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Newsletters > TAHS new entries for November, 2004
TAHS new entries for November, 2004

Dec 1, 2004

This is one of the best months we have had for
contributions! Many thanks to Vivian Gudgell, Connie Essig
and Richard Hinton for all they have shared. Don’t miss the
Yorktown Photo Album - not only are there some wonderful
new pictures, but Vivian has also added a “memoir” written
by her husband, Lyle, giving us a snapshot of a
day-in-the-life of a young boy living in Yorktown in the
mid 20's. You’ll find this in the Yorktown Photo Album,
fourth row/third picture.
Connie Essig, a McKenzie descendant, has mastered the art
of “scanning” and has been on a roll digging through her
treasure box of photos and documents and submitting them to
Richard Hinton is our “Yorktown Guru” and I don’t know what
I would do without him. He and his wife April continue to
receive many Kudos for their revival/re-opening of the
Yorktown General Store.
I would love to find some people that have a history in the
Deer Grove area. We have very little new information on
that area and the families that hailed from there. Please
contact me if you know of someone that may be interested in
sharing some of their history.
I have “tweeked” the Home Page of the site, in an effort to
make it easier to navigate and find what you are looking
for. Suggestions are always welcome. When I am not on the
web site, you can usually find me perusing Ebay! I have
purchased more CDs with pertinent historical information.
A personal quest of mine is photos and history on
businesses/buildings in Tampico from any/all eras. A
secondary project is photos of homes in Tampico and their
The new entries for the month of November listed in this
e-newsletter can also be found on site in the “What’s New”?
Section (tab at top of page). I leave the prior month
posted for a few days because the entries are
“hyper-linked” so you can click on it and go directly to
the new entry. Unfortunately, the email version does not
allow for the hyper-link.
Thank you all very much.
Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season,
Denise McLoughlin
Tampico Area Historical Society

New entries for this month

I have been so busy transcribing this month, that I haven't
had time to post all of the new entries to this list. There
are many new Biographies as well as several new
transcriptions for the IL Soldier's & Sailor's Home. You
will need to scroll through the index on the IL Soldier's &
Sailors's Home At Quincy web page. The bold, highlighted
(colored) names have been transcribed. Simply click on that
name to see the transcription.
11/11/04 - Vivian Gudgell has submitted some wonderful
photos of Yorktown, including one of Doc Weber. Access via
Main Menu/Photo Albums/Yorktown
11/11/04 - "Connie," the ggg/daughter of Oliver McKenzie
has posted on the message board with some information on
the family line and the Yorktown General Store. Access via
Main Menu/Message Board - Yorktown General Store and
11/11/04 - I have added a membership application for the
Tampico Historical Society. You can access it from the
"membership application tab" located at the top of each
page or scroll to bottom of Home page (flashing "new"
icon). Print it out and submit to address listed on bottom
of application. Membership and donations are what keep this
web site free to the public and it is our only means of
support for the Historical Society & Museum.
11/12/04 - Richard Hinton has graciously loaned me his copy
of an 1892 Bureau County Plat map. I have posted Fairfield
Twp. and Greenville Twp in the Maps/Atlases section of
site. These maps will not be displayed in the photo line-up
due to their quality being compromised when shrinking them
to a manageable size. You will need to scroll to the bottom
of the page where you will see "click here" for each map.
This will open in pdf format. You can then enlarge it to
actual size via the %-actual size menu at top of page. Many
of the early Tampico people came here from these townships.
These are large files, so it may take a moment to upload.
11/16/04 - BIO - Philip Shugart Access Main
Menu/Biographical Record of Bureau, Marshall & Putnam
Counties, IL. Scroll through index and click on name.
11/16/04 - BIO - Oliver Wells McKenzie. Access Main
11/14/04 - BIO - Benjamin F. Dow Access Main
11/17/04 - I am in the process of revamping the HOME PAGE,
so bare with me for a few days! Hopefully, it will make it
easier for you to find everything. Be sure to scroll to the
bottom of the page to see complete menu! And check out our
"counter" to see how many people visit this site (located
at the very bottom of page).!
11/17/04 - Transcribed more entries on the WHITESIDE
11/19/04 - Added photos submitted by Connie Essig for
Oliver McKenzie and wife, Emily Dow.Access via Family Photo
Albums/McKenzie. Also edited the bio on Oliver McKenzie by
adding two photos on the bio page. Access via Biographies.
11/19/04 - Transcribed 2 of the 4 BOOTH families in the
Past and Present of Bureau County
11/19/04 - Added new catagory to Main Menu on Home Page.
"Area Accomodations & Attractions"
11/21/04 - Added map and info on Military Tracts in IL -
Bounty for Volunteer Soliers in War of 1812.
11/21/04 - Added "Reminisces of Bureau County - 1872"
Access Main Menu
I have been doing a lot of transcriptions this month and I
know I have forgotten to list all of them on this page.
Please use the "site-search" at bottom of Home Page to see
if your surname has been transcribed. Or peruse the various
County Indexes to see if your name has been highlighted.
Not all "biographies" are listed in the "BIOGRAPHY"
section. Most are linked from the County Index pages.
Connie Essig has contributed some wonderful family photos
of the McKenzie family. Access Main Menu/Index to Family
Photo Albums/McKenzie
11/22104 - Transcriptions: Levi D. Baldwin, Sherman G.
Baldwin, Orson G. Baldwin, Robert Boal, M.D., Albert Boal
11/24/04 - Added INDEX TO DIRECTORIES to main menu. First
entry is the "key" to symbols used in directory of Tampico
Merchants, 1914.
11/26/04 - Bios: Frederick Wahl, William Wahl
11/26/04 - Added photo album for WINTER family submitted by
Cindy Leister. Access via Photo Albums/Index to Family
Photo Albums/Winter Family. Added Descendants of Samuel
Winter gen chart in Family Histories in pdf format. These
are large files and may take a minute to upload.
11/27/04 - Bureau County Bios: Frank C. Thackaberry, Newton
Booth, Collin Booth
11/29/04 - Connie Essig has submitted a beautiful
hand-drawn, pen & ink drawing of her McKenzie Family Tree.
Access Main Menu/Family Histories on this site
11/29/04 - Another photo from C. Essig - Yorktown General
Store. Access Main Menu/Photo Albums/Yorktown
11/29/04 - HY&T Stock Certificate, submitted by Connie
Essig. Access Main Menu/Photo Albums/HY&T-Trains. Also
submitted by Connie is a photo of the Tampico Hardware
Store on Main Street. Access Main Menu/Photo
11/30/04 - BIO, Rufus Aldrich, Whiteside County; Thomas
Burke, Whiteside County; Thomas J. Burk, Whiteside County;
12/01/04 - Transcribed "Voters & Taxpayers Directory -
1877, Fairfield Twp, Bureau Co. Access Main
Menu/Counties/Bureau Co.

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