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May 18, 2004
12:03 PM
I'm looking for more information on the Henry and Lucy Helms family who emigrated to Whiteside Co. in the mid-1850s as well as their connection to Kate and Deidrick Brandes. I believe Kate (Helms) and Henry were either siblings or father and daughter.

I recently came across a bio of Henry in a 1900 Biographical Index of Whiteside Co. but it provided more questions than answers.

Any input would be appreciated!
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May 19, 2004
8:37 AM
HENRY E. HELMS, a farmer on section 3 Lyndon Township, was born Oct. 12, 1833 in Hanover, Germany. He was educated under the compulsory laws of his country and on the fulfillment of the period required, was, under the same
regulations, placed at an apprenticeship to acquire a knowldge of shoemaking. His next lot would have been the conscription, which would have made him a
soldier for three years: but in 1853 he left his native land for America. He came from Hamburg to New Yor on a sail vessel, and was on the ocean six weeks. He
landed at the port of New Yor, May 2, and went with his uncle to Hartford, Pa., where he became a farmer, and worked through one season. During the winter succeeding he traveled in Illinois and Wisconsin, spending the next summer also in those states. In August, 1854, he came to Lyndon. He spent six years subsequently in farm labor.

Nov. 8, 1860, he married Lucy, daughter of Thos. and Sarah (Locke) Gould, Whiteside County pioneers. In the spring of 1861, Mr. and Mrs. Helms removed to Ustick Township and took possession of a rented farm. On this they operated with success six years. In 1867 Mr. Helms bought a farm lying partly on section 35 of Mr. Pleasant Township and section 2 of Lyndon. On this he resided and made some improvements, and selling it two years later at an advance on purchase money. He made another investment on section 9 of the same township, on which he lived eight years. In 1878 he sold again, and went to the village of Lyndon, and
was there a resident until 1880. In April of that year he took possession of the farm he now occupies on section 3, which he had bought someyears before. It had practically no improvements at that time, but the owner has since put it in a valuable and attractive condition. He is now engaged in mixed husbandry.

Mr. and Mrs. Helms have four children - Theora, Albert, Cora and John; one childe, Daisy, died in infancy. The eldest was married June 23, 1881, to Charles A. Hamilton, grandson of Deacon A. Hamilton, thus uniting in the grandchildren two of the oldest pioneer families.
It looks as if your Mr. Helms ended up in Lyndon. (see our MAPS/ATLASES section of site for Whiteside map).
If you go to the IL Trails, Whiteside County site, they have a partial list of Lyndon Cemetery. Chris has the complete list and offers to do look up (see her message at top of her page) http://www.iltrails.org/whiteside/cemlyndon.html
Another great resource for you is the Sterling Public Library. Marilyn Huffman-Anderson is the local historian and manages the resource center at the library. She is also the president of the WS Genealogical Society.
Sterling Public Library
102 W 3rd St,
Sterling, IL 61081
(815) 625-1370 http://www.rootsweb.com/~ilwhites/whiteside_genealogists/whiteside_genealogists.htm

IL State Archives:
Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763–1900
HELMS, HENRY E GOULD, LUCY N 11/08/1860 / 00000501 WHITESIDE
MILLIKEN, W L HELMS, CORA E 10/10/1894 / 00009048 WHITESIDE
(not sure if the following is your John Helms)

Two Henry Helms that died in Whiteside Cty listed in IL Archives:
HELMS HENRY M/W UNK 0980270 1922-10-26 WHITESIDE STERLING 22-10-28
HELMS HENRY JR M/W UNK 0980084 1930-03-17 WHITESIDE JORDAN TWP 30-03-18

Again, I refer you to the IL Trails, Whiteside County website. Check the cemetery listings and township info.
Home page: http://iltrails.org/whiteside/

Hope this is helpful to you.


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May 19, 2004
1:41 PM
Thanks so much Denise! I believe this answers my question about Henry and Kate. Now, if I could only locate anything more about Kate and Deidrick Brandes (my Gr-Gr Grandparents). I'm afraid though that their connection to Whiteside Co. might only be through Henry.

Oh well, I'll keep looking! Thanks again!

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May 21, 2004
5:44 AM
My pleasure. I have emailed you more info. Let me know if I can be of any more help. I have full subscriptions to Ancestry and Genealogy.com, so I can check census records, etc. Also, there was a typo-error in my 1855 Bio, which I have corrected. He came to America in 1853, not 1833 as was originally transcribed. Sorry!

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May 21, 2004
8:38 AM
The following was transcribed by the late Bob Mosher:
Ancestry forum, 1999
Submitter: Bob Mosher
Subject: Henry E. Helms

Message: From Biographical History of Whiteside County, Illinois 1900.

HENRY E. HELMS. Only those lives are worthy of record that have been potential factors in the public progress, in promoting the general welfare or advancing the educational or moral interests of the community. Mr. Helms was ever faithful to his duties of citizenship, and by the successful conduct of his business interests not only promoted his individual success but also advanced the general prosperity.

He was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1833, and came to America in 1853, settling in Whiteside county, Illinois, two years later. On his arrival in the new world he was not only without capital, but was unfamiliar with the English language, but being ambitious, enterprising and energetic, he soon acquired an excellent knowledge of English, and before his death became one of the prosperous and influential men of his community. In 1860, Mr. Helms was united in marriage with Miss Lucy Gould, who was born in
Lexington, Massachusetts, March 3, 1838, a daughter of Thomas C. and Sarah (Locke) Gould, also natives of that state. The Locke family is of English origin, and was founded in the new world at a very early day, ancestors of Mrs. Gould having been buried at Lexington, Massachusetts, since 1669. Mrs. Helm's paternal grandparents were Thomas and Abigail (Chase) Gould, also representatives of old Massachusetts families. In 1837 Thomas C. Gould came to Whiteside county, leaving the family in Massachusetts, but in 1840 he returned to Massachusetts and started west with the family, arrived here in January, 1841, and took up their residence in Whiteside county, Illinois, where the father afterward purchased a tract of land and successfully engaged in farming. Upon that place he died in 1876, and his wife passed away in 1897, honored and respected by all who knew them. In their family were four children, two sons and two daughters, namely:

Thomas C., a resident of Lyndon township, Whiteside county; Sarah L., widow of John Hazard, by whom she had two children, Jessie, wife of William Lohr; John G., a resident of Rock Island; Lucy, now Mrs. Helms and Harvey, who died in infancy. Mrs. Helms was only three years of age when brought by her parents to this county, and here she grew to womanhood and was married. Of her five children, one died in infancy; Albert E. married Samanta L. Crits and lives in
Arizona; Emily T. is the wife of Charles A. Hamilton, whose sketch appears elsewhere in this volume; Cora E. is the wife of William Millikan, of Joplin, Missouri, and they have one child, Emily T.; and John W. lives with his brother-in-law, Mr. Hamilton; Bertha, daughter of Kate and Deidrick Brandes, lived with Mrs. Helms from the age of eight years until she was married, in June, 1899, to H. W. Baldridge, a minister of Indiana. She was educated at a normal school and engaged in teaching prior to her marriage.
As a farmer Mr. Helms met with most excellent success, and became the owner of a valuable place of two hundred and forty acres, which he kept under a high state of cultivation and in first-class order. His time was devoted to stock raising and general farming and he was numbered among the best agriculturists of his locality. On locating on his farm it was only partially improved, but he soon
transformed it into one of the most desirable places of its size in the county. He died February 18, 1899, and up to the time of his death continued to carry on his farm.
Mr. Helms was one of the most public-spirited and interprising men of his community, and took deep interest in all things for its betterment. He was a recognized leader in Lyndon township and a strong Republican in politics, being often sent as a delegate to the county conventions of his party and several times to the state conventions. He was a prominent member of lodge No. 750, F. & A. M., and of the commandery at Sterling, and at the time of his death all neighboring lodges sent letters of condolence to the family. Those who knew him best speak in
unqualified terms of his uprightness and integrity in business affairs, and his willingness to aid any enterprise for the public good. Mrs. Helms, an estimable lady, of many sterling qualities, is still living in the same house with her son-in-law Charles A. Hamilton.

Carolyn Kappel
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Aug 23, 2014
6:46 AM
After 10 yrs, have you confirmed the relationship between Henry Helms and D. Brandes. Yes, they are connected. Let me know if you need info.
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Aug 24, 2014
2:04 PM
@ Carolyn Kappel, I tried to email Julia, but had it returned. I found someone with the same name as she on Facebook. I sent a message with link to this message thread, but since we are not 'friends' it will go to her "other" box, which many people don't even check! Maybe she checks this, or receives our Newsletter. Sorry.
Thanks for responding though.
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Aug 28, 2014
8:01 AM
Note: I have made contact with Julia920 with link to this thread.

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