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The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Oct 17, 2008
3:15 PM
Im looking for any family history & Geneaology information for the Dudley family name from the Prophetstown/Whiteside area from the early through mid 1900's.

I was also wondering if the Tampico Historical Society may have any old family photo albums that have been donated over the years. Im looking for any old photos of my family.

Thank you for any help.
Dan McDonald
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Oct 18, 2008
7:24 PM
Hi Dan,
This surname does not ring a bell at all. May I suggest you first check with the P-town Historical Society. I do not have an email for their new president, but Janet Goodell is the past-president, and has lived there all of her life. She could possible be of more help than I. If not, get back to me.
Janet Goodell
Phone: 815-537-2224
email: jag1939@cis.net or jagoodell@hotmail.com
Snail-mail inquiries can be mailed to:
Janet Goodell, 2373 Washington Road, Prophetstown, IL 61277
(Janet is no longer the president of the organization, but is a wonderful resource person!)

Frank Heisner, President, 815-499-4681
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Oct 19, 2008
7:59 AM
From the Tampico Tornado newspaper:

July 24, 1886
DUDLEY - In Lyndon, Ill., Tuesday, July 13, 1886, Mrs. TRYPHCULA DUDLEY, Aged 91 years.

October 30, 1903
Over ninety of the McKENZIEs and their relatives gathered at Nathan McKENZIE's just a the limits of Rock Falls Wednesday and celebrated that gentleman's fiftieth birthday by one of the largest gatherings of McKENZIEs ever held in this state. There were McKENZIEs present from Texas, Kansas and a big delegation from Tampico. The good-natured clans had a day of genuine pleasure and elaborate dinner. Nathan McKENZIE was presented with a ring, chair, charm and chain. Those present with the families from Tampico were: Robert, Virgil, Albert, Dr. H., Jed, Ernst, Lon (Tex.), Fred (Tex.), Frank (Kan.), Crosby and Arthur McKENZIE; and Frank DUDLEY, Mrs. MAPES, Miss PATTERSON, Miss HAVEN, A.L. PIERCE, M.G. LOVE, Wm. PARENT, Mack PIERCE, Frank NELSON, Freeman FOY, Milo CHAPIN, C.D. CLEVELAND, Mrs. PATTERSON, Mrs. HAVEN.
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Oct 19, 2008
3:19 PM
The Gazette online index has 18 pages of "Dudley" entries.
Here are a few in the time frame you speak of:
Subject Description Date Location
Hazard, Elsie weds John Dudley 11 Jan 1889;wGazette;8;1
Patterson, Sue engaged to William H. Dudley 3 Nov 1884;3;3
Patterson, Sue engaged to William H. Dudley 6 Nov 1884;wStandard;8;1
Patterson, Sue weds W. H. Dudley 13 Nov 1884;3;3
Patterson, Sue weds W. H. Dudley 20 Nov 1884;wStandard;4;3
Dudley, George weds Zadie Thompson 24 Feb 1898;4;3
Dudley, John obituary 29 June 1898;Standard;8;2
Dudley, John obituary 30 June 1898;wStandard;8;2
Dudley, Will to wed Zaidee Thompson 24 Feb 1898;wStandard;1;4
Dudley, Will weds Zaidee Thompson 3 March 1898;wStandard;3;4
Thompson, Zadie weds George Dudley 24 Feb 1898;4;3
Thompson, Zaidee weds Will E. Dudley 3 March 1898;wStandard;3;4
Allen, Ethan weds May Dudley 28 June 1878;wStandard;2;3
Dudley, Mary weds Ethan Allen 28 June 1878;wStandard;2;3
Dudley, F. Mr. & Mrs. daughter born in Dec 27 Dec 1883;2;3
Dudley, John weds Elsie Hazard 11 Jan 1889;wGazette;8;1
Dudley, Mrs. obituary 2 Sept 1886;wStandard;8;3
Dudley, Tryphena Mrs. obituary 22 July 1886;wStandard;8;4
Dudley, W. H. weds Sue Patterson 20 Nov 1884;wStandard;4;3
Dudley, William Mrs. obituary / funeral rites 14 July 1886;3;4
Dudley, Frank L. weds Edna R. McDonald 24 Feb 1908;6;1
Dudley, Frank L. weds Edna R. McDonald 26 Feb 1908;4;2
McDonald, Edna Raine weds Frank L. Dudley 24 Feb 1908;6;1
McDonald, Edna Raine weds Frank S. Dudley 24 Feb 1908;Standard;5;3
Brower, Julia H. weds Dudley M. Hubbard 24 Jan 1890;wGazette;5;4
Hubbard, Dudley M. weds Julia H. Brower 24 Jan 1890;wGazette;5;4
Hubbard, Dudley M. weds Julia H. Braner 31 Jan 1890;wGazette;5;4
Boyer, Gertrude A. weds Dudley G. Woodworth 6 March 1895;Standard;1;4
Woodworth, Dudley G. weds Gertrude A. Boyer 6 March 1895;Standard;1;4
Dudley, John Mr. & Mrs. daughter born May 17 21 May 1896;6;2
Dudley, John Mr. & Mrs. daughter born May 17 21 May 1896;Standard;6;2
Fitch, Dudley funeral rites 2 July 1896;6;2
Fitch, Dudley obituary / died June 23, 1896 28 Aug 1896;4;2
Fitch, Dudley Mrs. funeral rites 2 July 1896;Standard;6;2
Fitch, Dudley Mrs. funeral rites 2 July 1896;wStandard;5;2
Arnold, Jennie Dudley (Frank) obituary 6 Feb 1897;4;1
Arnold, Jennie Dudley (Frank) obituary 6 Feb 1897;Standard;1;6
Arnold, Jennie Dudley (Frank) obituary 11 Feb 1897;Standard;5;2
Arnold, Jennie Dudley (Frank) obituary 11 Feb 1897;wStandard;5;2;B7;2
Dudley, Danielle A. possession of drugs charge 5 April 2008;A3;2
Pate, Dudley obituary 16 Feb 1903;Standard;1;2
Pate, Dudley obituary 20 Feb 1903;2;2
Pate, Dudley obituary 24 Feb 1903;6;2
Pate, Dudley obituary 24 Feb 1903;Standard;2;2
Dudley, Louisa (William) obituary 11 July 1904;5;2
Dudley, Louisa (William) obituary 11 July 1904;Standard;1;5
Dudley, Louisa (William) obituary 14 July 1904;8;2
Dudley, Mr. & Mrs. son born July 27 5 Aug 1904;Standard;5;2
Fitch, Dudley Mrs. obituary 11 June 1906;5;3
Fitch, Zelinda Merrill (Dudley) obituary 14 June 1906;3;1
Van Drew, William sells meat market to Bowen and Dudley 20 Feb 1906;6;1
Dudley, Floyd obituary 14 Nov 1907;1;3
Dudley, Floyd obituary 14 Nov 1907;Standard;6;2
Dudley, Floyd funeral rites set 15 Nov 1907;Standard;6;4
Dudley, Floyd funeral rites 16 Nov 1907;6;2
Barnum, Wilbur weds Delia Dudley 23 Jan 1909;1;5
Dudley, Delia weds Wilbur Barnum 23 Jan 1909;1;5
Dudley, Delia weds Wilbur Barnum 25 Jan 1909;1;7
Dudley, Delia M. weds Wilbur H. Barnum 25 Jan 1909;Standard;1;3
Siperly, Dudley wife abandonment charge 26 Aug 1916;1;2
Siperly, Dudley Mr. & Mrs. son born Feb 15 24 Feb 1916;1;1
Dudley, Jennie obituary 18 Oct 1917;1;3
Dudley, Jennie funeral rites 19 Oct 1917;1;5
Dudley, Jennie obituary 22 Oct 1917;4;2
Dudley, Charles E. obituary / flu victim / funeral rites 23 Oct 1918;7;1
Military Service{^} Dudley, Fred and Charlie into service 14 Oct 1918;8;1
Military Service{^} Dudley, Charles E. dies in Camp Lewis 23 Oct 1918;7;1
Dudley, J. Mr. & Mrs. daughter born Aug 21 26 Aug 1902;twGazette;5;5
Dudley, Louisa Miss obituary 12 July 1904;swStandard;7;2
Dudley, William Mrs. obituary 15 July 1904;swStandard;8;4
Dudley, Addie obituary 1 Oct 1901;swStandard;5;3
Dudley, Addie obituary 8 Oct 1901;swStandard;3;2
Dudley, Addie obituary 30 Sept 2001;Standard;6;3
Dudley, Frank D. weds Olive A. Petrie 22 Nov 1901;swStandard;6;3
Dudley, Frank Jr. Mr. & Mrs. son born Oct 11 13 Oct 1902;8;3
Dudley, J. Mr. & Mrs. daughter born Aug 21 27 Aug 1902;3;6
Petrie, Olive A. engaged to Frank D. Dudley 5 Nov 1901;swStandard;6;3
Petrie, Olive A. weds Frank D. Dudley 22 Nov 1901;swStandard;6;3
Dudley, Frank Mr. & Mrs. son born Oct 12 14 Oct 1902;Standard;8;1
Barnum, Delia Dudley (Wilbur) funeral rites 16 Feb 1911;Standard;1;2
Dudley, Frank obituary 17 Feb 1912;Standard;1;1
Dudley, Lori L. DUI 17 Jan 2006;A2;5-6
Dudley, Mrs. granted divorce from husband 9 Jan 1914;8;4
Dudley, William Mr. & Mrs. boy and girl born May 25 8 June 1911;4;4
Hubbard, Dudley obituary 28 Dec 1912;8;2
Hubbard, Dudley obituary 28 Dec 1912;Standard;1;4
Dudley, Alta Mrs. weds William Elmitt 2 June 1914;8;5
Dudley, Eliza (James) obituary 8 Oct 1914;2;4
Elmitt, William weds Mrs. Alta Dudley 2 June 1914;8;5
Meighan, Eliza Osborn Dudley (James) obituary 9 Oct 1914;3;1
Dudley, Frank weds Minnie Lockett 7 Oct 1915;5;4
Dudley, Ruby wins suit against car co. 21 Oct 1915;4;3
Grimes, Wilda weds Dudley Siperley 24 Aug 1915;5;1
Grimes, Wilda weds Dudley Siperley 24 Aug 1915;Standard;6;2
Lockett, Minnie weds Frank Dudley 7 Oct 1915;5;4
Lockett, Minnie weds Frank Dudley 7 Oct 1915;Standard;3;5
Meighan, James (Eliza Dudley) obituary 18 Sept 1916;2;5
Siperley, Dudley weds Wilda Grimes 24 Aug 1915;5;1
Dudley, Minnie Lanphere (Frank) obituary 2 Oct 1937;6;1
Dudley, Minnie Lanphere (Frank) funeral rites 5 Oct 1937;10;3
Dudley, Elsie Hazard (John) obituary 26 Dec 1939;8;7
Dudley, Hazel granted divorce from Frank Dudley 24 June 1939;8;8
Dudley, Theresa weds Wilbur Wilhelm 14 April 1920;3;1
Wilhelm, Wilbur weds Theresa Dudley 14 April 1920;3;1
Drummet, John William weds Margaret Dudley 16 Jan 1923;7;2
Dudley, George obituary 23 March 1923;3;1
Dudley, George funeral rites set 24 March 1923;12;3
Dudley, George funeral rites set 26 March 1923;3;3
Dudley, George and Kathern Huff anniversary - 50 8 Jan 1923;2;4
Dudley, Kathern Huff and George anniversary - 50 8 Jan 1923;2;4
Dudley, Margaret weds John William Drummet 16 Jan 1923;7;2
Dudley, George Mr. & Mrs. daughter born Nov 5 10 Nov 1924;6;2
Dudley, Katherine (Frank) obituary 23 July 1926;14;1
Dudley, Katherine (Frank) funeral rites 24 July 1926;14;3
Barnum, Wilbur weds Delia Dudley Jan 23, 1909 6 Jan 1910;2;3
Dudley, Delia weds Wilbur Barnum Jan 23, 1909 6 Jan 1910;2;3
Barnum, Delia Dudley (Wilbur) obituary 13 Feb 1911;Standard;1;4
Barnum, Delia Dudley (Wilbur) funeral rites set 14 Feb 1911;Standard;1;5

There are 11 more pages of entries in later years.
You can contact the library and give them the issue date, page & column # of article and they will send you copies if you like.
Sterling Public Library
Jennifer Slaney, Director
102 West Third Street
Sterling, Illinois 61081
Phone: 815-625-1370
Fax: 815-625-7037
Library Hours
Monday - Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday (Sept. - May): 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

You can search the Gazette Index yourself:
Sterling Gazette online:
This is only an index - you cannot read the articles on line. There may be more articles in earlier years as their papers have not been completely indexed yet.

The Gazette started publishing in 1854 and is still in print today. It covers the Sterling/Rock Falls areas as well as some the surrounding areas. Sterling is in Whiteside County.


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Oct 30, 2008
7:45 AM
Dan McDonald,
Hi Dan,
You talked with me on the phone a while back. There were Dudley's in Lyndon and Prophetstown. I talked to Dan Drummett at the hardware store who is a descendant of the Dudley family. He said that his mother has photos of some of the ancestors, but she is in FL for the winter. The Dudley's were undertakers in Lyndon and then came to Prophetstown where they had a undertaking and furniture store business. We do not have photo albums of the family in the museum, but maybe you could contact Mrs. Drummett when she gets home and see what she has.
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Nov 02, 2008
5:39 PM
Dear Dan,

I have a newspaper clipping in one of our old family albums, date unknown.

William O. Dudley was highly esteemed as one of Lyndon's leading citizens. In later years he lived on the William D. Dudley farm which he owned at the time of his death. Mr. Dudley was the owner of a fine apple orchard and took a good deal of interest in its culture. His son, John Dudley who owned the farm after his father, married Miss Elsie Hazard, a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Albert Hazard. He moved to Idaho where he passed away three years ago. Mrs. William O. Dudley lived in the old home with her son, John and daughters, Jane and Anna after the death of William O. Dudley. Jane and Anna both were teachers. Jane married Frank Arnold. Their children, Roy, Clyde and Nellie, live at Sterling. Another daughter, Eliza, married George Meighan. Miss Anna Meighan lives at Erie, Ruth, who married George Ough, lives at Clinton, Iowa. END.

Photo of Mr. and Mrs. William O. Dudley.

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Dec 30, 2010
3:20 PM
Thank you all so much for your help with this.

Denise, the search you did on the Gazette Online has the connection that Im looking for. That is that of Raine Edna McDonald - married Frank Dudley (1908). When Raine's aunt Etta McDonald passed away in the 1920's, Raine recieved all of the "household goods"
(according to Ettas obituary) So my thinking is that maybe a decendant of the Dudleys may have a photo album of my familys from the mid to late 1800s. Thats if I can either find or get lucky locating a decendant of Frank & Raine (McDonald) Dudley.

I will also follow up with Janet39's suggestion to check with the Drummetts. Thank you so much Janet.

Dan McDonald
Solon Iowa
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Jan 08, 2011
6:00 AM
Dan, I posted your msg in our E-newsletter as well. Hopefully, one of our patrons or members will have more info. Best of Luck!

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