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The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Feb 18, 2011
3:41 PM
Looking for any info on Michael Callaghan/Callahan family in and around Whiteside County. I know he had two daughters, Julia and Anna who married Connell brothers, David and Cornelius J, respectively. Michael also had at least one son, James.

Michael and his son James lived with David Connell and Julia Callaghan Connell in western Iowa for a time in the mid 1890s and perhaps early 1900s.

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Feb 20, 2011
8:14 AM
Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763–1900

Groom Bride Date Vol./Page License No. County



OBITS FOR CALLAHAN found on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co.

Julia Callahan, 88
Hazel L. Callahan, 94
Elizabeth J. (Blackburn) Callahan, 81


Many Callahans in Fulton Catholic Calvary Cemetery

OBITS (Tampico Area Historical Society): Donna Callahan; Edward D. Callahan; Elizabeth Callahan; Hazel Callahan; James Callahan; John Callaha; Julia Callahan; Leo Callahan

CALLAHAN's buried in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Tampico, IL

Last Name First Name Middle Name Sex/Race Age Cert # Death Date County City Date Filed

CALLAHAN ESTHER LUCILLE F/W Y-37 0017744 1949-02-11 WHITESIDE 49-02-11
CALLAHAN PETER M/W UNK 0980170 1924-06-02 WHITESIDE FULTON 24-06-03
CALLAHAN SUSAN N/S UNK 0000090 1939-05-25 WHITESIDE - -

Obit for Michael, d. 1903
Sterling Gazette:
Callahan, Michael obituary 9 Jan 1903;2;1
Callahan, Michael Mrs. obituary 29 Dec 1893;Standard;8;4
Callahan, Mrs. obituary 4 Jan 1894;3;3

Callahan, Michael Mr. & Mrs. daughter born March 5 9 March 1987;A2;1

Sterling Standard
May 5, 1892
During a quarrel at St. Louis over the difference of 5 cents in the price of a shave, William Callahan was fatally shot by Charles Crotzer.

Sterling Standard
April 6, 1900

The Mysterious Death of John Callahan Formerly of Deer Grove
Word was received at Deer Grove Thursday of the mysterious death of John Callahan who formerly resided at that place. He was found dead ina barn at an early hour at his home near Garfield, Ill. No particulars were given. The deceased was a married man and leaves a wife and several children to mourn his death.

April 10, 1900
John Callahan, Formerly of That Place, Kills Himself at Streater
John Callahan of Streater shot and killed himself Thursday night. The funeral was held in Dixon Saturday. Mr. Callahan wa well known here having resided all his life util a few months ago at Deer Grove. He leaves besides his wife and five children, one sister, Mrs. Daniel K**t of this city. He was also related to Mrs. John Dundon of this city. No cause can be assigned for his rash deed. He was seemingly cheerful all day Thursday and was seemingly in good health.

Nov. 21, 1941
Miss Dan Keefe, 78, passed away early this morning in her home at Deer Grove after an illness of the past several weeks. The funeral will be held at 9:30 a.m. Monday in St. Mary's Catholic Church, Tampico, with Rev. Tr. T. O. McGuire officiating. Interment will be in St. Mary's cemetery at Tampico.

The death of Mrs. Keefe removes a well known Deer Grove resident from the community. She had lived in Deer Grove since her marriage and had many friends.

Besides her husband she leaves one daughter, Kathryn at home and three sons, Cecil and harry of Deer Grove and Jerold at home. Two brothers also survive her. Michael Callahan of Deer Grove and Dennis Callahan of Tampico.
[Elizabeth Callahan Keefe]

March 8, 1894
P 15
Real Estate Transfer
Michael Callahan to John H. Wetzell; land in Hahnaman, $5,544


I will check our TAMPICO TORNADO newspaper for obits for the 2 Michaels.

CONNELL's in St. Mary's, Tampico,
Anna L. Connell, 1874-1951
Cornelius J. Connell, 1870-1947
more listed, but not sure if related to yours.

No Julia Connell listed

Hope this is helpful.

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Feb 20, 2011
9:01 PM
Thanks much, Denise. The Julia above is not the Julia I'm looking for. My Grandmother Julia died and was buried in Iowa in 1966. But... I don't know how I missed them in the 1900 census. Maybe I looked in the wrong county. I'll follow up with the library for possible obits. I'm looking for more children of Michael Callaghan and his wife, name unknown.

Thanks again!
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Feb 21, 2011
10:42 AM
If it was mentioned above, then I missed it.

In the Sterling Library Gazette Index, I found a date of publication for Michael and another date for his wife for their obit's.

This morning I'm getting an error message when I went to get the dates for you.

The spelling is Callahan, and there was nine pages of hits on the name, and lots of other obits dates, etc.

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Feb 21, 2011
1:03 PM
Here are the "Michael Callahan's" listed in Gazette:
Subject Description Date Location
Callahan, Michael dies from fall 6 Sep 1947;1;5 [buried in Tampico,St. Mary's Cemetery]
Callahan, Michael cause of death ruled accidental 9 Sep 1947;7;1
Callahan, Michael Francis obituary 10 Sep 1947;14;4

Callahan, Michael J. (Cecelia) obituary 21 Jan 1952;2;3

Callahan, Michael J. obituary 15 March 1928;14;3

Callahan, Michael William announces engagement to Shannan Marie Rockwood 24 Aug 1990;C2;4*

Callahan, Michael Mr. & Mrs. daughter born March 5 9 March 1987;A2;1

Callahan, Michael obituary 9 Jan 1903;2;1 [buried in Tampico, St. Mary's Cemetery]

Callahan, Michael Mrs. obituary 29 Dec 1893;Standard;8;4

Two are buried in our St. Mary's Cemetery. When I get back to the Historical Society, I will check for obits and the funeral logs.

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Feb 21, 2011
9:07 PM
Thanks, Jack and Denise... The "Julia above" was the obit from Genealogy Trails.

From dates in the above info, it looks like Michael Callahan died in 1903 and maybe his wife was Ellen who died in 1893 in Whiteside. Then it appears some of the family moved to Sac Co. Iowa. The above info was helpful as it appears Dennis Callahan and Michael may be brothers... Many thanks for your help. I did email Sterling library, Denise, for obit info.
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Feb 22, 2011
5:31 AM
Okay. If that doesn't pan out for any reason, let me know what you need and I will transcribe it on my next visit to library. No trip scheduled until first week in March, but that could change.

Good Luck!

And another BIG THANK YOU to Jack P!
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Feb 28, 2011
11:38 AM
Denise... Marilyn at the library tells me the pre-1900 microfiche files are not available. I think she said the machine was out for repair and to check back in a couple weeks.

If you have time in March while at the library, would you mind checking for obits for Michael Callahan who died in 1903 and Ellen Callahan who died in 1893 in case they're up and running again? I appreciate the help, Denise.
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Mar 03, 2011
6:26 AM
Sure, not a problem.
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Mar 29, 2011
6:40 PM
Denise, just wondering if you know that the Sterling library has their equipment up and running again. I've emailed Marilyn a couple times over the last weeks, and she hasn't responded.
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Mar 30, 2011
6:26 AM
Hi Kathleen,
I'm sorry to hear that, but, unfortunately, it's a familiar story. I hope to get out there next week and I'll get the transcriptions done then. Thanks for the heads up on the machines.
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Mar 30, 2011
7:11 PM
Denise, I see my message was unclear. I don't know that the machine is back and running, but I was wondering if you knew. Evidently not... That's what I was asking Marilyn about in my emails. Just didn't want you to waste a trip if that's the only place you were headed for in Sterling.
Sorry for the earlier confusing message...
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Mar 31, 2011
6:11 AM
Good Morning, Kathleen,
It is never a "wasted" trip for me to the Sterling Library. I do try to consolidate my visits, but I am working on a project that will keep me transcribing forever! LOL I am hoping to get over there by Tues. of coming week.

FYI, they have 3 microfilm machines. Only one has a printer, but I am only doing transcriptions, so I bring my laptop and just transcribe directly from the screen. I doubt that all 3 machines are down. To my knowledge, Marilyn doesn't do transcriptions. She makes a copy and snail mails it. She may have changed her protocol, but that's how it was. She is a walking encyclopedia, though, so she is definitely a person to keep in touch with, if possible.

Feel free to check back (nudge me) if you don't hear from me in a reasonable time. :)

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Mar 31, 2011
6:37 PM
Thanks, Denise, for the info on the facilities at Sterling. Marilyn and I corresponded last year, so I am surprised that I've had no response to my
follow-ups. Probably she's crazy busy.

I appreciate your help!
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Apr 08, 2011
10:18 AM
I didn't make it over to Sterling as planned. My daughter is in from California. It is a surprise visit & I have not seen her in years! She will only be here until the 19th. However, she may visit other family in between. If so, I will get over to library during that time. Otherwise, It will be the 20th before I can do it. I just didn't want you to think I forgot about you. If you do hear from Marilyn, please let me know. Thanks, D
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Apr 08, 2011
7:54 PM
Denise... What a wonderful surprise! Enjoy the time with your daughter. No worries. I'll let you know if I hear from Marilyn.
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May 05, 2011
8:36 AM
Kathleen54 - finally made it to Library. Here is transcription of Michael's obit:
January 9, 1903, 2;1
Word was received here last night announcing the death of Michael Callahan, who died Wednesday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. David Connell, in Shaler, Iowa. The deceased was about 72 years of age, and for many years was a resident of Hahnaman township. About ten years ago he moved to Iowa and has since resided with his daughter. He had been ill for some time suffering with dropsy. He leaves three sons, John, William and James, and two daughters, Mrs. David Connell and Mrs. Cornelius Connell of Sterling, and two sisters, Mrs. Thomas Drew, of Harmon and Mrs. Dennis Driscoll of Rock Falls to mourn his death. the body will be brought to Tampico Friday morning and the funeral held in St. Mary's church. Interment will be made in the Catholic cemetery by the side of his wife and daughter. (end of obit)

I still have two more m/f to view. Stay tuned. I will eventually put the obits on our Obituary section of website.

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May 05, 2011
7:03 PM
I'm so excited to see this, Denise. These obits are packed with info. I'm hoping there's more to come on the other fiche, too.

Thank you, thank you!
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May 08, 2011
9:04 AM
Dec. 4, 1893 - March 31, 1894
Jan 2, 1895 - March 21, 1895
Roll #37
Jan 4, 1894, 8;4
ROCK FALLS (Gossip Column)
...(10th paragraph)
Mrs. Michael Callahan died at her residence near the southwest corner of Montmorency, yesterday forenoon. Her death was caused by consumption and she was sick a long time.
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May 08, 2011
9:16 AM
Kathleen54 - I could not find anything else for Mrs. Michael Callahan.
I checked:
Dec. 29, 1893, Roll #35 - nothing listed
Dec. 29, 1893, Roll #34 - nothing listed
I forgot to write which date the above listed death notice was in - the Dec. 29, 1893 or Jan. 4, 1894 on Roll#37 since they were both on the same roll.

I can double check them again and see if I can find a more detailed obituary for "Mrs. Michael Callahan" on my next trip to library. Perhaps I missed it. My time was up on the machine and someone was waiting to use it, so I had to get off.

I'm going to the Historical Society today, so I'll check our newspapers (Tornado) and funeral logs.


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May 09, 2011
6:29 AM
Denise,I see Mrs. Callahan is in the index on 29 Dec 1893 (Standard;8;4 and 4 Jan 1894;3;3. I don't know if that helps.

Also... I found something interesting in the index. If you have time, would you check on stories
13 May 1909 and 14 July 1909 regarding arrests for attack on Peter Newhoff by John, Timothy and David Connell? Maybe you can only do obits, though...

Thanks, Denise.
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May 09, 2011
12:21 PM
Hi Kathleen,
Yes, I know she is listed on those dates in the index, but I checked all of the listings and could not find anything. The newspaper often had a day & evening edition. I checked 3 rolls of m/f - #'s 34,35 & 37. This included the Dec. 29, 1893, Standard,8;4 AND the Jan. 4, 1894, 3;3. However, if it is on the index, then it has to be in some paper. Perhaps I missed it (ran out of time allotted on machine) or perhaps the date is wrong. On my next trip, I will double check it again. I can check any of the microfilmed newspapers at the Library - not a problem, other than finding the time to get out there. Hope to go again this week, but can't promise. Need to go to Morrison court house for some research as well. I'll check those other articles as well for you.

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May 09, 2011
3:42 PM
Connell, John, Timothy, David to be arrested for attack on Newhoff, Peter 13 May 1909;1;2
Connell, John, Timothy, David case of assault tried today 14 July 1909;1;3
I had to go back and get the page & column # - it makes a tremendous difference. If you find any others you want, just be sure to include all info - issue date, page & column number and subject. Thanks. It's on my To-Do list for Sterling trip.
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Jun 06, 2011
12:36 PM
Thursday, May 13, 1909, 1;2, Roll #104 (Sterling Library)
Messrs. Connell Will have to Answer in Court for Their Sins –
Result of Frances in Hahnaman When Peter Newhoff had Jaw Broken and Was Otherwise Hurt
State warrants were issued by Justice L. L. Weaver last evening for the arrest of John Connell, Timothy Connell and David Connell, charging the trio with riot. These warrants are returnable to the justice in a few days. The warrants were turned over to Deputy Sheriff Wahl for service. Although the restrains have been issued, it will to call the case for a week or ten days or probably longer. The delay is due to the inability of Peter Newhoff, who will be the complaining witness in the case, to appear in court on account of a fracture of his jaw.
The issuing of the warrants is the result of a fight the other night in Connell’s Hall in Hahnaman. It is alleged that Newhoff was struck on the jaw by one of the men for whom warrants were issued. The law provides that where two and more person attacks one or more people it shall constitute riot.
It is alleged in this case that the three men attacked Newhoff resulting in a fracture of his jaw. John and Timothy Connell are brothers and David Connell; is a son of John Connell. An army of attorneys has been hired by both sides in the case, and it is going to be quite interesting when it is called for trial. In addition to the State’s Attorney, two other lawyers have been engaged by the friends of Newhoff.

Thursday, July 14; 1;3, 1909, 1;2, Roll #104 (Sterling Library)
Case Attracts Many Spectators – Regiment of Attorneys Battle Over Legal Points – One Defendant Absent.
The riot case against John, David and timothy Connell preferred by Peter Neuhoff [sic] of Hahnaman is being heard today before Judge I. L Weaver in the city hall in this case. John Connell and his son David are charged with inciting riot and Timothy Connell with riot. All of the defendants, with the exception of Timothy Connell, appeared in court today, Timothy having disappeared from his home near Tampico a few days after the row occurred.
The case is attracting much attention and aside from the witnesses there are many spectators in attendance. Five attorneys and a court stenographer are engaged in the case. The state is represented by State’s Attorney Ludens, assisted by Attorneys C. L. Sheldon and Walter Stager. The defense is represented by Judge H. C. Ward and Attorney C. C. McMahon.
The state completed its testimony at 2 o’clock this afternoon, examining five witnesses. The state offered testimony to show that on the night of May 7 last, Peter Neuhoff, the complaining witness, was attacked in a dance hall in Hahnaman and that in the fight he was struck on the jaw which was broken. The testimony of the state was to the effect that John Connell incited the riot and that Timothy Connell struck Neuhoff on the jaw. The name of David, the son, does not appear to be strongly connected with the matter. The state examined the five witnesses.
The defense did not place any witnesses on the stand, and moved that the evidence for state be stricken out, but motion was overruled. The defense holds that there were too many discrepancies in testimony given by state’s witnesses. The case will conclude this evening.

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Jun 07, 2011
8:06 AM
Kathleen54 - I'm confused now. I just added the article on the Connell boys charges on inciting a riot. I'm not sure what else you needed. If you you could post what else you need from Sterling Library, I'll catch it on my next trip.
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Jun 07, 2011
8:35 PM
Denise... Interesting articles. I was initially looking for a more detailed obit for Michael Callahan's wife who died in Dec 1893. I know you looked previously and found more of a death notice, but you'd run out of time on the m/f.

Thanks so much!
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Jun 08, 2011
6:37 AM
Hi Kathleen,
Sorry, I did check on her obits by going back through all of the editions on index. There was nothing else. I went through another roll - #33, plus went through 34, 35, 36, & 37. I'm surprised I found the one mention of it, because it was buried as a two-line blurb in the local "gossip column."
Sterling daily standard, Sterling, IL
December 29, 1893, Pg 8;4, Roll # 37
(10th paragraph) – Mrs. Michael Callahan died at her residence near the southwest corner of Montmorency, yesterday forenoon. Her death was caused by consumption and she was sick a long time.

Perhaps her death certificate would provide a little more information. You can obtain a copy from the Morrison Court house: Connie Landheer @ clandheer@whiteside.org. She's a great person & very helpful. Here is a link to their web page: County Clerk, Whiteside Co.

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Jun 09, 2011
12:51 PM
I ran across this in the Sterling Standard - October 20, 1893. She had been ill for some time.

Mrs. Michael Callahan is quite sick. Her many friends hope to hear of her speedy recovery.

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Jun 09, 2011
1:04 PM
Thanks D&D. I saw that one, too, but didn't post it, since it doesn't offer any more info than the one I did post from Dec. Thanks for posting it for Kathleen54.

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Jun 09, 2011
1:07 PM
Denise and D&D: Thanks much for the info.
Connie Landheer did not find a death cert for "Ellen" Callahan on that date. I'm not 100 percent sure of her first name actually since the articles refer to her as Mrs. Michael. Maybe I'll check cemetery records.

Thanks again to you both!
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Feb 13, 2014
10:48 AM
Hi Kathleen, not sure if you are still tracking this or have any specific questions at this point but I have additional information on the Callahans. I'm a descendant of Elizabeth Callahan Keefe.
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Feb 14, 2014
9:26 AM
Thanks andermk, I have sent a pm to the last email address I have for Kathleen54. I hope you two can connect. Denise
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Feb 14, 2014
9:52 AM
andermk... Yes, I would appreciate any info you have on the Callahans. I have given my contact info to Denise. I look forward to corresponding with you.

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