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Eldred/Seely/Foy connection
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Jan 05, 2010
11:03 AM
I am searching for details on Michael Eldred (1818-1904), buried in Riverside Cemetery, specifically, his 1st (?) wife, whose first name is listed as one of the following: Maribee, Mariba, Meribah, and Maybel - I am spelling it Mariba until I find better documentation otherwise.

I show Mariba was from Vermont (or New York) and born around 1810-12. She was previously married to Jeduthan Seely Jr. (1807-1843/7), from New York. They likely married sometime before 1830 and moved to Prophetstown around 1834/6. With the death of Jeduthan, Mariba married Michael Edlred in 1847 and they, along with 4 children are shown in the 1850 census. From there, I found Michael and Mariba Eldred in the 1860, 1870 census. Mariba disappears but Michael Eldred continues in 1880 with an Eliza as his wife (different person).

For reference, Jeduthan Seely and Mariba are listed in a biography (http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/bioseelyjr.html) as are some of their children. Mariba's maiden name is apparently Foy. She is shown in the illinois state marriage index married as Seely to Eldred in 1847, in Whiteside county. http://www.ilsos.gov/GenealogyMWeb/MarriageSearchServlet

So, if anyone has any further details about Mariba Foy-Seely-Eldred, her husbands (Jeduthan Seely, Michael Eldred) OR the children, please post a response her or contact me directly at brian@sandersfamilia.com.

thank you
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Jan 05, 2010
2:04 PM
Found an obit for Michael Seely, which confirms alot of what I had speculated. My query is still open for those who may have additional information to share on this topic. If you have any questions of what I have discovered so far, please contact me.

Michael Eldred
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Michael Eldred
Susan Amicucci (View posts) Posted: 1 Jan 2001 5:00AM
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Eldred, Mosher, Snyder
Michael Eldred died Saturday at his home in Portland, aged 86 years. He was one of the early settler, coming to this county (Whiteside County) from New York about fifty years ago. His death was caused by blood poisoning. He had a cancer removed from his face several weeks ago. The operation was successful and he was able to be about the house. On Thursday he accidentally fell, bruising his arm. Gangrene resulted and he died Saturday.

The funeral was held Monday afternoon at the house, Rev. J. W. Funston of the M. E. Church officiating and interment was made in the Prophetstown Cemetery. The deceased was survived by his wife. He had no children. The Sterling Gazette, Thursday, 15 Dec 1904.

Michael Eldred is the son of William Eldred and Mary Ella. Michael was born in Aug 1818, in Washington Co., NY. He married Maryba Foy, widow of Jeduthan Seeley, on 30 Dec 1847 in Portland, IL. Maryba died on 28 Feb 1876, and shortly after Michael married his second wife, Eliza Wescott Hale.
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Jan 06, 2010
5:51 PM
Brian, thanks for the obit on Michael Eldred. I've often wondered about the disappearance of Jeduthan Seely Jr.
To go along with that......
Chicago Genealogical Society;
Vital Records From Chicago Area Newspapers, 1833 - 1848.

1. SEELY Jeduthan Portland, Ill. Death Pg. 32 - 1844

2. SEELY Jeduthan Portland, Marriage p. 3 1848

3. SEELY Mrs. Maribe Portland Marriage p. 3 1848

4. SEELY Jeduthan Whiteside Co. Notice p. 8 1845

These can be ordered from them.

Without any of these in my hands I'll take a guess...
Jeduthan died late 1844, and the Notice may have had something to do with tangibles.

As Mirebah, married Dec. 30th. 1847 it appears it was published soon after in early 1848.

It also sets on my mind that the marriage p. 3 1848, is the mention of Jeduthan, Mirebah's first husband within her marriage article. Same page and date.

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Jan 10, 2010
1:56 PM
Jack, thanks for the help! I would agree with your guesses on the contents of the articles and alignment of the dates. Will follow up on those articles.

Thanks again! For reference, I have also documented this on my website @ www.SandersFamilia.com and wrote a blog about the challenge I had in finding details about Mariba Foy - http://sandersfamilia.blogspot.com/2010/01/patience-passion-persistence-and.html

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