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October Entries on TAHS web site

Nov 11, 2004


10/01/04 - Added original article w/photo of interior of
the First Nat'l Bank from the Tampico Tornado, Friday, Feb.
4, 1910. Access from Tampico Tornado News Articles on front
page menu
10/01/04 - Added Bio on Abraham H. Follett of Henry Co.,
IL. Access via History & Biography menu/Biographies.
10/03/04 - Added Bio on Isaac Body, access via
"biographies" on home page menu.
10/06/04 - Added link to Bill # HR 10. As part of the
Homeland Security, there is a big push by the government to
limit access to birth certificates. I have been telling my
"clients" and readers for over a year to get those
documents while you can! Access from Bio & History menu -
Homeland Security HR 10. Thanks to TAHS president Ann
Martin for passing this along.
10/09/04 - Added offsite link to HY&T. Access on page two
of HY&T (History/Bio menu on front page)
10/09/04 - Obit - Mrs. Henry Curran. Access from main menu
10/09/04 - Added "Executor's Notice" for the estate of
George W. Dir Access from main menu - Articles . . .
10/09/04 - OBIT - John R. Howlett, Jr., 1905. Access from
main menu - Obits
10/09/04 - Glassburn-Forward marriage, 1905. Access from
main menu - Marriages.
10/10/04 - Added link to obit for Mrs. Wm Rowe. Access from
main menu/Obits
10/11/04 - We have been blessed with a copy of the February
4, 1910 "Special Boom Edition" of the Tampico Tornado
Newspaper from the Mildred Arnold estate. This special
edition included photos, articles and histories of the
businesses and people of the town in 1910. I have started
with an article on Albert Ferris and Wm. J. Love. Please
continue to check this page often as I hurry to transcribe
it in it's entirety.
10/11/04 - Added photos of J.W. and Olive (Johnston)
Glassburn - "The Father and Mother" of Tampico. This is a
nice close-up photo.....incase you are trying to see any
family resemblance! :>) Access in the Glassburn Photo
Album from main menu.
10/14/04 - Updated infor on the HR 10 Bill. Access from
Main Menu on home page "Bio & History"
10/15/04 - Added another transcription from the 1910
Tornado - B.D. Greenman, druggist and R.D Davis, Harness
maker. Access from main menu/home page. This is in pdf
format and you will need Adobe Reader (free) to access it.
10/15/04 - Added O.D. Olsson photo and article from the
Tampcio Tornado 1910 newspaper. Access from main menu.
10/15/04 - Added BIO on Rufus Aldrich. Access via main
10/15/04 - Added additional information regarding the
funeral of John Howlett. This was printed in the next
edition of the Tampico Tornado. I included it on the same
page of the Obit. Access from main menu.Obits cont'd
10/15/04 - OBIT - Olive Johnston Glassburn. Access from
main menu- Obits
10/16/04 - Tampico Tornado article on T.O. Steadman having
a stroke. Access from main menu/Tampico Tornado Articles in
Biog/History menu.
10/16/04 - Marriage of Rhoda Lyon and Stewart Olmstead
Access via Marriage from main menu on home page.
10/16/04 - 1905 article ROAD PROJECT "NO GO" regarding
Wesley Foy
10/16/04 - 1905 article on pending marriage of Georgia La
Due and Ralph Glassburn. Access main menu/Tampico Tornado
10/16/04 - 1905 article on E.C. Bollenbach renting his
blacksmith shop to James Hepburn. Access main menu/Tampico
Tornado Articles
10/16/04 - 1905 article on sale of several farms in area.
Surnames include Baker, Berge, Smith, Pletsch, Engel,
Broer, Emmon and Foy
10/16/04 - Chas. Burden contests his father's last will!
From the 1910 Special Boom Edition of the Tampico Tornado.
10/16/04 - 1910 "Boom Edition" of Tampico Tornado. Dr.
W.C. Rose wrote an article about Tampico, her people,
history and businesses.
10/16/04 - Tracy Denison accidentally shoots himself! 1910
Special Boom Edition of Tampico Tornado.
10/16/04 - 1910 Tampico Tornado Article - The Foy family
10/16/04 - 1910 Tampico Tornado Article - Howard Metcalf
Breaks Leg
10/16/04 - 1910 Tampico Tornado - Miscellaneous "tid-bit"
articles. A plethora of surnames mentioned.
10/16/04 - 1910 Tampico Tornado article on the W.H.
Harrison Company. This building is now the home of the
Tampico Area Historical Society & Museum
10/16/04 - 1910 Tampico Tornado article on E. W. Meredith -
City Market
10/16/04 1910 Tampico Tornado article on The Pitney House
(the only completely heated hotel in town!)
10/17/04 - OBIT - George Wroten Access from Main
10/17/04 OBIT - Nathan Meek Access from Main Menu/OBITS
10/17/04 - Miscellaneous Tampico Tornado Articles
transcribed by Les Niemi. Access from main menu/Tampico
Tornado Articles. Renner and Dow are two of the many
surnames mentioned in articles.
10/18/04 Miscellaneous Tamapico Tornado Articles on the
Burke Family, transcribed by Les Niemi. Access Main
menu/Tampico Tornadao Articles
10/18/04 - OBIT - Mrs. Peter Burke. Access via main
10/22/04 - Agenda for October 25 Village Meeting
10/18-19 - OBITS added: Horace Cole, Eliz. Ruck Howlett,
John Scott. Access from main menu/OBITS
10/21-23 - BIOs added: Rev. Cephas Hurless, James Winters,
Harrison Burch. Access from main menu/Biographies
10/16-18- MARRIAGES added: Aldrich-Eckdahl,
Teach-Eckdahl, Reeve-Dunn, Baldwin-Jones, Renner-Dow,
Announcement: LaRue-Glassburn, Rhoda Lyons Lyon. Access via
main menu/Marriages
QUINCY....Transcribed James Shingleton. Access from main
menu -IL S&S Home....

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