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Newsletters > December 2004 New Entries on website
December 2004 New Entries on website

Jan 2, 2005


Andrew J. Wheelock (Whiteside Co.)
Samuel L. Wheelock (Whiteside Co.)
Dr. A.C. Smith - Les Niemi has contributed Tampico Tornado
articles on Dr. Smith, which I added to his bio
Thomas Conboy (Whiteside Co.)
James H. Booth (Whiteside Co.)
Adoniram Judson Booth (Whiteside Co.)
George W. McDonald (Bureau Co.)
John B. Hughes (Whiteside Co.)
John H. Weber (Bureau Co.)
J. C. Nichols (Henry Co.)
Richard Payne (Henry Co.)
Abram Miller (Henry Co.)
William Miller (Henry Co.)
Henry Co. Misc. Sketches 1885. These are sketches/bio's
listed in the Portrait & Biographical Album of Henry Co.,
1885 with very little information on the people. I have
combined them on one page. (Henry Co.)
Wayne Cooper, Fire Chief, a biographical poem, submitted by
Bob Johnson (Biographies)
Daniel D. Dow - includes lithograph (Bureau/Marshall/Putnam
Washington Thomas, 1896 (Bureau/Marshall/Putnam Co.s)
William C. Booth 1885 (Whiteside Co.)
William A. Booth 1885 (Whiteside)
Chester S. Sly 1885 (Whiteside)
Gsell Family - David, John & Wm. 1885 (Whiteside Co.)
Philip Nice 1885 (Whiteside Co.)
Griffin W. Wilson 1885 (Whiteside Co.)
James Newcomer 1885 (Whiteside Co.)
Nels & William Nelson (Swedes in IL)
Henry L. Angell (Henry County)

Photo of Pig Alley, Tampico, submitted by Connie Essig.
(Photo Albums/People-Place-Things)
Benj DOW family c. 1897, submitted by Les Niemi (Family
Photo Albums)
Louis C. Foy, 1905, submitted by Heydon Buchanan (Family
Photo Albums)
Invitation to 1907 Class of Ungraded Schools in W/S county,
submitted by Dianne Brown (Photo Albums/Schools)
Note from Dr. Weber of Yorktown to Mrs. McKenzie (Photo
Albums/McKenzie; Photo Albums/People) Submitted by Connie
Yorktown General Store - aka: Hotel El Capitan? Submitted
by Richard Hinton (Photo Albums/Yorktown)
James Harrison Booth, submitted by Howard Booth (Photo
Albums/Family Albums/Booth)
Milo Booth-son of J.H., submitted by Howard Booth (Photo
Albums/Family Albums/Booth)
Binginhimer & Higginbotham, submitted by Jim Williams
(Photo Albums/People-Places-Things/Military)
Tampico Tornado 1910 Photo Album (Photo Albums/Tampico
Tornado 1910)
R. H. McKenzie, from the Feb. 4. 1910 edition of the
Tampico Tornado (Posted in the McKenzie Family Photo Album
and the Tampico Tornado Photo Album)
New Photo Album - Hennepin Canal
Johnson School c1918, submitted by Vivian Gudgell (Photo
Refurbishing of the HY&T model train/float, submitted by
Tim McLoughlin (Photo Albums/HY&T)
New Photo Album - Tampico Tornado Advertisements - all
years (Photo Albums/People-Places-Things)
Hogeboom - Kedzie Marriage Certificate 1867, submitted by
Les Niemi (Photo Album Index to Families-Dow Family; also
in the new Hogeboom Family Photo Album - see index to
Family Photo Albums) Note: The Dow Family Photo Album
includes surnames: Dow, Jones, Scott & Shere

John Blecker (Burley Joe) and "Mack" (McKenzie) at Denrock
Station 1890's (posted in 2 photo albums, 1: Photo
Albums/Index to Families/McKenzie and 2: Photo
Albums/Peope-Places-Things/Tampico Tornado - all years),
submitted by Les Niemi
Dorritt Hat Shoppe, Sterling - submitted by Les Niemi
(Photo Albums/Index to Family Albums/Hogeboom)
New Photo Album - Thomas, IL (Photo Albums)
Store & Post Office, Thomas, IL, Submitted by Vivian
Gudgell (Photo Album/Thomas, IL)
NEW Family Photo Album for HOGEBOOM Family (Photo
Albums/Index to Family photo albums)
Fairfield Center School ca 1901, submitted by Les Niemi
(Photo Albums/Tampico Tornado 1910; also in Hogboom Family
Lunch Counter Ticket, submitted by Les Niemi (Photo
Albums/Index to Family Albums/Hogeboom)
Hogeboom Hotel & Lunch Card, submitted by Les Niemi (Photo
Albums/Index to Family Albums/Hogeboom)
Dow Judgement 1867 re: property where Yorktown General
Store is now, submitted by Les Niemi (Photo Albums/Index to
Family Albums/Dow; also in Yorktown Photo Album)
Lauer and Durell Dow, submitted by Les Niemi (Photo
Album/Index to Family Photo Albums/Dow)
James Hogeboom, submitted by Les Niemi (Photo Album/Index
to Family Photo Albums/Hogeboom)
Minnie Hogeboom McWhorter, submitted by Les Niemi (Hogeboom
Family Album)
John N. & Anna W. Hogeboom ca 1911, submitted by Les Niemi
(Hogeboom Family Photo Album)
Fanny (nee Whitman) Hogeboom, submitted by Les Niemi,
(Family Photo Album/Hogeboom)
Four Generations of Hogeboom Family, submitted by Les Niemi
(Family Photo Album/Hogeboom)
Hogeboom - Blecker marraige certificate, submitted by Les
Niemi (Family Photo Album/Hogeboom)
Rev. Neta Watts & Lillian Jensen, submitted by Bob Johnson
(Photo Album/Thomas, IL)
Origianal Thomas School - ca 1890s, submitted by Bob
Johnson (Photo Album/Thomas, IL)
New Bedford Creamery, submitted by Bob Johnson (Photo
Album/Bureau Co./New Bedford)
Perry Heller, Yorktown Barber, submitted by Vivian Gudgell
(Photo Albums/Yorktown)
Washington Thomas, of Thomas IL, submitted by Vivian
Gudgell (Photo Album/Thomas, IL)
Sarah Bennett Thomas, submitted by Vivian Gudgell(Photo
Albums/Thomas, IL)
Thomas Public School Roster, 1906 - Submitted by Vivian
Gudgell (Photo Albums/Thomas, IL)
Post Card from Hogeboom to Thomas 1908- Submitted by V.
Gudgell (Thomas, IL Photo Album

Preface to the 1867 Plat Map by N. Matson - includes photo
of author (I know, who reads the "Preface," but the fifth
paragraph is a bit comical - wish he would have written the
"spicey" stuff mentioned!)
1867 Plat Map of Fairfield Twp, Bureau Co. Includes
history. Submitted by Bob Johnson (Maps & Atlases)
1867 Plat Map of Greenville, Bureau Co. Includes history.
Submitted by Bob Johnson (Maps & Atlases)
1875 Greenville Twp, submitted by Vivian Gudgell (Maps &
1875 Concord Twp., Bureau Co. map, submitted by V. Gudgell
(Maps & Atlases)
1875 Fairfield Twp, Bureau Co. map, submitted by V. Gudgell
(Maps & Atlases)

Index to Maps & History of Bureau Co., 1867 - includes 1836
info, submitted by Bob Johnson (Counties/Bureau)
Transcribed the Voters & Taxpayers Directory of Bureau
County - Greenville Township, 1877 (Counties/Bureau)
Civil Government, Whiteside County Historical Information,
1885 (Counties/Whiteside)
Acts of the County Commissioners - Whiteside Co. Historical
Information, 1885 (Counties/Whiteside)
1914 Merchants Directory - Bureau County (Counties/Bureau)

Swedes in Illinois - 1908

C.W. Foy 1928 Obit, submitted by Dianne Brown(Obits)
Horace F. Snitchler
Rev. John G. Armstrong (memorial service notation,
extracted from 1910 Tampico Tornado
Jacob Hein 1893, submitted by Pat Casey (Obits)
Sandra Hicks - 2004 (Obits)
Washington Thomas 1908, transcribed & submitted by Vivian

History of Thomas, IL - written 1996 by Andrea Blackert,
submitted by Bob Johnson(History & Biographies/Index to
Thomas, IL)
Thomas, IL Reunion Stats in pdf, submitted by Bob Johnson.
Note: Search engines will not pick up text/surnames in pdf
or jpg formats.(History & Biographies/Thomas, IL)

Update on the Family History Library/Research Center
(Message Board - Dec. 16 entry)
Added a "thank you" page for Contributions
News Article on the TAHS and this web site, Dec. 20, 2004,
Daily Gazette (I have rescanned it to make it more
McDonald's Funeral Home website for obits (Links section of
our site) off-site link
1910 postcard to Mrs. Henry Roseling, Thomas, IL -
submitted by Bob Johnson (Photo Albums/Thomas, IL)
1904 Tampico Tornado Articles - New Bedford, submitted by
Les Niemi
Tampico Tornado Articles - "Sodtown" aka: Thomas, IL,
submitted by Les Niemi
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