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Higginbotham - Binginhimer Photo
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Richard Hinton
Dec 14, 2004
12:06 PM
Thanks to Jim Williams for posting the ever so poignant photo of the Doughboys who were part of what Laurence Stallings called the "Big Parade". My observation is that this photo was taken in the USA just before these "buddies forever" departed for their homes. Higginbotham and the two boys seated on the right appear to wear the patch of the 4th Division; the other seated soldier has a more rounded patch of another unit. They are wearing an inverted chevron just under the patch which indicates they have been honorably discharged. Also on the left sleeve is a single chevron for having served overseas for more than six months. Binginhimer wears two of these indicating twice that time. I am not sure why you say this is an Illinois unit since the 4th Divison was a division of the regular United States Army and had no claim to any exclusive part of the country. However, being a regular army unit it was in the fiercest of the fighting and suffered incredibly high casualties. As a result some units of the national army of drafted men , such as the upper midwest's 86th "Blackhawk" division, which organized and trained at Rockford's Camp Grant, were broken up and used as replacements for these depleted units. After searching, I have not found Binginhimer in the 86'th divison's history............................... I will always remember the grand Armistice Day parades held in Tampico during the Eisenhower years and how as a boy I "marched" along with the soldiers; the old men with their tin hats in front, followed by the younger ones of the Greatest generation..thanks Jim
Bill Wilsey
Aug 07, 2005
4:04 PM
Edward Addison Bingenheimer, A Tampico resident,was inducted in the Army, Sept 19,1917. He trained at Camp Grant,Rockford, Il and at Camp Greene, Charlotte, North Carolina. He sailed from the U.S. May 10,1918. Ed. served with the 39th infantry,Company K. 4th Division.He returned home Aug. 6th 1919 and was Honorably Discharged at Camp Grant,Aug 13,1919. I have copies of letters he wrote home. Army Photos from U.S. and Europe and discharge papers. Bill Wilsey, E-mail willerose@ yahoo.com
562 posts
May 21, 2010
8:55 AM
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Bingenheimer Photo

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