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The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Feb 19, 2010
5:36 AM

I found this in my notes from the Standard newspaper:

Oct. 8, 1900 Miss Thompson, who had been living on the Pollock farm ten miles south of Sterling, died yesterday of hemorrhage of the bowels.

Adeline Thompson is buried in the Tampico Memorial Cemetery. She died on October 7, 1900. I am thinking this has to be about her death. Does anyone know where the Pollock farm was in about 1900? Was it near Tampico? Her father was Alexander Thompson and her mother was Mary Sanders Thompson.

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Feb 19, 2010
3:29 PM
A bit more, zeroing in onthe farm location & from The Tampico Tornado nespaper:

November 13, 1903
Robert POLLOCK, who lives north east of here [NE of Tampico], is erecting a new corn crib.

May 3, 1906
Robt. POLLOCK of Rock Falls was in Tampico in his automobile Saturday. Mr. POLLOCK is still selling jewelry for a wholesale house on the road and is selling automobiles as a side line. He has succeeded in placing several machines.

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Feb 20, 2010
11:26 AM
Thanks Les. In Adeline's mother's obituary it states that the family was living northwest of Tampico in 1911. It's possible that they were living on the Robert Pollock farm in 1900. Her father, Alexander, worked as a farm laborer and the family probably moved around to wherever he could find work.

Thanks for your help,

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Feb 20, 2010
12:54 PM
Patty, let me check the plat maps at the historical society. I think the closest to 1900 I have is a 1912 map. I can check for her obit as well. Going to Tampico on Sunday.
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Feb 20, 2010
3:46 PM
While at the court house one day, I made a copy of the 1870 Hahnaman Plat. Section 1, North half of the North West Quarter, 80 acres, Wm. Pollock. On today's map, Murphy Road would be on the west of it, and Arch road would be on the north of it.

By 1900 or so there could have been another Pollock farm.


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