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Rasmus Rasmussen
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May 16, 2006
2:53 PM
Here's some RASMUSSEN stuff from The Tampico Tornado newspaper:

June 15, 1906
Pupils Get Diplomas
Miss Anna MURPHY received diplomas for eight of her pupils this week from Supt. Claude BROWN certifying that they had finished the eighth grade adn were graduates of the common school. Both teacher and pupils feel quite jubilant to think they can boast of having such a large class finish the work. Those who received diplomas were: Willie ADAMS, Vincent BURDEN, Nellie BRADY, David MURPHY, George BURDEN, Carl RASMUSSEN, Bessie BRADY and Bessie HACKETT.

February 6, 1913
Will Be Married Feb. 12
Invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Cecille M. BREED and Carl M. RASMUSSEN both residing south of Tampico. The wedding will occur Wednesday, Feb. 12, at Yorktown. The prospective bride is the daughter of tax collector W.E. BREED. The groom is the son of Thos. RASMUSSEN a prominent Fairfield farmer and will reside on his father's farm south of Tampico after the wedding.
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Mar 10, 2009
7:14 PM
Have a Rasmuss Rassmussen. But he was from Inderoy, Norway. Rasmuss had brother Arnt, Hans and one sister. Their father was Jon Jonsen. It is well known that danes, swedes and norwegians would move to another parish or what ever if they found a woman they wanted. It was also well known they would take their wives last nme if there was no son to carry on the family name. Im not doing so well getting my tree done in Norway because if they moved to a different farm their name became the farm name. Like my ggrandfatthers surname was Arnsen and they bought the farm Ulven Haugen so his name was Arnt Ulven, Haugen or ulven haugen. Must have been hard for 1st graders.
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Mar 23, 2009
7:01 AM
I don't have enough information to know if Thomas Rasmussen was a brother to Rasmus. I still have had no luck finding where he was born and lived in Denmark before he immigrated to the US. Thanks for trying to help. Susieq
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Apr 02, 2009
1:18 AM
Susieq, did you locate him in Castle Island? I havenĀ“t tried it so much but it seems messy.

Here is some danish sites: www.arkivalieonline.dk,www.dis-danmark.dk

Good luck
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Jan 02, 2010
7:48 PM
SusieQ, did you ever get an answer about where in Denmark Rasmus Rasmussen was from? I found this website after being contacted by John Heintzelman to see if we're related. My grandparents were Frank Olivert Heintzelman and Dessie Valentine Rasmussen. I remember going to (great) Uncle Jim and (great) Aunt Sadie in Crawfordsville, Indiana when I was young. If my memory serves me, Uncle Jim was a half-brother to my grandfather, who married Sadie, who was my grandmother Dessie's sister. I have no public documents on the family history--just what has been jotted down by previous family members. One says Rasmus Rasmussen was from the island of Fye, Faaborg, Denmark. He emigrated from Denmark in 1870 and had a brother Peter Rasmussen. If you have Rasmus Rasmussen's obituary, I'd love to see it.
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Jan 04, 2010
8:01 AM
I have emailed Sue (who is on Facebook, by the way) to let her know of the activity on this thread.
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Jan 04, 2010
8:07 AM
Sandy27 No I have not found where in Denmark Rasmus Rasmussen was from. I have tried everything I know how to do with no luck. Still would like to know though. I haven't tried the location you have though. Will give it a try. James and Sadie (Rasmussen)Newell were my grandparents on my Dad's side my Dad being Kenneth James Newell. Send me your email and I will send you a copy of Rasmus's Death certificate. hilfikerfarms@embarqmail.com
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Mar 20, 2010
1:42 PM
Hi Susiq. I made a mistake in printing my ggrandfathers first name. I put Arnt which is wrong!! Its Arn hence the surname Arnsen. Its been so hard to search in Norway. But now its a lot easier because they have books from about all the farms. Now with the Trondheim and Norway list servs many many helpers on them.
Good hunting.

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