of the messages sent twice.

While it was raining today, I was on Ancestry, and I ran across a family file that you had something to do with for one reason or another. I tried to find your Crook family file afterwords but I couldn't find it. Is it one of the protected files or can any one look at it. If it's open send me the name please, so I'll have a better idea for what your after.

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Mar 26, 2012
8:57 PM
Hi Jack,
I sent you an invite to the Crook site I have on Ancestry. It is also listed as "public" so you should not have a problem finding it.

Let me back-peddle a little here. We (TAHS) have a person that links to the Crooks via her Besse line. Here is what started me on this quest to begin with - she wrote: "Denise I am doing some research on Asa Crook Sr....who is in my family tree as one of his daughters married a Besse.

My question is that he had a son ASA Crook Jr who was married and had for or five kids. None of them were named Jay Crook. Yet he has a family headstone with Jay Crook and His wife Hallie engraved on it. I can not find Jay on earlier census or the rootweb.com.

Any suggestions on where to look. I know he is buried in Geneseo....maybe they have a historical sight...I never looked."

It has now become a mission for me (much to my chagrin!, smile). It is very perplexing to me to have the three names of sons listed as born in 1869 (John, Roy J, & Jay D). I have news articles that reference Jay as the son of Asa & Lucy, but nothing referencing John or Roy J. I originally thought of Asa (b.1827)as the "Senior" and HIS son (b.1864) as Jr. I know that is not correct, but it confuses me, because that was my original mind-set. I didn't know there were Crooks in the Geneseo North Cem. or I would have taken photo's there as well. We drove right past it. (Made a day of it, because our whole family loves Geneseo). Didn't get all of my answers, but I did get a great set of china in the antique shop! (smile)

Thanks for the info on R.C. That was the only name I could connect, but, as you say, he is not a son. Sure wish they would have written more about Asa (1827) in his obit. I did find that not all of the names on the Crook headstone in Oakwood are actually buried there. At first, it appeared those that do not have a death date engraved are the ones not there, but that did not prove true either. I think Jay D. died in Chicago and I would like to find his obit.

Thanks for the info on Asa, Sr. in Geneseo North. I see there are Crooks in the P-town cemetery and I've heard there are some in the Sharon Cemetery as well. Sure would like to have a complete Crook tree with of the descendants of pioneer Asa Crook, 1790-1854. Really appreciate your input. I have too many Trees I am working on for folks so I haven't worked on Asa's for about a week. THANK YOU for all of your help!

(I have many Trees on Ancestry. It makes it much easier to have them all on Ancestry. This way, it is not on my hard drive.) Ancestry is not my only resource, but it makes a nice place to store everything.)

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Mar 27, 2012
1:00 PM
To JackP - just an FYI, in case you visited the Ancestry site for my Crook entries - I removed the "Adrich" husband from Janet Barnes (mother of Hallie, who was wife of the illusive Jay D. Crook - youngest son of Asa, Jr.) Some charts have Hallie listed as Hallie Crawford Aldrich/Aldridge Crook. There is a Jeanette Crawford that married a T? Aldrich, which I did think was a possibility. I have ruled it out now.

I had forgotten I have a news article showing Jay D., his wife, a young son & daughter living in Pella, Iowa above the Vander Linden Drug Store in Aug. 11, 1938. Hallie died in Dec. of 1938, services held at her son's on Englewood Ave., Chicago, IL. Burial is listed in Geneseo, IL (her name is on the Crook Headstone in Oakwood Cemetery, Geneseo, IL).

I would really like to find Jay D (sometimes listed as Jay B) obit.

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Mar 27, 2012
1:40 PM
July 18, 1929
Millard Crook of Chicago came Monday and visited until Tuesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Crook
[Millard was the daughter of Jay & Hallie Crook]

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Mar 27, 2012
2:12 PM
Hallie C. is the w/o Asa Crook, Jr. Her mom is Janet (Jennett) Barnes. I thought Barnes was a maiden name, but now I am not sure. Hallie's obit references her brother James E Barnes. Here is the 1910 census records which appears Hallie, Jay & family were living next door to Hallie's mother, Jennet. I didn't know about her other brother, Hugh. Jennet is listed as having 4 children, all living.

Confused again - Jay & Hallie had 2 children, per the headstone, Hallie's obit and a 1938 news article [one girl/one boy in news article]. Yet, in this census, their children, Hallie M [Millard]and Jay C, Jr. are both listed as sons.

Another observation finds Hallie (w/o Jay) listed in other Family Trees as Hallie Crawford Aldrich Crook. I did find a marriage record for a marriage for Jennet Crawford to a T. Aldrich in 1868. Most records list Hallie as Hallie Crawford. I am still not sure this is Hallie's mother? Step-father?

1910 - Chicago, Ward 6, Cook Co., Dist. 347
Jennet C Barnes, age 58, Wid., b. Scotland/Scot/Scot., 4 children/4 living, own income.
Living with her - 2 sons:
James E, son, 28y, IL/NY/Scotland, mgr./dept. store
Hugh H., son, 25, b. IL/NY/Scotland, dept. store
Jay B. CROOK, 40y, 1st marriage 14 yrs. b. IL/NY/NY
Hallie, (wife), 38y, 1st marriage, 14 yrs., b. IL/IL/Scotland
Jay C, Jr. [sic],(son) 8y, IL/IL/IL
Hallie M., son, 5 yrs., IL/IL/IL

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