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Keefe Family of Deer Grove
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Mar 16, 2005
11:37 AM
I would appreciate any information on the Keefe family of Deer Grove. Thanks! Maureen
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Mar 20, 2005
11:11 AM
I, too, would be interested in any info on the Keefe family of Deer Grove. I know there is some kind of connection to the Curran family of Prophetstown and Tampico. My grandmother, Grace Egert, would speak of cousins, the Keefes', but I do not know the direct relationship.

Please email me at blukat@qconline.com if you would like to explore the connection,
Apr 03, 2005
7:28 PM
Ok, I found the following Tampico Tornado articles that mentioned KEEFE - hope there's something here that helps.

February 13, 1897
The marriage of John GAFFEY and Mary KEEFE took place at St. Mary's church of this place last Tuesday morning, Rev. P.J. WEBER officiating.

November 6, 1903
There was a jolly, good Hollowe'en party at the home of Frank RENNER east of here. Hallowe'en [sic] and Mrs. RENNER's and Mrs. James DEVINE's birthdays all occuring on the same day was sufficient to bring out a large number of their neighbors and friends to celebrate. The evening was spent in having a general good time playing Hallowene [sic] pranks. The guests enjoyed themsleves so thoroughtly that they intend to all celebrate at the home of Mrs. James DEVINE next year.
Those present were: Messrs and Mesdames Ed and James DEVINE, Gus STEINKE, John SHAUFF, John DAWSON, John GAFFEY, James MURRAY, Jacob HEIN, Jacob HEINRICH, Hiram DREWER, Thos. COONEY, Lawerence DAWSON, Maurice RUSSELL, Ed PIERCE, A. COMPTON, D. SULLIVAN, A. WITTENAUR, Joe COLEMAN, Johe HEMBLOCK, Chas. WELCH, John DREW; Mesdames Joe PIERCE and BROPHY; Messrs. James LEAHY, Joe MULL, Chas. CUNNINGHAM, Wm. and Maurice MURPHY, James CONROY, Dan KEEFE, D. CALLAHAN, John DEVINE, John SHEEHAN, John SCHROEDER, Henry CURRAN, B. BACKUS, Case and O. CROUSE.

November 13, 1903
Neighbors Help Mat. HEMBLOCK Husk His Corn Last WEEK
There was a big husking bee last week Wednesday at Matt HEMBLOCK's east of here. Mr. HEMBLOCK is having trouble with his eyes and it is with difficulty that he can see objects as small ears of corn. A number of his neighbors and friends who realized Mr. HEMBLOCK'S predicament kindly tossed aside their coats, left their own fields and rallied in the HEMBLOCK field where they worked hard and fast and in the evening had over 1100 by. picked. This kind act shows the gentlemen are all good neighbors who are willing to help an unfortuante one. Those who made up the husking party were: John and Thomas COONEY Jr., Thos. MOSHER, John BROPHY, Glen GUY and Will RENNER, Tim KEEFE, Jacob and W.A. HEIN, Frank CUNNINGHAM, D. McNABB, J. HEMBLOCK, W. BURKE, Jacob HENDRICKS, James BUXSOM and Mr. DECKER.

July 19, 1917
The Tornado publishes this week the names and draft registration numbers for Tampico and vicinity. Every man is presumed to know his number and will be held personally responsible to ascertain if his number is drawn in the draft. There are 4000 units in the country and numbers from 1 to 4000 will be put in capsules and then drawn from a glass globe. This means when one number is drawn that 4000 men will be chosen. About an average of 250 will be taken from each unit. There were 3216 numbers in Whiteside county. The list follows. Keep the paper and watch your numer when the draft numbers are announced.
2209 Harry E. KEEFE
2213 Dan'l C. KEEFE
(Many more listed - I just posted Harry & Daniel)

July 8, 1920
This morning, St. Mary's chruch at Tampico was the scene of a charming midsummer wedding, the principals being Miss Helen HAMBLOCK and Mr. Hurbert SCHAUFF, both of Tampico. The nuptial High Mass was celbrated by Father L.X. DuFOUR, pastor of St. Mary's who performed the ceremony in the presence of a host of well wishing relatives and friends.
The bridal party entered the church and proceeded to the alter, tastefully decorated for the event, to the strains of Mendelssohn's Wedding March, pleasingly rendered by Miss Kathryn WIRTH. Tiny Nell COLEMAN of Clinton, Iowa acted as ring bearer and carried in a large lilly the ring which had been worn by the bride's grandmother. The two little flower girls, Anna Ruth STEADMAN and Helen BUXTON, very dainty in organdie frocks carried flower laden baskets.
The attendants were Miss Marie HECKMAN of Sterling, cousin of the bride and Mr. William SCHAUFF, of Deer Grove, twin brother of the groom. The bridesmaid in yellow grandie with picture hat encostume, carried a huge basket of yellow roses. The bride was charming in white French organdie with a tulle veil caught with orange blossoms. She carried a shower bouquet of bride's roses.
Immediately after the ceremony a bontiful wedding breakfast was served to about eighty guests at the bride's home east of Tampico, Misses Nellie BROPHY, Margaret BROPHY, Kathryn KEEFE and Edith HEIN acting as capable witnesses. The table decorations of yellow and white were very tasty.
The bride and groom left on the afternoon train for a few weeks wedding trip, after which they will be at home for the present to their many friends on the groom's farm near Deer Grove.
Mrs. SCHAUFF is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. HAMBLOCK of Tampico. She possesses a winsome personality which has endeared her to many admiring friends.
Mr. SCHAUFF is the son of Mr. John SCHAUFF of Deer Grove and is an enterprising young farmer. He is an ex-service man, having spent seven months overseas. His geniality has won him and his charming bride a very, very happy future.
The out of town guests present at the ceremony were: Mrs. Frank COLEMAN and children of Clinton, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. H. WHITE of Chicago, Mrs. John HENREKIN of Amboy, Mrs. Kahler MEYERS and Mr. and Mrs. John MOSHIER of Prophetstown, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph SCHAUFF of Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. John SCHAUFF of Harmon, Mr. and Mrs. A.I. HECKMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. WAHL, Mrs. Matilda WEBER, Mr. and Mrs. Michael DELHYE of Sterling.

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Apr 06, 2005
7:04 PM
Thanks so much, I found a couple of names that looked familar, Kathryn Keefe, Henry Curran, Mrs. Kahler Meyers. I wonder if that is Fannie Meyers, my grandmother spoke of her often.
Apr 13, 2005
10:09 PM
My daughter's name is Kathyrn Keefe... She's named after my great grandmother.. a long story here in the telling...
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Apr 24, 2005
8:58 AM
Kathryn and Harry Keefe of Deer Grove were my grandparents and I have many fond memories of Deer Grove. What information are you interested in knowing?
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May 26, 2005
5:20 AM
I am interested in the connection to the Curran family. My grandmother was the niece of Henry Curran, mentioned in a couple of the articles. She was the daughter of Bridget Breen and William Curran, she was born in IA but moved to IL after her mothers death in 1924. I never knew why she moved here until doing genealogy I found her father's family was from Tampico. Several of the names she had talked about were Kathryn Keefe, Fanny Myers, and Johnny Firman, all from the Tampico/Prophetstown area. Other cousins were the Moshers from P-town. I would love to find out more about the Currans and other relatives. This family was the reason I started my research in 1984, and my most frustruating!!
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May 26, 2005
6:14 AM
Here's some CURRAN articles from The Tornado:

January 10, 1903
Tampico's large delegation of college students returned to their respective colleges Monday and Tuesday. Leroy McMILLEN to Cornell college, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, Carl RICHARDSON and Alfred THOMAS to state university; Misses Mary RICHARDSON , Darlene WEST, and Dollie TEACH, Northwestern university; Tracy WYLIE, Northwestern Pharmacy school; Roy McKENZIE, Brown's Business College, Galesburg; Nina RUCH, William and Nellie GRAHAM, Dixon college; Kathryn BURKE, Mary CURRAN and Julia HEINRICKEN, college at Lyons, Iowa; Leroy SHERE, Geneseo Collegiate Institute, Geneseo.

July 8, 1904
Jos. CURRAN was arrested Tuesday for being intoxicated and creating a distrubance at BARN's livery barn. He was taken before justice GIFFORD who fined him $12 and costs.

November 1, 1917
Mrs. Mary KELLY, one of Tampico's early settlers and aged, respected citizens died very suddenly at her home on North Main street last week Wednesday morning about 11 o'clock. She was sitting in a chair talking with her son Jerry KELLY who had stopped at the house while in town from his farm in the country, and while talking to him her eyes closed, her head sank back and she went peacefully and quietly into the sleep that knows no awakening. Dr. TERRY was called by Mr. KELLY but she had passsed away before he could arrive.
Funeral services were held Friday morning at 9:30 o'clock at St. Mary's church services being in charge of Father L.X. DeFOUR. There was a large number of relatives and friends present in spite of the rainy, bad weather. Internment was in St. Mary's cemetery, the following old neighbors and friends acting as pall bearers: John MOSHER, ALfred GRAHAM, Chas. R. ALDRICH, Henry CURRAN, W. MALONEY, Larry GAGHAN. Among those from out of town who attended the funeral services were: Mrs. E.F. MAGINNIS, Mrs. Frank DOWD, Miss Lillie MAGINNIS of Sandwich, Dr. Frank MAGINNIS and Mrs. Albert ESSAR of Aurora, Miss Maggie KELLY of Webster City, Iowa.
Mary Ellen HARLEY was born in Boston, Mass., Nov. 25, 1848 and came west when only eight years of age with her sisters and other relatives residing with them at Sandwich and Aurora and that vicinity for a number of years. She was married August 18, 1866 in Aurora to Matt KELLY and after their marriage they resided in Sandwich later coming to Tampico when the town was first started here. They lived in town several years and then moved to a farm northeast of here then moved back to Sandwich where they made their home for five years. Then they again came to Tampico moving ot the farm and resided on it until 1895 when advancing years and poor health compelled Mr. KELLY to retire from active work having secured through his efforts a competency for old age. He died here five years ago last September.
Mrs. KELLY was for many years a good, faithful, devout member of St. Mary's chruch and endeavored in her life to follow the teachings of her master. She was a good woman loved by her neighbors and relatives and will be mourned and missed in the community.
Three sons and two daughters survive: James, Richard and Jerry all of Tampico, Julia HUTTON of Tampico and Hattie McCORMICK of Deer Grove.

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Feb 13, 2014
7:08 PM
Maureen, Katminder and others: I can provide information on the Keefe family, as well as some on the Currans. Katminder, you asked about the relationship between the Currans and Keefes. Mary Power (born in Ireland and died in Tampico in 1899) married Thomas Curran. They had 4 sons (Henry, William, Thomas and Michael) and 3 daughters (Bridget, Mary and Ellen). Their son William married Bridget Breen, and one of their daughters was apparently your grandmother (they had 2 daughters, Marie and Grace - - I am guessing your grandmother was Grace). At any rate, Mary Power had a sister, Johannah Power, as well as 2 brothers who lived in Prophetstown (William Power and John Power). Johannah married Dennis Keefe in Prophetstown in 1863 (Dennis and Johannah are my great-great-grandparents). Dennis and Johannah had 3 children, Daniel, Mary and Jeremiah. Mary and Jerry both died childless, but Daniel had 4 children: Cecil, Harry, Kathryn and Jerold. If these, Harry married Kathryn McCormick in 1925 (they were my grandparents). The Kathryn Keefe mentioned by your grandmother could have been either Daniel's daughter Kathryn (who died in 1977) or Harry's wife Kathryn (who died in 1998). Dennis and Johannah's family lived in Prophetstown from the early 1860s to the early 1890s and thereafter in Deer Grove. Hope this helps a little, I can provide more information if you have questions. - Mark Anderson
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Feb 14, 2014
9:01 AM
Thank you andermk! I hope these folks check back to the msg board!

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