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Jun 29, 2018
1:51 PM

I am researching my 2nd great-grandmother, Dessie Dulaney.
She is listed as Dessie Renner in the 1920 census in Tampico with a man named Fred Renner (listed as her husband) and Wilma Dulaney (her 5-year-old daughter). Wilma Dulaney was born in Burlington, Iowa in 1915.
Dessie married another man (Charles Gilford Mott) in Manchester, Iowa in 1922, then moved to La Moille, IL and lived there until her death in 1983.

I haven't found any marriage or other records of Fred Renner with Dessie... Do you have any suggestions for resources available that could help me in finding out more about their brief relationship (could have been any time between 1915-1922)?

Thank you,
Nicole Palsa
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Jun 29, 2018
1:54 PM
GAZETTE INDEX (i'll check the library for copies & transcribe)
Renner, Fred to operate Thomas telephone exchange 7 Sep 1946;6;6
Renner, Fred Alfred obituary pending 19 June 1957;3;3
*Renner, Fred (Goldie Whetstone) obituary 20 June 1957;2;2
Renner, Fred R. obituary 11 April 1963;6;3

Hi Denise,

I found the marriage license. It is in the time frame that you mention. The person that requests this can mail us a brief request telling us the name of the groom, name of the bride and the license # is 15421. They need to include a copy of their drivers license along with their address to mail it to. The cost is $8 for a copy for genealogy. We will mail it out the day we receive the request here.

Have a good week!

Connie Landheer,
Chief Deputy County Clerk
200 East Knox Street
Morrison, IL 61270
phone - (815)772-5189
fax - (815)772-7673
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Jun 29, 2018
1:55 PM
Nicole Palsa
Jun 22, 2018, 3:57 PM (7 days ago)
to me

Hi Denise,

Thank you again for your help! I received the marriage certificate this week and it helped answer a lot of questions (and raised a few more!)

Does the county have divorce records as well? Since this couple was living together in the 1920 census and the wife remarried in 1922, I’m guessing they divorced in that time period.

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Jul 20, 2018
8:19 AM
Fred Renner was my grandfather's brother. Fred had 3 brother's and 2 sisters. His parents were Mary Ellen Welch Renner and Frank (Pepper) Renner. They lived in Hahnaman Township west of Tampico and the house is still there. They mostly farmed but also had a digging machine business for ditches etc. I was aware that he was married to a Goldie but had never heard about another wife. I have never been able to locate his grave in the Tampico Cemetery but for this isn't a marker.I have extensive information on the Renner family for William R Renner, Fred's grandfather was the first settler in Deer Grove. Four of Fred's uncles were in the Civil War. Two died and 2 returned. You may contact me at 815-622-8858 if you have additional questions etc.
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Aug 29, 2018
8:55 AM
I just wanted to thank you, Welch/Renner, for adding the information.

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