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Maynard Family
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Bill Maynard
Nov 03, 2004
8:45 PM
I am looking for the father of Julius Maynard, who was living in Sterling in 1870-1880 according to the census info.I find a Frank Maynard in Prophetstown in 1860 and a Thomas Maynard in the same time frame. I do not know if one of these (2) would be the father. My great grandfather Julius was married to Ella Wescott in Whiteside Co 10/29/1868. Both were born in NY, NY. I would appreciate any info you might have or direction to find Father of Julius.
I was born in Rock Falls and lived there for 30 plus years, but never occured to me then to try to trace my ancestry! Now I'm looking into my then back yard.
Thanks for any help.
Bill Maynard Mesa,AZ
120 posts
Nov 05, 2004
8:24 AM
Hi Bill,
Didn't know if you were familiar with any of the following:

Descendants of John MAYNARD born 1598 in England
The database has other Maynard's. For space reasons only those who are my childrens Grandparents or Grand Uncles & Aunts have been included. Much of the later generations comes from the published work of James B. Trousdale (1900-1990). Mary Gilson provided substancial amount of information on the early generations. Additional information has come from WEB sources.

If you are a Maynard, we may be related. If you sent me your family information, we can try and determine the connection. So please drop me a e-mail.

Bruce Trousdale

The Martin County, Kentucky Genealogy Portal
(Martin County, KYGenWeb)
Julius MAYNARD ( - )
Julius MAYNARD (1864 - )
BIRTH: 1864, KY
Father: William C. MAYNARD
Mother: Nancy ALLEY

I'll see if there is anything on my end that pertains to your research.
Denise,Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society
128 posts
Nov 21, 2004
9:58 AM
Just touching base. I haven't found anything in our records. However, you may find something on Chris's ILTrails/Whiteside site - http://iltrails.org/whiteside/
She has the Bent Wilson History of Whiteside, which shows an Asa Maynard. Use their "site-search" on Home page to see all listings.

I'll keep looking and post here if I find anything.
Denise, Tampico Area Historical Society
Bill Maynard
Nov 22, 2004
12:45 PM
Thanks Denise: I have found during research at a LDS family history center that Thomas J and William Maynard are listed as residents of Prophetstown in 1855.I found them in the 1855 Whiteside Co census. Also that Julius is the son of Thomas thru the contact at your site from Dawn Everling. I guess my next inquiry will be into the land and cemetary records info re: whiteside county. Also found data re the Maynard's from a post at RootsWeb.com, indicating the marriage of Miss Julia Ann Maynard, daughter of Thomas J. Maynard who along with his father William both lived in Whiteside co Ill and that Julius lived in Sterling. Both Thomas and William are listed as dying in Illinois.
Any additional help would be appreciated.
Thanks Bill Maynard Mesa, Az The Valley of the Sun
129 posts
Nov 22, 2004
2:18 PM
I'm assuming your people died before 1916. Unfortunately the pre-1916 Death records @ IL State Archives is not fully indexed yet. Post 1916 shows the following:

IL State Archives lists:
Last Name First Name Middle Name Sex/Race Age Cert # Death
Date County City Date Filed


IL State Archives Data base:

Genealogy.com is listing your names. Do you need any other census transcriptions?
Denise, Tampico Area Historical Society

The surname navigator is listing quite a bit of Maynard info.
BE SURE ALL POP UP BLOCKERS ARE DISABLED! About 12 "windows" will pop up. Two will be the LDS - different types of listings. Note if there is "more than (#)" at bottom of lists and click to continue more listings in each catagory. The LDS listings will use variable spellings as well, so peruse through the entire listing.

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Bill Maynard
Nov 22, 2004
3:58 PM
Thanks Denise:
This William J is the grandfather I knew. He died in 1945.
Mari E. Choate Ribov
1 post
Mar 18, 2005
10:43 PM
To bill Maynard

My great grandfather was the Julius Maynard that married Ella Westcott. My grandmother was Julia Adeline Maynard. I am looking for the same information you are. I don't know how much I can help, but old family records are turning up.Let me know what you have or need. Nice to find a relative at last. My e-mail is mribovick@hotmail.com
Mar 19, 2005
1:58 PM
I assume the MAYNARD line hooks into the HUNTER line - I have a John Maynard HUNTER who married Mary Gaffney ?? in 1882 (she was married to ?? McComber ca 1867 before marrying John M. HUNTER.) Mary died in 1897 in Tampico. John married Mary J. WOODWORTH before Mary Gaffney (before 1870). Mary J. nee WOODWORTH died in 1881 in Tampico. Mary J. and John M. HUNTER had 4 children:
Guy M.
Alta M.
William W. (m Cora May GRIFFIN)
Grace M. (m William FOY)

All the "M" middle names - are they MAYNARD?
The "W" middle name - is it WOODWORTH? - who knows??

Any links on any of these would be appreciated.

177 posts
Mar 20, 2005
11:30 AM
The following was posted in the "Guest Book" section of site. I am re-posting it to this thread for better exposure. Denise

Posted by Mari E. Choate Ribov on March 19, 2005
Denise! at last I have found information on the Maynard and Westcott families. I found that Bill Maynard and I have the same great grandparents, would never have found this if I hadn't found your site. I am also looking for information on my Grandmother, Julia Adeline Maynard born in sterling. She was always very reticent about her life in sterling and there are lots of blank spaces. She married George Albert Barnes, but not until she was 31 or 32.That would be about 1912 or 1913. She was a very interesting person to say the least. The family suspects that she was married to someone else before she married George Barnes. Where would I find this information if it exists? She admitted later in life that she had lied alot about her life, but did not reveal about what! She was born about 1850. My e-mail is mribovick@hotmail.com

Posted by Mari E. Choate Ribov on March 19, 2005

Denise, Tampico Area Historical Society
Mari E. Choate Ribov
3 posts
Mar 27, 2005
8:15 PM

My mistake, Julia Adeline Maynard was born February 10th 1881.I founs her birth certificate Sorry about the mix up in dates. I am doing four branches of my family at once!

Does anyone know what happened to Julius Maynard after he was divorced from Ella? My grandmother Julia would never mention him, and said that the last time she saw him was at age 4 when she saw her mother pushing him out a window - she insisted it was a window, not the door.I will check the resourses you suggested.
214 posts
May 28, 2005
5:49 AM
The following was posted in our GUEST BOOK. I am repositioning it on MSG BOARD for better exposure ~ Denise

I have found that my Grandfather, Thomas J. Maynard and Grandmother Julia A. Maynard are buried in Minson Cemetary in Prophetstown, Il. Thomas listed as born 10 Nov 1802, died 04 Nov 1875. Julia listed as born 1813 and died 06 May 1868. This seems to coorinate with Biography by Luman a. Davis stating that Daughter Julia was married to Luman on July 6 1851. This info also states that William, the father of Thomas, was from Mass. but spent his last days and died in Il. I now need to find "William".Any help appreciated. Bill Maynard Mesa, Az

Posted by Bill Maynard Mesa, Az on May 27, 2005
215 posts
May 28, 2005
5:55 AM
I am guestimating Wm.'s DOB about 1780...Do you have any other identifying info on him? DOB? DOD? Spouse's name? Found the following on Ancestry -
Database: Massachusetts Town Birth Records

Name: William MAYNARD
Birth Date: Sept. 20,1781
Birth Place: Shrewsbury
Mother's Name: Martha
Father's Name: John
Sex: M

I need a little more info to narrow search peramiters. Thanks,
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society
Bill Maynard
May 28, 2005
8:25 AM
Thanks Denise for the info. I have found a number of other Wm Maynards that somewhat match the possible birth date based on Thomas's birth.
Birth Date Place Est age at Thomas's birth

20 Aug 1772 Sudbury,Middlesex, Ma 30
11 Mar 1774 Framingham,Middlesex,Ma 28
11 Apr 1774 Wesboro,Worcester, Ma 28
---- 1776 Leverett, Franklin, Ma 26
14 Dec 1776 Marlboro,Middlesex, Ma 26
23 Nov 1786 Conway, Franklin, Ma 16
---- 1782 Shewsbury, Worcester, Ma 20 may be dup
As well as your find
20 Sep 1781 Shrewsbury,Worcester, Ma 21
I am continuing to serch records in Mass for more detail.
Jul 17, 2005
11:48 AM
i hope you can help me find my family . we are the maynard of maine my family came from canada in the 1800 , hope some one can help. some of the family name are amos, george , john, david, henry,william,fredrick, this seem to be the name most of the maynard have used

Posted by hi everyone on July 17, 2005
1 post
Jan 07, 2006
9:59 AM
If anyone comes across John W. Maynard, born about 1832 maybe in NY, married Amanda Susan Schofield in WI, had children in IA, died in NE.
I'm looking for decendants of, and John W.'s parents.

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