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Dir and Meyer Families
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Feb 22, 2002
1:01 PM
Looking for any and all information on the Dir and Meyer families. They are my Great-Grandparents. I have the following information and nothing before this time. Ida Rosette Dir was born in Tampico, Il Jan 22,1864. Married Charles B. Meyer Oct 17, 1882 then shortly there after moved to Seymour, Il.
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Feb 22, 2002
1:02 PM
My GGAunt Minnie (nee HOGEBOOM) McWHORTER's daughter, Dorritt "Dot", married Frances DIR in 1914. I would like to find out more about Francis and Dot.
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Feb 22, 2002
1:03 PM
What I have is that Dorritt was the daughter of Minnie HOGEBOOM and Frank McWHORTER. Minnie and Dorritt was living in Moline, IL at the turn of the century and took her life; presumably due to being despondent over her husband Frank leaving. Dorritt was taken in by Minnie's parents John and Anna HOGEBOOM and lived with them in Lyndon. Dorritt married Frances DIR in 1914; they had a daughter by the name of Darlene.
Any help is appreciated.
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Feb 22, 2002
1:08 PM
I found many DIR's listed in the 1920 census records for Tampico and surrounding area - have either of you checked into census records? You can get a mini on-line subscription through Ancestry.com. I have found it well worth the investment. I did not need an annual subscription...Just had the names listed that I needed and was able to accomplish my goal in the short amount of time of the subscription. Even had "time to spare" to look up other people's families (tee-hee). Another tip, when searching the I-net and genealogy sites, try looking up TAMPICO instead of the surname your are researching. It's amazing what it will pull up for you! Happy Hunting. Denise

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Dec 14, 2004
3:56 AM

In this long list i found name

From my grandparent i know what my old old family members migrate from Lithuania to Amerika. Where - i dont know. Any more information i does not have.
If you have any information about August Geistor - please - write for me.. Please.
Dec 19, 2004
3:34 PM
Were these people furniture makers and did they change the spelling of Meier.

I have a dresser that has a sticker Meier and Pohlmann at
14 Palm Streets, St Louis, MO.

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Dec 20, 2004
11:23 AM
The Dir families are showing on both the 1867 & 1892 plat maps for Fairfield Twp. (See Maps & Atlases from Main Menu on Home Page)
Thank you Richard Hinton for bringing this to my attention.
Denise, Tampico Area Historical Society
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Sep 22, 2009
7:41 AM
Here is link to DIR family photo album on our site:
DIR Family
Click on photo to open album, enlarge photo & read details.

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Nov 06, 2010
1:28 PM
Some updates on the DIR families:
Sterling, Illinois, Friday, September 11, 1925, 8; 4, (m/f roll # 152)
The funeral of Mrs. Martha E Halsted, whose remains were brought to Rock Falls, her old home, from Norborne, Mo., was held at 2:30 o’clock Wednesday afternoon in the Rock Falls Methodist church. A goodly number of former neighbors and friends of Mrs. Halstead gathered in the church to pay their last respects to her. Rev. J. J. Hitchens conducted the services and interment was made in the Golder Road Cemetery. The pall bearers were S. W. Halsted, Ed Adams, A.J. Gettle, H. C. Johnson,, J. F. Limerick and C. J. Pfulb.
Martha Ellen Dir was born Oct. 25, 1844, and departed this life Sept. 6, 1925, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. H. Childs, in Norborne, Mo. She was born in Pennsylvania and was one of the family of thirteen children, four of whom are still living. She came with her parents to Ohio in 1846 and later in 1851the family moved to Illinois which had been her home ever since with the exception of the past five years, which she has spent with her daughter in Missouri. Mrs. Halsted gave her heart to “God when a young girl and lived as a Christian all her life. Her father was a minister of the gospel and divided his time between preaching in prairie school houses and helping his boys on the farm.
Martha Ellen Dir was married to Elijah L. Halstead on July 24, 1868, and to this union nine children were born, three of whom are still living. They are Mrs. W. H. Childs of Norborne, Mo.; Dr. R. L. Halsted of Pekin, Ill., and Mrs. J. R. Brown of Los Angeles, Calif. Mr. Halsted preceded his wife in death in 1885.
Note: She is buried in the Golder/Montmorency Cemetery, Rt. 40, 2 mi. south of 88. Cemetery index listed on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co. http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/cemgolder.html - This is about 8 mi. from Tampico.
HALSTEAD, Elijah Lonabough 20 Oct 1842 22 May 1885 Martha Ellen Dir Wm. & Mary (Hains) Halstead
Henshaw Batt. Civil War
HALSTEAD, Elizabeth (Warren) 12 Jan 1820 11 Sep 1904 William Mills Halstead .
HALSTEAD, John Frank 30 Jan 1874 01 Oct 1882 . Elijah & Martha (Dir) Halstead
HALSTEAD, Lillian May 10 May 1871 17 Sep 1882 . Elijah & Martha (Dir) Halstead
HALSTEAD, Luther Thomas 26 Jul 1881 02 Apr 1882 . Elijah & Martha (Dir) Halstead
HALSTEAD, Margaret Ann 28 Aug 1878 08 Oct 1882 . Elijah & Martha (Dir) Halstead
HALSTEAD, Martha (Dir) 25 Oct 1844 06 Sep 1925 Elijah L. Halstead .
HALSTEAD, Mary E. 08 Sep 1879 27 Aug 1882 . Robert W & Sarah (McCracken) Halstead
HALSTEAD, Robert T. 28 Dec 1880 18 Aug 1882 . Robert W. & Sarah (McCracken) Halstead

Sterling Daily Gazette, Sterling, IL , Roll 168
September 17, 1929, 7;3
Mrs. A. A. Sisson of 307 East Third Street, Rock Falls, has furnished the Gazette with a sketch of her great uncle, Joseph Dir, who died at Butler, Mo., August 19. He was for many years a resident of Tampico. Mr. Dir was a brother of the late Mrs. M. E. Halsted of Rock Falls, also of George Dir of Deer Grove and William and Luther Dir of Tampico.
Joseph, son of George and Elizabeth Dir, was born December 16, 1842, in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, and departed this life August 19, 1929, at the hospital in Butler. He was 86 years, eight months and three days old at the time of his death.
The deceased enlisted in Company D, 64th Infantry, on Feb. 10, 1864. He was discharged July 11, 1865, at Louisville, Ky. He was married to Emily White of Tampico, sister of Delbert White of that place, Sept. 4, 1866. To this union six children were born, five boys and one girl. The wife and one son Leroy preceded Mr. Dir in death. The living children are Mrs. Will Clark of Glendale, Calif.; Lewis Dir of Adrian, Mo.; Bert Dir of Stuart, Ia.; Elmer Dir of Inglewood, Calif. and Frank Dir of Los Angeles, Calif. He also leaves four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
Mr. Dir was converted and joined the Methodist church when a young man. He had always been a firm believer in the old time salvation and a faithful member until death, leaving his testimony that he was ready to go. He was the last of a family of nine children.
STERLING EVENING GAZETTE, Sterling, Illinois, Roll 101
February 4, 1909, 5;3
Mrs. Grant Dir and Babe Laid Away in Same Grave Sunday
Tampico, Feb. 2 – Special correspondence – One of the saddest funerals that has occurred in this vicinity for many years occurred Sunday when Mrs. Grant Dir and her new born babe were laid away in the same grave in Fairfield Cemetery. Mother and Child both died on Thursday. The funeral services were held at the house Sunday and were attended by large number of friends. The husband is left with four small children, the oldest about eight years of age.
STERLING EVENING GAZETTE, Sterling, Illinois, Roll #50
January 7, 1897; 6;1
(Column Heading – Thursday, Jan. 6, 1897 – Montmorency) Paragraph 8
George Phulb has become a benedlet [sic]. The day before Christmas he was united in marriage to Miss Ellen Dir of Hahnaman. George is now passing the cigars around to his gentlemen friends.
December 15, 1892; 6;1
. . . Married, at the residence of the bride’s parents in Hahnaman, Wednesday evening, Dec. 7 by the Rev. Mr. Wells, of Tampico, Miss Daisy Dir, of Hahnaman, and Bert Montgomery, of New Bedford. Their many friends wish them their share of connubial bliss. CHEIFTIAN Dec. 12

THE STERLING GAZETTE, Sterling, Illinois, Roll #180
August 6, 1932, 10;6
NAME 44 HEIRS IN DIR ESTATE – Mabel M. Philips Will Is Probated
Forty-four heirs were named in the will and affidavit filed Friday in the estate of Catherine Ann Dir, before Judge H. J. Ludens, in probate court. The will was filed and hearing set for Sept. 2. However, the estate was left to one niece, two nephews and a sister.
THE STERLING GAZETTE, Sterling, Illinois, Roll #148 (Sterling Library)
August 9, 1924, 9;3
Funeral on Sunday
The funeral of the late Luther Dir will be held at the M. E. Church, Sunday, August 10, 2:00 p.m.

BIRTHS IN WHITESIDE COUNTY - Found on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co. http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/birthsg-i.html

HALSTEAD, Elizabeth Mary 16 Feb 1883 Elijah Lanabough Halstead Martha Ellen Dir
HALSTEAD, John Frank 30 Jan 1874 Elijah Lanabough Halstead Martha Ellen Dir
HALSTEAD, Lillian May 10 May 1871 Elijah Lanabough Halstead Martha Ellen Dir
HALSTEAD, Lorena 10 May 1869 Elijah Lanabough Halstead Martha Ellen Dir
HALSTEAD, Luther Thomas 26 Jul 1881 Elijah Lanabough Halstead Martha Ellen Dir
HALSTEAD, Margaret Ann 28 Aug 1878 Elijah Lanabough Halstead Martha Ellen Dir
HALSTEAD, Rolla Lester 28 Sep 1876 Elijah Lanabough Halstead Martha Ellen Dir
WHITESIDE COUNTY MARRIAGES – Transcribed on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside County http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/marriagea-f.html
John R Brown Martha E Halstead 04 Nov 1909
William H Childs Lorena J Halstead 22 Jan 1890
1890 TAX ROLL – WHITESIDE COUNTY – Transcribed on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/census1890taxha.html
SURNAME GIVEN Name Town Real Estate Personal Property Other person paid taxes
HALSTED E L Hahnaman Yes No None
HALSTEAD John Sterling Yes No None
HALSTEAD Martha Hahnaman No Yes None
HALSTEAD S W Hahnaman No Yes None
HALSTEAD William Montmorency Yes No Jonathan Banes
Whiteside County Marriages – Transcribed on Genealogy Trails http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/marriagen-s.htmlils/Whiteside Co.
Groom Bride Date of Marriage Certificate#
George H. Pfulb Ellen E. Dir 23 Dec 1896 #9618
Benjamin F. Pfulb Lenora V. Dir 18 Feb 1891 #8122
Henry Thome Nellie L. Dir 01 Nov 1894 #9077
Whiteside County Births transcribed on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co. - http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/birthsc-d.html
DIR, Arthur Leroy 21 Jan 1881 George Washington Dir Lydia Ann Johnson
DIR, Catherine Ann 05 Nov 1886 George Washington Dir Lydia Ann Johnson
DIR, Clara Florence 18 Jan 1895 Edson Monroe Dir Mattie Burton
DIR, Daisy Gay 04 Dec 1874 George Washington Dir Lydia Ann Johnson
DIR, Ellen Elizabeth 22 Oct 1877 George Washington Dir Lydia Ann Johnson
DIR, Eunice Minnie 29 Oct 1866 George Washington Dir Lydia Ann Johnson
DIR, George William 01 Nov 1867 George Washington Dir Lydia Ann Johnson
DIR, George 09 Jan 1907 Edson Monroe Dir Mattie Burton
DIR, Hattie Pearl 06 Oct 1884 George Washington Dir Lydia Ann Johnson
DIR, Howard 27 Nov 1900 Edson Monroe Dir Mattie Burton
DIR, Lauren Raymond 07 Jul 1910 Edson Monroe Dir Mattie Burton
DIR, Laverne 04 Sep 1904 Edson Monroe Dir Mattie Burton
DIR, Lelia 31 Jan 1895 William Dir Lillie
DIR, Nellie Lorette 02 Jun 1869 George Washington Dir Lydia Ann Johnson
DIR, Rose May 20 May 1889 George Washington Dir Lydia Ann Johnson
DIR, Sarah Amelia 21 Nov 1882 George Washington Dir Lydia Ann Johnson
WHITESIDE COUNTY CEMETERIES WITH DIR BURIALS – Transcribed on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co.
18268 Pennington Rd. (North of Sterling on Route 40)
Sterling, Whiteside Co. Illinois
DIR, Kathryn (Evans) 04 Oct 1936 06 Jul 2008 Daniel D. Dir William & Clara (Dravis) Evans
DIR, Donald Gene 12 Jan 1943 23 Apr 1943 Gene Howard & Dorothy E (Schultz) Dir, Jr
DIR, Dorothy E (Schultz) 1925 Gene Howard Dir, Jr
DIR, Gene Howard, Jr 24 Feb 1955 Dorothy E Schultz
DIR, Howard E 27 Nov 1900 25 Oct 1996 Marie L Foss
DIR, John H 27 Dec 1947 27 Dec 1947 Gene & Dorothy E (Schultz) Dir
DIR, Lauren Raymond 07 Jul 1910 15 Oct 1983
DIR, Marie L (Foss) 23 Mar 1904 29 Sep 1992 Howard E Dir
WHITESIDE COUNTY OBITUARIES – Transcribed on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co.
GEORGE WASHINGTON DIR , was born in Chambersburg, PA, Aug 4,1836, and died at his home in Hahnaman Twp May 4,1909, of complications of diseases. In his early years he came west with his parents and settled in Bureau, 111., where he grew to manhood. He was married to LYDIA A. JOHNSON on Dec 12,1865, and has resided in Hahnaman Twp from that time. They moved to their present home in 1868 which has been the birthplace of all but two of the family. The union was blessed with 13 children all of whom have grown to manhood and womanhood, and all of whom with their mother survive him. Brought up under the strict discipline of his father, the Rev. George Dir, he inherited the traits of Puritan character better described by the greatest of poets, Robert Burns, when he wrote, "An honest man's the noblest work of God." The children in the order of their ages are: Mrs. Minnie Gettle, Sterling; William of Nebraska; Mrs. Nelson Thome, Van Patten; Edson M. of Deer Grove; Mrs. Isabel Hubbard of Iowa; Mrs. Lenora Pfulb of Rock Falls; Mrs. Daisy G. Montgomery of Normandy; Mrs. Ellen E. Pfulb of Iowa; Arthur L. of Nebraska; Mrs. Amelia Bell of Van Patten; Mrs. Hattie Smith of Minnesota; Mrs. Cassie Woods of Minnesota; and Miss Rose M. of Chicago, all of whom but one attended the last rites. Besides these he leaves two sisters, Mrs. Cornelius of Montana and Mrs. E. Halsted of Rock Falls, and seven brothers, Samuel, John, Matson, Joseph, William, Isaac and Luther. For several years he has been an active and devoted member of the Christian Church of Tampico, with implicit trust in him who stilled the waves of Galilee. Sterling Gazette - 4 May 1909, submitted by Suanne Nesland
ALLEN J. GETTLE , Allen J. Gettle, 78, of Rock Falls, passed away in the Moline hospital Friday morning at 5 o'clock, after an illness of two years from a complication of diseases and infirmities of old age. The body was brought to the Melvin Funeral home and at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon will be removed to the home of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. And Mrs. David Little, 715 First Avenue, Rock Falls. Funeral rites will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:15 in the Little home and 2:30 in the Rock Falls Methodist Church, Rev. James R. Uhlinger officiating. Burial will be in Riverside Cemetery. Allen J. Gettle, son of Samuel and Barbara Zeiter Gettle, was born June 27, 1860 at Sterling. For 15 years he lived in Mason City, Iowa, and the remainder of his life was spent in this vicinity. Besides his widow, Mrs. Eunice M. Gettle, he leaves one daughter, Mrs. David Little of Rock Falls, Paul Gettle of Coleta and Earl and Aaron of California. One son, Charles W. Gettle, passed away in November 1930 and two daughters died in infancy. Three brothers preceded him in death, Samuel, Benjamin and John Gettle. A stepsister, Mrs. Clyde Bowlesby of Sterling, nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren also survive. Mr. Gettle was a farmer and a carpenter during his lifetime.
Friday Dec. 19, 1941
Allen J. Gettle, son of Samuel and Barbara Gettle, was born June 27, 1860, in Sterling, Ill, and passed away April 28, 1939, at the age of 78 years and 10 months. He was united in marriage to Minnie Dir on March 17, 1886. To this union seven children were born. One son, Charles W. Gettle, preceded him in death and two daughters died in infancy. With the exception of 15 years spent in Mason City, Iowa, he lived in this vicinity during his entire life. He is survived by his widow, Minnie, one daughter Evelyn, wife of David Little, and three sons, Paul of Coleta, Earl and Aaron, both of California, nine grandchildren, six great grandchildren, and a step-sister, Mrs. Clyde Bowlesby of Sterling. Three brothers, Samuel, Benjamin and John Gettle, preceded him in death.
Contributed by Sue Nesland - December 22, 1941 Gazette
MINNIE EUNICE (DIR) GETTLE , 715 First A venue, Rock Falls, slept away this morning at 6 at the Home Hospital of a complication of diseases from which she has been suffering for the past two months. She has been in the hospital for the past 19 days and was thought to be improved sufficiently to be returned home within a few days, when a sudden turn for the worse developed and resulted in her quietly passing away while asleep. The body was taken to the Melvin Funeral home, where the funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. Rev. James R. Uhlinger, pastor of the Rock Falls Methodist Church, of which she was a member, officiating. Internment will be in Riverside Cemetery. Mrs. Gettle was born in Deer Grove, Ill., October 29, 1866, the daughter of George W. and Lydia Ann Dir. She has been a resident of Rock Falls practically all her life. She was united in marriage to Allen J. Gettle, March 17, 1886. To this union seven children were born. Two sons and two daughters preceded her to the grave. The surviving children are Mrs. David (Evelyn) Little of Rock Falls, Paul Gettle of Coleta and Earl Gettle of Highland, Cal. Surviving also are six sisters, Mrs. Ellen Pfulb of Rock Falls; Mrs. Daisy Montgomery of Walnut; Mrs. Hattie Smith of Dawson, MN; Mrs. Cassie Woods of Dawson, MN; Miss Rose Dir of Kansas City, MO; and Mrs. Nellie Thome of Rock Falls. One brother, Arthur Dir of St. Joseph, MO, also survives, as do several grandchildren and great grandchildren. Two brothers and three sisters preceded her in death. Her husband passed away April 28, 1939.
From the Sterling Daily Gazette, Friday Dec 19, 1941 Mrs. Minnie Gettle Buried in Riverside Cemetery Sunday -- Funeral rites for Mrs. Minnie Gettle of Rock Falls, who passed away Friday morning at the Home hospital at Sterling, were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Melvin funeral home. Rev. J. R. Uhlinger, pastor of the Rock Falls Methodist church officiated, and internment was in the Riverside cemetery. Pallbearers were: Dan Sisson, Dale Burkey, Howard Dir, John Haverland, Arthur Berge, and Lowell Lewis. Herman Ottman sang "What a Friend we have in Jesus," and "Good Night Here, but Good Morning Up There," accompanied by Mrs. J. H. Linn at the organ. Those in charge of the flowers were Mrs. John Haverland, Mrs. Glen Oppfelt and Mrs. Robert Van Horne.
Submitted by Suannd Nesland, great grand-daughter
Hon. J. W. White Dies at His Home in Rock Island
Passed Away This Morning After Long Illness of Bright’s Disease.
Funeral Monday From Rock Ralls M. E. Church.
Remains to Be Brought Here Under Escort, the Knights Templar of Sterling to Have Charge of the Burial – Deceased Was One of the Most Prominent Men of Whiteside. Hon. J. W. White died this morning at 6:29 o’clock at his home in Rock Island . He had been ill of Bright’s disease for some time and had been treated in a Rock Island hospital till a few days ago when he was removed to his home. After returning to is home he improved some, but Thursday he failed rapidly and this morning passed away. He was a great sufferer, but was upheld by Christian grace and did not complain at his hard lot. The funeral services will be held in Rock Island Sunday afternoon and the remains will be brought to this city Monday morning on the 9:58 C. R. & Q. train. They will be taken from the Rock Falls depot to the Rock Falls Methodist church, where funeral services will be held at 10:30 o’clock in charge of Rev. C. A. Gage, pastor of the church. Music will be furnished by members of the church choir and after the church services, the burial will take place in the Rock Falls cemetery. The Knights Templar of this city will attend the funeral in a body and have charge of the burial. They will meet the train at the Rock Falls “Q” depot and will, in all probability, be led by the Sixth Regiment band. The remains will be accompanied from Rock Island by an escort from the M. W. A. of that place. John W. White, “one if the most prominent and highly respected men of this vicinity,” was born Oct. 7, 1852 in LaSalle county, Illinois . While yet quite young and soon after the death of his mother which occurred in 1854, his father moved his family to Hahnaman township, Whiteside county, and later to Tampico township, where he died in 1879. John W. was a member of his father’s family until 1875, working on the farm and attending the local public school. In 1875 he went to Minnesota and later to Iowa . He became a student of law with the legal firm of White & Varner of Adel, Dallas county, and read for his profession with them until 1877, when he came to this county again and began the practice of law in Tampico . He was admitted to the bar in Iowa in 1876 and in Illinois in 1878. He was very successful in his work and by strict honesty and uprightness soon won the respect and high esteem of all with whom he had business dealings. He was also successful financially and acquired by purchase some farm property and town property in Tampico . Mr. White was united in marriage April 7, 1883, in Rock Falls to Miss Lizzie Payson, daughter of Mrs. Mary Payson, who now resides in Rock Falls and who went to Rock Island on the morning train today, arriving there only a very short time after his death. One daughter and two sons were born to them, all of whom are living I Rock Island . They are Miss Bessie, Leo and Ralph. Mrs. White died in Rock Falls in 1898. Besides the children the deceased leaves the following to mourn his death: One brother, Adelbert White; two sisters, Mrs. Clara Spaulding and Mrs. Emma Dir, all of Western Kansas; Justin and Edson White, two half brothers who live in the west. It is thought that some of them will be here to attend the funeral. In practice, Mr. White was A Republican of a decided type. He held the office of supervisor for Tampico township for a number of terms and was also village attorney here for some time. He came to Rock Falls and with H. L. Sheldon, formed the law firm of White & Sheldon in 1893. This firm existed until his death. Mr. Sheldon managed the business during the last few years while Mr. White has been busy in Rock Island . He was a member of the state legislature four terms. He would probably have been elected to the congress after that had he not entered the head offices of the M. W. A. at Rock Island as director and later as head attorney which office he held till the time of his death. He has been for a member of years a prominent Mason and has served in many of the offices of the fraternity in Tampico and in Sterling . He was also a member of the Mystic Workers, the Court of Honor, the Royal Neighbors and the Maccabees. While a member of the state legislature, Mr. White was the chairman of the appropriations committee, one of the most important offices. He would undoubtedly have been chosen speaker of the house should he have returned another term, for he was one of the most influential members of the body. Above all of his other work and offices and honors, Mr. White placed his religion. He was a true Christian and an influential and faithful member of the Methodist church. He has always been deeply interested in the church and Sunday school work and many in Rock Falls and other places where he has lived and labored, have been greatly helped by his influence and interest in them. Mr. White lived and died a good honest, earnest Christian Man, and he has certainly laid up for himself treasures in heaven where he goes to enjoy the fruits of his labor.
Another Notice:
Funeral Services Will be Held In Methodist Church Monday Morning Conducted by the Rev. Mr. Gage. The Hon. John W. White who for many years was a respected citizen of Rock Falls died at his home in Rock Island this morning at 6:29 o’clock, after a long and painful illness of Bright’s disease of the kidneys. Mr. White has been in poor health for a year or more, but he has been confined to his bed for a period of only four weeks. He was taken ill while at his home, and his disorder became so serious that he was taken to the Rock Island hospital for treatment. He remained at this institution about three weeks, but the attendants there saw the he was receiving no benefit and that his case was hopeless and directed that he be taken back to his home. Though the deceased suffered intensely during his illness, his mind remained active until the very last. He employed a stenographer to say [sic] at his bedside, and up till yesterday he gave his personal attention to his law business. Last evening his condition took a decided change for the worse, and death came this morning at an early hour. There were with him at the tmie [sic] of his death his three children and Dr. Franc Morrill of Chicago who was called to attend him several days ago. The funeral services will be held at the family home in Rock Island Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock. The remains will then be brought to this city, arriving here in the 9:45 “Q” passenger Monday morning. They will be taken at once to Rock Falls . Funeral services will be held in the Rock Falls Methodist church Monday morning at 10:30 o’clock, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Gage, the pastor. The Sterling commandery [sic] Knights Templar, of which the deceased was a member, will attend the funeral in a body and conduct the services at the grave. R. L. Leitch is to have charge of the funeral music. The internment will take place in the Rock Falls cemetery. Mr. White was a man of the highest integrity and his death is sincerely mourned by hundreds of people in Sterling and Rock Island . He was a lawyer of a great deal more than the ordinary ability and his honest and careful methods won for him the confidence of a large clientage. He has been for many years a member of the Rock Falls Methodist church, and it can be truthfully said of him that he lived up to the precepts and rules of the church faithfully and to the best of his ability. He was an enthusiastic worker for his church and was actively interested in the church proper, the Epworth league and the Sunday school. His life was consistent and manly and the record he leaves behind him in this world is well worthy of the emulation of his friends. Since 1893 Mr. White has been the law partner of H. L. Sheldon of Rock Falls , the firm having for a time conducted offices in Tampico and Rock Falls . In 1894 he moved to Rock Falls and made his home there until about a year ago when he moved to Rock Island . He was three times elected to the state legislature, and his record as a lawmaker is excellent. For two years he was chairman of the committee on appropriations. It has been said of him by fellow legislatures that he was one of the most influential of the republicans in Springfield . Mr. White has been prominent in Woodmen affairs for the past fifteen years. He was elected a member of the head board of directors in 1890 and for several years was e chairman of the board. Four years ago he was made general attorney for the order, and in order to be near the head office he moved to Rock Island two years ago. He but recently completed a handsome new home in that city. He was taken ill soon after moving into it, and by his death he is deprived of the many delights of one of the finest residences in that city. The deceased is survived by three children, Bessie, Leo and Ralph, all of whom lived at home. He also leaves one brother, A. Z. White of Tampico ; two sisters, Mrs. Clara Spalding and Mrs. Emma Dir of northwestern Kansas ; two half brothers, Justin White of Iowa and Edson White of Iowa City , Ia. Mrs. Payson of Rock Falls , mother-in-law of the deceased, went to Rock
Another Notice: Hon J. W. White is Dead. Former Rock Falls Attorney Passes Away Today. Funeral Services Will be Held in the Rock Falls Methodist Church Monday Morning, Conducted by the Rev. Mr. Gage, the Pastor – The Remains Will be Brought Here From Rock Island on the “Q” passenger Monday Morning Island this morning, and Mr. White’s law partner, H. L. Sheldon, left for that place this noon. Both will return with the remains Monday morning. Mr. White was born in La Salle county, Ill. , Oct. 7, 1852. He lived with his father’s family until 1875, working on the farm and attending school. In that year he went to Minnesota and then to Iowa . He became a student of law with the legal firm of White & Varner where he read until 1877. In that year he came to Tampico and established his practice. From the start he was successful, and at the time of his death he was considered one of the ablest lawyers in this part of the state. The deceased was married April 7, 1883 at Rock Falls to Miss Lizzie Payson, who died in Rock Falls in 1893.
Contributed by Chuck Rodekohr - The Sterling Standard 11 March 1904
Also in the Sterling Evening Gazette, 11 Mar. 1904, p. 1, c. 1
WHITESIDE COUNTY INDEX FOR OBITUARIES – “D” (Found on Genealogy TrailsWhiteside Co.)
Tampico Memorial Cemetery as listed on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside County
DIR, Catherine Ann Rachel (Hackett) 07 Dec 1851 Luther Thomas Dir
3 Apr 1873 Bureau Co Ziba and Elizabeth (Myers) Hackett
DIR, George Washington
Headstone Photo 04 Aug 1836 04 May 1909 Lydia Ann Johnson
DIR, Luther Thomas 04 Jan 1849 06 Aug 1924 Catherine Ann Rachel Hackett George and Elizabeth (Matson) Dir DIR, Lydia Ann (Johnson)
Headstone Photo 15 May 1846 15 Feb 1923 George Washington Dir
m 12 Dec 1865
DIR, Sarah (Hackett) 16 Nov 1845 12 Oct 1882 William G. Dir
m 30 Jun 1861 Bureau Co Ziba and Elizabeth (Myers) Hackett
DIR, William G. 16 Oct 1840 02 May 1921 Sarah Hacket
GEORGE WASHINGTON DIR FAMILY PHOTOGRAPH– Found on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co.
http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/familydir. html
Lauran Dir mentioned in history of Deer Grove/Hahnaman Twp on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Col
http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/citydeergrove.html (Use control+F key to find Dir)
Harriet Ann (Love) Craddock mentions Dir In her memoirs on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co.
http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/citydeergrove.html (use your control+F key to find Dir)
RIVERSIDE CEMETERY – PROPHETSTOWN – Transcribed on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co.
GETTLE, Charles W.
Headstone Photo 25 Apr 1887 26 Nov 1930 Louise M. Pfulb Allen & Minnie (Dir) Gettle
GETTLE, Eunice (Dir)
Headstone Photo 29 Oct 1866 19 Dec 1941 Allen J. Gettle George & Lydia (Johnson) Dir
Pflub-Gettle Family Photos – found on Genealogy Trails
Tampico Memorial Cemetery - Photo of Geo. Dir headstone (found on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co.
Riverside Cemetery – Prophetstown, IL – Photo of Phlub-Gettle Headstones as found on Genealogy Trails/Whiteside Co. http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/cemriversidephoto2.html

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From DIR Family
Inscripiton reads:
"Sleep father dear and take your rest. God called you home, he thought best. Twas hard indeed to part with thee, but Christ’s strong arm supported me."

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Nov 20, 2010
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Richard Cox, of Abeline, TX, visited the TAHS Fam. Hist. Library/Research Center on Nov. 8. I later sent him on to the Bureau County Genealogical Society. Our communications:
Hello Richard,
Were you able to make it to Bureau County Genealogical Society? If so, did they have an obit for George W? I went out and cleaned the stone today. I'm waiting for it to dry so I can make a rubbing. But, after cleaning it, you can read it much better. I do think you are correct about the date of death being 1878. I'll try to scan the rubbing when I am finished.

Geo. Dir was listed on the 1872 & 1875 plat maps. I have scanned the maps and will email.

In the 1872 Plat map, G. W. Dir is on the Plat map in Hahnaman Twp. (Whiteside County), Section 16 in the SW area of that section - 60a. His neighbor in the NW section of 16 is Wm. Halstead - 80a
Link to Hahnaman/Deer Grove 1872 Plat Map: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/ZoSMifu-ri7_DRCxn7hxvQ?feat=directlink Click on the magnifying glass in upper right corner to enlarge and pan the map. Here is another view of Hahnaman, 1872. See Section 16. http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/W49RG4EI490QVk3WWD4RIQ?feat=directlink These maps were already online in our Picasa Photo Album/Maps & Atlases.

In the 1875 Plat map for Fairfield Twp., Bureau County, G. Dir is found in Section 10 (SW quad.), 160a.
In the 1875 Plat map for Fairfield Twp., Bureau Co., W. G. Dir is found in S10 (West Central), 80a. (abuts Brown School)
I had to leave the historical society before I could complete this transmittal. Unfortunately, I have managed to break my ankle and cannot navigate too well yet. As soon as I am ambulatory again, I will send these maps off to you, as well as the rubbing on Geo. & Eliz. stone.

Here is a link to the online map of 1872 Whiteside County. http://picasaweb.google.com/TampicoHistoricalSociety/MapsAtlases# click on photo to enlarge. After you open album, click on individual photo. You will see a magnifying glass in upper right corner. Click on it to enlarge and pan photo. You can also leave a comment/correction under the photos.

Here is his email:


Yes,we made it to the Bureau County Genealogical Society office. As a friend of mine likes to say,we hit the "mother lode." I worked until 3 on Monday and we changed our motel reservations so I could come back for another two hours on Tuesday morning. We found the property maps you refer to and numerous items about various Dirs, including the
Glenn Dir you referred to in an earlier email. Perhaps the most valuable to me was a list of Dirs from this area who fought in the Civil War. One was my grandfather John. The only one I have any info on so far is yours on Joseph Dir. I also went to the county recorder and got official copies of John and Sarah Dir's marriage license/certificate.

When we left there on Tuesday, we went to Elgin to the Church of the Brethren archives and found some astonishing things. They have a picture of the Rosepine LA church my grandfather reportedly gave land for. They also have minutes from church meetings in the mid-twenties listing several members of both my father's and mother's families as charter members of the church, as well as reporting on a committee both parents served on. It was spooky sitting in a suburb of Chicago reading things about my own parents in Louisiana from 85 years ago.

We will return to Texas Monday and to Abilene Wednesday. When I get a chance, I will look through the Dir material from Princeton to see if there's anything significant I forgot to tell you.

Thanks again for the Bureau County lead and the wonderful links you have alerted me to. It was great to meet you. I look forward to the results of your cemetery efforts.


(Contact Denise if you would like to contact Richard regarding the Dir families)

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