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Sippels of Tampico and surrounding area
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Jun 03, 2005
10:56 AM
This is a marvelous website. I am interested in any information about Mr. Charles F. Sippel and his wife Susie Hughes Sippel, who lived in Tampico around 1893. Charles F. was a recent immigrant from Oberlengsfeld, Germany. They had two sons, Karl and Dean, and a daughter, Beth, who stayed in the area for about 15 years or so. I know that Charles F. had a clothing store and he advertised it in 1893. Are copies of that ad available? Are there any photos of the store? Any information would be helpful. Many thanks,
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Jun 03, 2005
8:06 PM
It looks like Charles may have gotten into the retail business in 1891 (all article from The Tornado newspaper):

February 21, 1891
Having sold my business to Chas. F. SIPPLE, and wishing to square up my books, I request all persons knowing themselves to be indebted to me, to call at once and settle by cash or note. George BERGE, Tampico, Ill., Feb. 12, 1891.

May 23, 1891
Fred BERGE came from Spring Hill Sunday to visit his parents. His cousin, Miss Tina SIPPLE, came with him.

July 11, 1891
Misses Tennie and Minnie, and Messers Geo. and Will. SIPPLE, of Spring Hill, were guests of her brother, C.F. SIPPLE of this place on the Fourth.

August 29, 1891
Mr. George SIPPLE visited with his brother, C.F. SIPPLE of this place Saturday and Sunday.

September 12, 1891
SIPPEL-HUGHES - At the residence of Mason BREWER, on Wednesday evening, Sept. 9th, 1891, by Rev. Chas. T. ROE, Mr. Chas. F. SIPPEL and Miss Susie HUGHES, both of this city. Gifts [listed in notice, given by] Mr. and Mrs. John SIPPEL, Mrs. Henry SANDS, Mr. and Mrs. M.H. BREWER, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. REEVES, Mrs. C.H. BREWER, George SIPPLE, Mr. and Mrs. A.S. BREWER, Mr. and Mrs. E.D. McCLURE, Miss Clara BREWER, Misses Minnie and Lena SIPPEL, Mrs. Mary OSBORN, Willie SIPPLE, Myron HUGHES.

April 23, 1892
Mrs. Grant HUGHES, who has been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. C.F. SIPPLE of this place for the past few months, took the morning passenger and started for Oklahoma this week, to which place her husband preceded her several weeks.

August 8, 1903
The cement foundations for the bowling alley in the basement of SIPPLE's building were laid this week and the basement has been plastered. The alley's will be ready in a month or less.

November 13, 1903
James BRACE and family of Waterloo, Iowa, stopped off here to visit Mrs. BRACE's relatives, the McCLURES', SIPPLE's and HUGHES'. They are enroute to Mississippi where Mr. BRACE has bought an eighty acre farm.

November 27, 1903
The Thanksgiving dinner served by the Christian Ladies Aid society in the rooms over SIPPLE's store was patronized by a large number of people. The dinner was a most excellent array of good things. The receipts were $47.

December 4, 1903
Lost- Friday night between SIPPLE's store and DeWitt WEST's, a ladies gold watch. A reward of $5.00 will be given for its return. Mrs. DeWitt WEST.

And he got into the insurance business in 1905...

February 14, 1905
Let Charles SIPPLE write your application for a policy in the Prudential and your policy will be as represented.

February 2, 1906
Miss Grace THOMPSON will open a new millinery shop in the SIPPLE building in connection with the novelty store that is to be opened in the same place.

March 16, 1906
Miss Beth SIPPLE received a Kimball piano from her papa as a present for her tenth birthday.

April 13, 1906
Ed EMMONS and Will COLLINS installed a new telephone at C.F. SIPPLE's residence this week.

... Les
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Jun 07, 2005
9:36 AM
I found the following information for you regarding the building for Sippell (the spelling on the document). I can follow through at the Records Dept. in Morrison.

On the Nat’l Historic Registry for Main St., Tampico, page 4 of 12 (pdf):

#1. 107 S. Main Street was built in 1903 for Susie Sippell. (This is currently the Sandrock
Insurance Co.) Direct link to this info on this site: Nat’l Registry This is in pdf format which
requires Adobe Reader (free).

Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

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Jun 08, 2005
3:36 PM
This is great information, and it's definitely my family! I have a couple of questions:

Chas. F. Sippel bought a business from a Mr. Berge in 1891. Do we know the address of C.F.'s business, and was it possibly also a residence (storefront/residence upper)?

There are a few references to the Sippel building: would that have been 100 block S. Main, or another location?

The National Registry states that 107 S. Main was built for Susie Sippell in 1903. I'm trying to figure out how it came to be that only Susie's name was on the deed - I am just assuming that her husband's name would have been on it, considering the times.

Thanks so much for all the info and help!
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Jun 08, 2005
4:57 PM
Leigh Anne,
I will try to get to Morrison next week to see if I can find more info on the buildings. Will report back here with findings.
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society
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Oct 05, 2007
7:14 AM
Henry Sippel was my paternal great grandfather, and I have some information on him. It lists his birthdate as 8/26/1863 in Oberlangsfeldt, Germany. He had brothers Will, and two sisters, Tina and Minnie.

I am wondering how Henry and Charles are related, since there is mention of the siblings in this article?

Also, Henry's parents were John and Christina Berge Sippel, and would like more information on the Berge's.

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Oct 05, 2007
7:45 AM
Just an FYI - We are representing Andrew Berge at our Yorktown Cemetery Walk this Sunday. He will be represented by his ggranddaughter, Lorraine Gaskill, who lives here in Tampico.
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Oct 05, 2007
12:54 PM
Besides knowing her name of Christina Berge Sippel, I know nothing else about her, so that is why I wondered if there is any relation of the Berges listed here.

I've just started this search, so I haven't gotten very far with it.

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Oct 05, 2007
2:29 PM
And also....I have never heard of Rickell Il. could you tell me where this is?
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Oct 05, 2007
7:20 PM
I do not know of a Rikell, IL either. Where did you find a reference to it?
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Oct 06, 2007
12:24 PM
I spelled it wrong, it is Rickel, and I saw in both in an Obit for Charles Sippel, and the thread "where is that?".

It sounds like it is where the abandonded gas station is at the corner of Hwy 92 and the Atkinson blacktop. there must have been a small settlement there at one time, because it listed my gr. grandfather's address as Rickel.

I wish I could find their name (Henry Sippel) in a plat book in that or the area around Hooppole where it is said they once lived and farmed.
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May 15, 2008
6:10 AM
I have looked at plat books of Henry County for 1875, 1911, and about 1935. The only Sipple I find in the Hooppole area is B. (D,E, or O) Sipple listed on the east side of Section 7 in Loraine Township.
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Sep 30, 2011
12:10 PM
From Tampico Main Street on National Registry
Click on photo to open album, enlarge photo.

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Oct 22, 2011
7:25 PM
Bette, your great grandfather and my great grandfather were brothers! What does that make us? Johannes and Anna Christina had 11 children, and Henry and Charles F (my great grandfather) were two of 7 sons, and there were 4 daughters. I have visited the town of Oberlengsfeld, Germany, which is located in the county of Hesse, in the center of the country. It's a beautiful little village, and half of the current residents are still named Sippel (with the -el, not the British-ized -le). I wholeheartedly recommend a visit - it's a great connection to make!
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Oct 24, 2011
6:31 AM
FYI - you would be 2nd cousins. :?)

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