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Apr 10, 2010
12:06 PM
I have done some research on the folowing family and thought I would post it here for others that have an interest this family.
July 27, 1916; 2;3
Mrs. John Lower
When word was received in Prophetstown of the death of Mrs. John Lower, of Tipton, Ia., it was with feelings of sorrow mingled with tears, for Mrs. Lowers was a Prophetstown native, spending her early life here.

Miss Jennie Scarrett [sic] was born in this place June 9, 1868, and died in Tipton, Ia., July 17, 1916. She was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. James Scarrett[sic]. When she was but ten years of age she was left without a mother, and as the father was in business at the time it developed upon her to almost paddle her own canoe. In the year 1903 she was married to John Lower, of Tipton which was then her home, where she was engaged in business.

For a year previous to her death her husband was an invalid and upon her developed his care, which was always a pleasure to her. However, it was too much for her delicate nature and the result was a premature death **** her.

Mrs. Lower was a loveable character and made many friends wherever she was known. The remains were brought to Prophetstown Tuesday and burial made in Riverside with short services at the grave.

Name Lot # Sect Space
Harriet 143A 3 1
James Jr. 143A 3 4
James Sr. 143A 3 2
Minverva Conner 143A 3 5
Jennie Scarritt Lower - 143A 3 4
Jeanette Scarritt Hull - 143A 3 2
Harvey C. Hull 143A 3 2
Harvey Hull (ashes) 3 3
From Riverside Cemetery, Prophetstown, IL

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