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Newsletters > Correction to TAHS November Update Newsletter
Correction to TAHS November Update Newsletter

Dec 3, 2005

Hello again,
There seems to be some kind of "glitch" in the system. When
I received my copy of the November Updates for the Tampico
Area Historical Society website, it completely garbled the
fourth paragraph. I don't know why, since it is not that
way on the master copy. Anyway, I felt the information was
important enough to resend that portion of the newsletter.
It references the ILTrails website, which can be a good
cross-reference of information on your Whiteside research.
It should read as follows:

"You can access the IL Trails home page
http://www.iltrails.org/ and select any county from the
menu list on the left side of page. Chris Walters does a
marvelous job for the Whiteside Co. pages. She also lists
some biographies that I have not had time to post to our
site yet as well as articles from the Sterling Gazette,
which I have limited access to at this time. Most of our
"news" info comes from the Tampico Tornado Newspapers
which are archived at our musem. We have recently acquired
original copies of 1876-1880 and 1882 - even the State
archives do not have these copies!"

I sure hope this transmits properly
Tampico Area Historical Society

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