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Where is Tailholt? Ca. 1912
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Sep 30, 2010
12:02 PM
Old newspaper clipping from Tampico Tornado - Ca. 1912
The following humorous sketch of the big celebration appeared last week in the Prophetstown Echo and is written in such a bright, breeze, wheezy style that the Tornado reprints it:

Just at daylight and before the boys had the cows milked, the teams began to roll in from all directions at Yorktown. The mayor ordered a sign up the night before, that no teams be hitched on Main Street, consequently everybody tied down on the levee. In short order the town was alive; baby and cane racks were soon up. The striking machines were well anchored because it was a cinch those Tailholt and Sodtown boys would be there. The Coon that looked through the hole in the tent and gave three throws at his mug for a nickel, had already swallowed a couple of weinies[sic] and was ready for bizness [sic].The electric belt man was there. The rifles at the shooting galleries had already begun to snap. The conductor on the merry-go-round was hollering, “Fourteen rides for a half.” Frank Dudley was yelling “Moving pictures that move; only a nickel to see the last picture of the flood, life size cut of Noah, positively two kinds of animals plastered on the canvas.” Precisely at 10 o’clock John Watterman, Chief Marshal rode up Main street and said, “The sporty part of our program is already to begin at once right now. We have a lot of things we are going to pull off here. We have raised $8.00 for these races and are ready to start. Concluding, let me ask the women and kids to climb on top of the paving while things are being did. Already Brace Baldwin has offered a one-half ton of slack coal for the fellow who will hold the greasy pig eleven minutes; every he male between eight and eighty can enter.”

Here he comes! Bill Sandrock made the first grab. His grip was good for he pulled out eight inches of his tail; here he comes and there he goes. John Needham made a lunge and all he got was the squeal. Finally Fred Sandrock got the grapevine on him and won the 75 cent tooth brush. And during all this time Red Lawrence and Bill Chapman were singing, “Lemo, lemo, free from seeds and rinds. Red as a cherry, sweet as a berry, lemo, lemo.” A special prize of four bottles of sassafras pop for the one-half mile run was won. Here they come – John Winkler was stepping 8 ft. to a jump. As he passed he sounded a little wheezy but he broke the binding twine and the pop was his.

The 10 mile automobile race for the Yorktown Cup was next. They started at the head of Broadway, turned west on Pauline, north of Grasshopper, east through Foy’s cornfield, and when they headed up Main, it sounded as if Henry Sandrock’s corn sheller was ahead but as they neared the goal, Frank Irving was leading, with Billy Lane a close second. J.Tuley Pierson of Lyndon would have been third but as he turned the corner on Main his spark plug blew up into a window o the seventh floor of the Chamber of Commerce. This cooled off his engine a bit. The mug went to Mr. Irving. Judge Fee said, “You can’t beat the Ford, it’s stood the test of time. After this, four ponies ran a one-fourth. One of them came out ahead, and Red was still hollering, “Lemo.” Everybody then congregated under the willars [sic] for dinner.

Promptly at 1:30 the eager orator took the stand in the cause of our great and happy land. He aired his own political views and told us all the latest news. He rehearsed the battle of Yorktown, and complimented the boys on being a scrappy bund. He mentioned some of the old war horses and it brought tears to the eyes of many when he mentioned such names as Schuyler and “tip Dow and Bob McKenzie. He spoke with much feeling over the hardships of by gone days, but was cheered to the echo when he mentioned the railroad advantages they now had; through trains were running between Tampico and Hoopole with scarcely opening a single gate.

At 3 o’clock the ball game between the Yorktown Invincibles and some fellows from over south was very pleasant to watch. The feature of the game was the coaching by the young bear cat, Archie Crook. They only played eight innings as some of the boys wanted to rest a few minutes before the bowery dance began. At 2:30 all the pop and peanuts were gone and everybody started for home. BRIGHT EYES

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Sep 30, 2010
6:28 PM
Denise, Tailholt, is mentioned on page 245 (Hopkins Twp.)
History of Whiteside - Bent/Wilson.

The opinion given is that it was laid out by JACOB SELLS on or near Green River in Bureau Co. Jacob was keeping a tavern there at the time of publication.

My Great Grandfather, James Elmer Ellsworth Overly, 1862 - 1955 corrected the spelling of Tailholt on page 245 to the spelling of Tail Hoalt.

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Oct 01, 2010
7:58 AM
Hi Jack,
Thanks for that info. If you have a chance to see the other message (hyperlink in my prior message), you will see a post by Joyce Kimmel, April 1, 2009. She wrote of interviewing a Mrs. Harriet (Love) Craddock. There are some lovely reminisces - one of which is as follows: "..."I remember when the Brubaker family came to live in New Bedford. They saw children holding to the tails of cattle they were driving home, and not knowing the name of the town, they called it "Tailholt" and so it was called for some years."

Have you ever heard of that story?

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Oct 01, 2010
5:52 PM
Yes Denise, as I did a search last night and found the writing. It would be interesting if the small place could be found on an old plat map. Then I would know if great Grandpa Overly was correct in his spelling of it.


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