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William H and son Ellis Hackett
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Dennis Maher
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Dec 10, 2014
10:06 AM
Denise provided the obituary for William H Hackett, my maternal great grandfather. Still looking for information on my grandfather Ellis and his brother Asel. Ellis lived in Sedalia MO ~1900-1920 Both lived in Sioux City in the 20's and in Chicago ca. 1930. Ellis married Nadine Morrissey of DeWitt Iowa ca. 1893.
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Dec 11, 2014
6:14 AM
Dennis, Do you know their death dates? And where they died? I can check a few online newspaper sites for you.
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Dec 11, 2014
6:28 AM
There is an obit for 'an' Ellis in the Sterling Gazette:
Subject Description Date Location
Hackett, Ellis obituary 28 July 1934;10;1

The best/fastest way to get a copy of this is to contact Marilyn Anderson in the Genealogy Dept. of the Sterling Public Library where the newspapers are archived on microfilm. SPL-Genealogy@comcast.net. If for some reason Marilyn is not able to help, let me know and I will transcribe it for you on my next visit to the library.

I will continue to look for an obit for Asel.

Last Edited by Denise on Dec 11, 2014 6:32 AM
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Dec 17, 2014
9:43 AM
WWII Draft Registration
Asel Ralph Hackett
6851 Osceola Ave., Chicago, Cook, IL

POB - Tampico, IL
DOB - Feb. 8, 1886
Name/Address of Person Who Will Alwasy Know of Your Address: Mrs. A. R. Hacekett, [same address]
Employer: U. S> Government - U.S. Army - QM Corps.
Place of Employment: 1425 S. Racine Ave., Chicago, IL
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 248 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Race: White
Complexion: Ruddy
Wears glasses
April 27, 1942
Chicago City Board No. 62
6733 Olmsted Ave., Chicago, IL

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