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Castles - Murphy family
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Dec 04, 2010
4:09 PM
I am looking for date of death and burial location for Emily A Martin Castles, b 1851 in IL, estimated date of death 1914. Father Peter Martin, mother Jane. Married Joseph Castles, three surviving children, may have had more.

Would also appreciate obituaries on:
Emily Castles
Joseph Castles, b 12-20-1842, d 9-5-1924, Lee County, IL
Harrison H Murphy, b 8-20-1851, IL, died 12-16-1931, IL, buried in Tampico Memorial Cemetary.
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Dec 08, 2010
5:57 AM
Hi Pam,
Here is what I have found to date:
Lee County Genealogical Society

Checked Marriages for:

Castles to Martin - None
Bride surname MARTIN = 0

Castles = Jos. b. 12/21/1842, d. 9/5.1924

Castles = 0

Lee County Dixon Newspapers Index
Castles Emily, (Mrs. Joseph) Agnes 3/17/1914 1 2 Dixon Daily Leader 1
Castles Joseph 3/25/1914 5 4 Dixon Daily Leader 1
Castles Joseph, (Mrs.) 3/19/1914 1 7 Dixon Daily Leader 1
Castles Emily, (Mrs.) 8/24/1906 1 2 Dixon Semi-Weekly Sun 4
Records = 4
You should contact them for copies of the above information.

I can check our Tampico Tornado Newspaper for Murphy obit on my next trip into town. If the weather holds out, that should be in the next day or two.

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Dec 08, 2010
11:26 AM
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Mr. Harrison Murphy who has been in very poor health fora long time passed away this morning, Wednesday, December 16, 1931 at 4:30 a.m. at his home here after laying in a deep coma for the last 48 hours. Mr. Murphy was 80 years of age and has been a resident of this community for 40 years.

Funeral services will be held at the M. E. church Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mr.Murphy leaves a widow and four children.

December 24, 1931
Services For Mr. Harrison Murphy Were Held Last Friday
Mr. Harrison Murphy, a resident of this community for many years, passed away at his home here Wednesday morning, December 16. Mr. Murphy was 80 years old and had been in failing health for some time.

The funeral services were held Friday afternoon at the M. E. church with Rev. F. T. Palm officiating. Mrs. R. P. Loudenburg sang, accompanied by Mrs. N. E. Denison.

Pallbearers were Messrs Victor Eckdahl, William Pearson, T. E. Britt, George Jaquet, George Jacobson, and Julian Jacobson. Interment was in Tampico Cemetery.

Those attending the services from out of area were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mathis, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mathis and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Lewis and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller, and Mrs. Homer Str*et of Rock Falls; Mr. and Mrs. August Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Mathew and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Reitzel of Sterling; Mr. and Mrs. Gus Hawkinson and Mr.s Clayton Weber of Prophetstown; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Goodman of Oak Park; Mrs Josie Cassell of Toluea; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Royer of Eldena; Mr. William Murphy of Olivet, Michigan; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Murphy of Battle Creek Michigan, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kessling and son of Granville; Mr. Harry Kessling of Tiskilwa; Mr. and Mrs. Gus Foster of Peru; Mr. and Mrs. Will Black of Port Byron; Mr. and Mrs. Will Rowe of Henry; and Mr. Thomas Price of Lyndon.

Harrison Murphy passed away at his residence in Tampico on December 16, 1931, after a lingering illness of several months. He was a patient sufferer until the end. He celebrated his eightieth birthday on August 20, 1931

He leaves to mourn his loss a devoted wife, 3 daughters, Mrs. Ada Price, Mrs. Della Mathis and Mrs. Flora Pearson; 1 son William H. of Michigan. Three sons and one daughter preceded him in death. He also leaves 3 sisters, Mrs. Alex Kessling of of Granville, Ill., Mrs. Sarah Hunt of Argil, Minn., and Mrs. Kate Locke of Peoria; fourteen grand-children, fourteen great grandchildren, and large group of other relative; and friends.

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Dec 08, 2010
4:35 PM
Denise - a HUGE thank you for crashing one of my brick walls. Your work and effort is appreciated more than words can say.

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