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The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Apr 01, 2009
8:14 AM
john Whittington married to hannah brant or sutherland?
Birth 1785

James whittington married Naimi or Jane spafford
Birth 4-18-1831

Family names: Almira, mary, archadama(arkey) ,Laura, samuel, susan, elizabeth,ida, john,james, mary,milton'austin, henry, laura, millard, john w.

Lived in Tampico, New bedford, bureau county.

Mary Whittington married Samuel Franklin Houston
birth 1864
chilren, Mable , LuAnna
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Apr 01, 2009
11:49 AM
There are 2 Whittingtons interred in the Tampco Cemetery:

Jane, Tampico Cem., d 9/19/1897, 69y
Laura J., dau of J.H. & J., Tampico Cem., 11/3/1869 - 4/11/1887

...and from the pages of the Tampico Tornado:

May 29, 1886
President of the Village Board, F.M. PALMER, bought a cow last week Friday. He led her home from near WHITTINGTON's farm some nine miles south of here.

July 10, 1886
WHITTINGTON-At the residence of J.W. WHITTINGTON, in Allen county, Kansas, Friday, June 25th, 1886, Mrs. Lydia WHITTINGTON, aged, seventy-three years, one month, and twenty five days.
Mrs. WHITTINGTON was born in Carroll county, Ohio, April 30th, 1813. Her parents had settled in Richland county Ohio in 1817, in which place she married Samuel WHITTINGTON, February 27th, 1838, residing there until April 9th, 1851, when she emigrated to Fairfield Township, Bureau County, Illinois, at which place she resided until the spring of 1882, when they broke up housekeeping and went to visit her sons in Allen County Kansas. In the fall returned to Illinois to visit her old home. In the summer of 1884, after returning to Kansas she had an attack of Paralysis, from which she never recovered; but bearing all her affliction with fortitude she continued to visit her children in Illinois, Iowa and Kansas. Last winter she stayed with her daughter in Iowa, and about five weeks before her death she requested her son J.W. WHITTINGTON to come to Iowa and assister her to Kansas which request he immediately answered, she wished to see all of her children and grand children once more. She arrived in Kansas much exhausted from which she recovered and had a nice visit with her children and grand children, all being present when she said I now want to die. She went to sleep and slept for 48 hours in which time she could be aroused, she awoke in a paralytic stroke, called pa three times and expired in less than five minutes. She was buried in Fairfield Cemetery, a large concourse of mourners and sympathizing friends followed her to the cemetery. Her husband Samuel WHITTINGTON, survives her and is with their son, J.W. WHITTINGTON, Kincaid, Kansas.

There is also the WHITTINGTON cemetery which is located south-east of Tampico.
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Apr 01, 2009
1:02 PM
John Whittington 1923

TAMPICO TORNADO Januuary 11, 1923


John WHITTINGTON who formerly lived in Fairfield and moved to Kincaid, Kansas about 35 years ago died at his home there on January 2nd from the infirmities of old age. He will be remembered by the older settlers in this vicinity.

WHITTINGTON Jas. Wm.; P.O. New Bedfored; farmer; lives with father; Dem.

Hinkston Nelson; Farmer; New Bedford; born in Hudson, Summit Co., Ohio, Sept. 20, 1817; came to this county Sept. 19, 1863; Rep Ind; 163 acres, $5,500; village property, $4,000; holds the offices of Treasurer and Highway Commissioner, and was School Director two terms; first wife was Mabel Clark, born in Lenox Co., Ct., Sept. 16, 1813; died in Ohio, Sept. 1, 1867; second wife was Mary C. Whittington, born in Ashland Co., Ohio, March 28, 1847; married March 14, 1868; his son, Elmer H. Was in the 7th Ohio Reg. Vol. 1 Co. K; was in thirty-five hard-fought battles; was wounded at Chancellorville, and received a mortal wound at Ringgold, from which he died at Chattanooga, Jan. 21, 1864.

WHITTINGTON J. W.; sec 23; P.O. New Bedford; farmer; Dem; Prot; from Ohio; 200 ac.

WHITTINGTON S.; sec 24 and 25; P.O. New Bedford; farmer; born Ohio; 260 ac, $6,500.

WHITTINGTON S.; sec 24; P.O. New Bedford; farmer; Dem; from Ohio; owns 408 acres.

WHITTINGTON S. D.; sec 23 and 22; P.O. New Bedofrd; farmer; Dem; Prot; from Ohio.

Nelson Hinkston m. Mary Whittington . . .


Page 189

The Methodist Protestant Church of New Bedford, was organized in 1839 by Rev. Daniel Young. Corporate members were: John Whittington, J. M. Draper, John Vaughn, S. N. Davison, F. Jackson, Daniel Dixon. Present membership, six. Ministers serving the church since its formation, viz., T. Rack, John Breck, S. M. Davison, W. S. Stubles, Isaac Wood, George Briden, Isaac Fradenburg and Joseph Ducworth, the present pastor. The church is a frame building, costing $2,000. The parsonage, $300. A Sabbath-school of fifty-five members. The church has been repaired this year at a cost of $120.

Genealogy of these families included Hannah Sells marries Samuel Whittington . . .

RUFUS ALDRICH descendancy includes: ...Mr. and Mrs. Aldrich have had seven children: Ataline, the oldest daughter, married Philo D. Morse, and lives in Tampico; they have four children. Juliaette married John W. Whittington, and died in her 30th year, leaving three children. Mary Jane died in her 20th year. Halbert, born in 1860, died in 1861. Emma married M. Arthur Myres in 1875, who died in 1881, leaving two children.

WHITTINGTON SCHOOL - http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/albums/album_image/1627326/436418.htm
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Apr 15, 2009
6:29 AM
We received your check - thank you. I will be on thr road, the next few days. I will email & post the list of Whittingtons in the Untion Cemetery this week sometime. Thanks!
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Tampico Area Historical Society

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Apr 22, 2009
7:46 AM
Hi Yakty,
I sent you an email with the lists of Whittingtons buried in Union Cemetery, but I will list them here as well:
Eugene (inf)
Frank (inf)
Ida (Inf)
Milton D. (inf)
Minnie (inf)
Stella (inf)

As I explained in my email, I have two lists. One is just an alphabetical listing, with no other info. The other is divided into the cemetery sections and is not in alphabetical order. I have to peruse through each section's listings to find all the Whittingtons. I will post as I find them. Thanks for your patience and donation!
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

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Apr 22, 2009
8:07 AM
OK - UNION (aka: Greenvellie/Fairfield or Whittington Cemetery)
Section B - Lot 27 & 28 (Lot owner - John Whittington)
1. WHITTINGTON, Stella, dau. of J. W. & J. Whittington, d. Mar. 27, 1874, 3m 21 d
2. WHITTINGTON, Eugene, son of J. W. & J. Whittington, d.Aug 7, 1871, 1m 25d
3. WHITTINGTON, Ida, dau. of J. W. & J. Whittington, d. Sep 23, 1870, 7m, 5d
4. WHITTINGTON, Minnie, dau. of J. W. & J. Whittington, d. Sep 19, 1868, 3m 2d
5. WHITTINGTON, Milton D, son of J. W. & J. Whittington, d. Sep 26, 1863, 1m, 6d
6. WHITTINGTON, Juliaett, wife of J. W. Whittington, d. Apr 7, 1874, 29y 6m 26d

Section B - Lot 45 (Owner - Jacob Sells)
1. WHITTINGTON, Frank ?, son of S. D. & E. H. Whittington, d. Nov. 19, 1870, 2y 1m 11d (Notation on list: "This marker might not be in it's original location")
Note from Denise McLoughlin: The other burials in this section are the Angle family (Elizabeth, E. E. and Philip, Dr.)
Note from Denise McLoughlin: See above message on April 01, '09 regarding a Sells/Whittington marriage. Perhaps that is why this Whittington is buried in a Sells' lot.

Section B - Lot 99 (Owner - John Whittington)
1A - WHITTINGTON, Jane, wife of J. (John) Whittington, Jan. 4, 1814 - Jan. 2? (cannot read - it is 20-something), 1893, no age stated
1B - John, Aug. 21, 1807 - Aug. 20, 1895, 87y 11m 19d (marker in 2 pieces)

That concludes the listings I have for the Whittingtons in the Union/Greenville-Fairfield/Whittington Cemetery.

Hope it is helpful. Do you have the obits for all of them?
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

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Apr 28, 2009
11:26 AM
Here's the 1894 obit for James WHITTINGON. It doesn't give much detail about his relatives; however, given his birth date and place (1831 in Ashland, OH), is it possible that he was a brother of John WHITTINGON (b 1837 in Ashland, OH)?

Tampico Tornado:
April 28, 1894
The grim messenger of death has again entered our midst and taken as his own a worthy and respected citizen, and old and honored soldier.
James WHITTINGTON was born in Ashland, Ohio, in April 18, 1831, and came to Illinois and located near New Bedford, Bureau county, in the year of 1854, where he resided until 1896 when he took up his residence in Tampico, where he resided until his death which occurred on Sunday, April 22, 1894.
His sickness was first the grippe which terminated in quick consumption. He was an uncomplaining sufferer and when told that the end was near, replied that he was ready to go. He was a member of the Methodist church and had lived a good life and was esteemed as a Christian man. He leaves a wife and three children, two daughters and one son.
The funeral took place at the M.E. church Monday afternoon, April 23, Rev. Geo. A. WELLS officiating and the remains were buried in the Tampico cemetery.

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Apr 28, 2009
12:13 PM
Thanks Les,
Maybe Yakity can fill in some of the blanks for us. Our funeral logs don't start until 1896. I'll check in Sterling on my next visit there. It looks like you have found her "James" - at least the birthdates match. Anything on Jane?

Here's another John Whittington obit that died in 1923, but not much info included!:
John Whittington 1923
TAMPICO TORNADO Januuary 11, 1923
John WHITTINGTON who formerly lived in Fairfield and moved to Kincaid, Kansas about 35 years ago died at his home there on January 2nd from the infirmities of old age. He will be remembered by the older settlers in this vicinity.

Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

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Feb 06, 2010
1:23 PM
Elizabeth Whittington married James Hudson and moved to Kansas about 1855. Looking for marriage record believe it would be in Ohio

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