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TAHS Website Updates for Oct. 2006

Nov 2, 2006

What an awesome month we have had - I cannot thank all of
you enough for your contributions. It is your generous
contributions that make our site what it is - AWESOME! No
"tricks" but lots of "treats" this month!

For a direct link to each individual entry, please go to
our "What's New"? Page -

November 11, 2006 - 11:00 a.m. Tampico American Legion
Veteran's Day tribute in Reagan Park.
November 11, 2006 - 11:00-4:00 "Giving Tree" Auctions in
Community Building. Proceeds go to our area families and
children. Bid on decorated Christmas Trees, Wreaths and
other seasonal items. Tree skirt and stocking contest.
Bring your hand-made tree-skirt or stocking for judging.
Contact Shirly Lester or Joan Johnson for more information.

Dorothy (Neill) McCreedy 1959 - Submitted by Dorrie Simon
Lawrence Harrington - 1920
Evelyn C. Glassburn - 1920
B. S. Sweet 1920 (I fixed this broken link!)
Millie (Shirk) Pierce 1920
Emmitt Hogeboom 1923
A. J. Glassburn 1923
John Whittington 1923 An old settler of Fairfield, Bureau
William J. McCreedy 1934 - Submitted by Dorrie Simon
James Renner 1918 - Submitted by Les Niemi
Artice A. McKenzie 1923
Irma Green 1883 - infant
Heinbaugh 1883 - infant
Lilliebell Wroten 1883
Willard S. Ellison 1907 - Submitted by David Ellison
Alice (nee Heberliing) Ellison - Submitted by David Ellsion
Keith Newman 2006
Darlene (Yonk) Hartz 2006
Ron Mulnix 2006
Aleck Soderberg 1941 - Submitted by Bob Johnson
Esther Soderberg 1965- Submitted by Bob Johnson
Dana Belle (nee Powell) Johnson McDonald 1979 - Submitted
by Bob Johnson
Tommy Kent Johnson 1970 - Submitted by Bob Johnson
Gertrude (nee Braasch) Johnson 1984 - submitted by Bob
Frank Everett Heintzelman (infant) 1918
James Davis 1902
Mary A. (nee Sanders) Thompson 1911
John "Jack" Shere 1950, Submitted by Lynn & Craig Kolb
Linne Shere 1966, Submitted by Lynn & Craig Kolb
Alfred Soderberg 1938, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Mary F. (Stewart) Pope 1930, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Peter C. Johnson 1964, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Lester E. Johnson 1963, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Peter Johnson 1985, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Janice (nee Johnson) Cooper 1985, Submitted by Bob Johnson
John D. McKenzie, Jr. 2006
Robert Meyer 2006

Asa Rockenfield - requested by Jane Kingery
Charles E. Minor (Miner) - Requested by Pat Maher

1920 - Bank to Have New Quarters
(Methodist Church) Men's Club Organized 1920
Real Estate Transfers 1920 (Oct. 8, 2006: I have added to
this list, I didn't realize it was cont'd on another page!)
WWI Soldier's Letter - McKenzie to Foy, Submitted by Les
1876, June 8 - Tampico Tornado General News
1876, June 15 - Tampico Tornado General News
1883 Card of Thanks from A. & J. GRAY
History of St. John's Catholic Church in Walnut, IL - Photo
supplied by Fran Day, Walnut, IL
Yorktown Store & Residence Sold - 1918
1904 - Big Prairie Fire South of Thomas
1904 - Green River Acqueduct is Completed
1904 - Shredder Cuts Arm Off (Robert Collins)
1904 - Tampico Foot Ball Team is Alright
1904 - Hog Cholera Raging in This Vicinity
1904 - R. H. McKenzie Sells Out Business
1904 - Farewell Party for Mr. and Mrs. George Howlett
1904 - J. M Jacobs Building Probably Largest Silo in County
1904 - Father Weber Leaves (Catholic Church)

Shere, Linnie A
Thompson Alexander & Sanders Mary
Hiddleson Family (fixed broken link)
West Jordan Lutheran Church, Sterling, IL
Foytown Cemetery
McKenzie in Costa Rica
Jacobs Photo Album - Nellie Jacobs - Hein & Cain
History of Co's I & E, 6th Reg. Book
Wanted: IL Highway info/facts/tales (for book)
Obit for L. T. Johnson 1878
Wicks Family in Bureau Co.

Rev. George W. Perry (Whiteside/1885) - Requested by Sandy
Thompson Bollhorst
John H. Moyers (Whiteside/1885) - Requested by Sandy
Thompson Bollhorst
Lewis Wetzel (Whiteside/1885)
Samuel Landis (Whiteside/1885)
Adam Horlacher (Whiteside/1885) - Requested by Kathy
Godfried Horlacher (Whiteside/1885) - Requested by Kathy
John H. Sharer (Whiteside/1908) Photo added Oct 16, 2006
Requested by Deb Scherdin
Tracy Reeve (Bureau Co./1885) Requested by Vicky Sheldon
Miletus S. Heaton - Whiteside 1908, requested by Derek S

Renner - Cantrell 1923
Elmdorf - Scott 1883
Remington - Smith 1883
Dow - Greenman 1904
Buckley - Drew 1904
Miller - Adams 1904

McCREEDY - Added more photos to McCreedy Family album which
include the Wm. Neill family - submitted by Dorrie Simon
Ellison Family Photo Album
Elvira Hogeboom to the HOGEBOOM FAMILY ALBUM - Submitted by
Les Niemi
The "Mystery Photo Post Card of a Church" has been
identified and confirmd!
New Album! - Jacobs Family Album
New Album! Whipple Family Album - Submitted by Richard
Linnie Dennison Shere & Lois Dennison Kolb (Shere Family
Album) - Submitted by Lynn & Craig Kolb
Copy of News article of Eastern Trip by Linnie Shere & Mae
Brown - Submitted by Lynn & Craig Kolb

Thomas Cemetery - I have started a list for Thomas
Cemetery, which I found accidentally in our Funeral Log
Books. Update! Bob Johnson has submitted a list of burials
in theThomas Cemetery!

Added Ella Louise FIELDS to the TMC index. It was not on
the original list, but was in the Funeral Log which states
burial was in TMC.

New! Tampico Puzzle
New! Tampico Place Mat
Tampico/Reagan Cap
Reagan Key Chain
Round Reagan Country Sew-on Patch 1981
Rectangular Reagan Country Sew-on Patch
Reagan T-Shirt

Richard L. Johnson 1967, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Peter C. Johnson 1964, Submitted by Bob Johnson
David Hames 1974, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Sherman Steward 1975, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Claude C. Seidel 1970, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Roy L. Sawyer 1968, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Vernon J. Vandermoon 1979, submitted by Bob Johnson
Milton F. Ward 1979, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Chester H. Behrens 1979, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Paul Dillon 1989, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Lester H. Tornow 1980, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Howard (Punk) Powell 1980, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Edna Teleki 1982, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Dorothy E. Johnson 1983, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Joan Wilson 1983, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Everett L. Johnson 1985, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Altha V. Anderson 1986, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Kamiel J. Driessens 1988, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Leonard L. Johnson, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Clifford W. Icenogle 1986, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Harry Wiker 1988, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Eleanor Bills 1993, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Carmen L. Mullin 1994, Submitted by Bob Johnson
James A. Mathis 1995, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Robert H. Johnson 1995, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Wilbert T. Johnson 1995, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Verla M (Smith) Orlowski 1996, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Ardis Evangeline Tornow 1996, Submitted by Bob Johnson
James W Ratliff 1996, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Edward B. Perino 1996, Submitted by Bob Johnson
Sylvia Louise Schaub 1996, Submitted by Bob Johnson
George E. Anspach 1997, Submitted by Bob Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Harlow SMITH - Golden Anniversary 1904

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I can never thank you all enough for your participation,
comments, donations and contributions.

Denise McLoughlin
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

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