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Amos Short
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Dec 01, 2007
11:12 AM
Anyone willing to share information and correspond about the Ira SHORT family of Whiteside Co:

Ira SHORT, b 3 Oct 1803, PA & wife Eliza Higgins, b. NJ. Children born in NY: Abagail, Adaline, Jane, George Liman. Children born in IL: Ira H., Allen M., Jerome E., Charles M. and Anna A. All male children river pilots.

Have 1927 family tree made by Harry SHORT and Harry SHORT Jr., son and grandson of Ira H. SHORT. Also have family letters & photos.

Please contact DianneSlipkid@comcast.net.
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Dec 19, 2007
5:56 PM
Hello,message for dianne slipkid.Iam interested in your info.
please contact me . I tried to e mail you but they came back as a failure from the postmaster.I am tom short and also have
info to share. contact sb4726@msn.com. Thanks,Tom
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Feb 03, 2008
2:50 PM
What a wonderful find! I was excited to read Esther Michels inquiry regarding Esther Short's mother. The only information I've come across is on familysearch.org, which states "Algonquin Indian Woman." My wife and I are hunting for more information about her as well. You shared that you have a photo of her? We live in Corvallis, email address aaronshale@comcast.net. Would love to hear from you.
Thanks, Aaron Hale
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Aug 23, 2008
5:03 PM
Trailways to Albany 2000 compiled by Helen M. Hanson writes about the riverboat men who lived in the Albany area. There are several Short family mentioned: Charles M. Short, Jerome E. Short, Lyman Short, Thomas Short and Ira H. Short.
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Sep 04, 2008
2:57 AM

I would like to contact A. Patterson (Short45).

My gg grandfather is the Ira Short of the family of steamboat pilots that she's looking for. I'm also collaborating with two descendants of Amos Short. Both Ira and Amos were in Carroll/Whiteside Counties from 1840-60 and might be brothers.

Dianne Slipkid@comcast.net
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Sep 04, 2008
3:24 AM

Looked online but couldn't find anything on "Trailways to Albany 2000". Is this a book or a travel pamphlet? How would I obtain a copy?

Dianne Krogh
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Jan 09, 2011
3:35 PM
To Dennis: Regarding Ora Short Horton. I believe that Ora is the daughter of Alfred Deloss Short and his 2nd wife Lauretta Lumison. Alfred D Short is Amos and Esthers son. I don't have Ora listed with a spouse yet, but will research the Horton name. Ora's 1/2 brother is my Great Grand Father Alfred D Short, II. I hope that this helps. Ps- I have a photo of Ora.-Terie

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