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TAHS Website Updates for August 2007

Sep 1, 2007

Hello All,
Now that school is back in session (Oh yeah!), it's time to
get back into our researching projects. I wish I had a
larger forum to reach all of you who have been so very
helpful, especially this last month. First, if you get a
chance, check back to the Hamburger Helper website and see
how many have posted a message of support for our request
for funds to replace our roof. It is awesome! If you look
at the other requests sent in, there are hardly any
messages of support. Kind of sad, but hope it helps us get
our much-needed roof.

Once again, Melva T. and Becky J. have submitted all of
those great transcriptions. Thank you ladies. You're the

This past month I have had two new helpers, Denise
Mickelson and Karen Diver helping me at the museum. It is
unbelievable what has been accomplished. We had four
cafeteria-length tables piled high with "to-do" files. I
have been chipping away at them as time allows for about
two years now. I am almost afraid to say it, for fear of
jynxing it - but. . . we can actually see the tops of the
tables now. Another day or two and we will have everything
in its rightful place. Amazing! And I cannot believe all of
the wonderful things I have discovered in these piles. We
get to "test" our efficiency today because we have a person
from Michigan coming to visit us to do some research on her
family. Perhaps she'll report back.

I am considering having the museum open one week-night,
probably a Thursday evening, for folks to do their
research. Members of the Historical Society will have
access to Ancestry.com and Newspaper Archives on our
computer. And of course, there are all of those wonderful
Tampico Tornado newspapers to go through. I dare anyone to
read just ONE article. Impossible! Let me know if this if
of interest to you.

Here are the updates to the website for August:
Go to our "What's New?" page for direct links to all of the
entries below.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS (To see all of the events)

Calendar Highlights:
August 30 - Domino Night in Comm. Bldg., 6p.m. - Enjoy
$1.00/Tacos at the Good Times Bar & Grill before the game.
The Community Building Organization will be donating all
proceeds to the TAHS Roof Fund!

August 31, "Living History Day" - Civil War & Lincoln
Portrayal @ Sandy Pine Elk Farm for the local school

September 8 - LOTS of activities!!! Hennepin Canal
Centennial Celebration. Events all day in Rock Falls.
Fishing Derby in Tampico, 10-12 with prizes for everyone!;
Hog Roast at Tampico Ambulance Building, 4 - 8 p.m.

Sept. 9, Sunday - The Cemetery Walk is on Sun., Sept. 9,
2007 from 2-4 p.m. at the Riverside Cemetery in
Prophetstown. Several former residents will be honored,
including Dr. G.W. Nelson--dentist for 60 years. Mayor Bud
Thompson will portray him.

September 15, @ 6p.m.- FUNDRAISER - Mexican Domino Night @
TAHS. Help us raise money for a new roof. We need your
help. 50/50 drawing - tickets available in advance. $1.00
ea. or 6 for $5.00. Remit to TAHS, P. O. Box 154, Tampico,
IL 61283, or directly to our Treasurer, Joan Johnson, 1720
Matznick Road, Tampico, IL 61283. Please make a note that
money is for 50/50 drawing. We need to raise $13,000!!!!
September 22, 9a - 1p -Harvest Day in Prophetstown Musuem,
serving Root Beer Floats/Ice Cream Sundaes 9a.m.-1pm

2007 - Giving Tree sponsors Old-fashioned Tea Pary in
Reagan Park
1966 - Clark Lane Honored - Celebrates 90th Birthday
1960 - "Thank You" from A. E. Bennett to members of
Methodist Church
1929 - Note from Rev. Wm. Swenson to Tampico Tornado (as
re-printed in Methodist Year Book)
Mrs. James Welch Honored by Friends
1929 - "Another Deplorable Accident in Clinton Takes Toll,
Tampico People Victims"
1929 - Father Egan Named to Succeed Father Clancy
1923 - Thompson Review Newspaper Gossip Column
Henry Whipple (excerpt from History of Chicago)
Placenames of the 33 western counties, submitted by J.
2007 - TALRPC Minutes for August, 2007
2007 - RNA Honors Shirley Lester
1898 - Tampico Tornado Gossip Column, Submitted by Melva
1915 - Prophetstown Echo Gossip Column, Submitted by Melva
1916 - Prophetstown Echo Gossip Column, Submitted by Melva
1917 - Prophetstown Echo Gossip Column, Submitted by Melva
1877- R. B. Davis Purchases Lot from George Dee
1953 - Engine Gives Up Ghost and So Does Railroad (HY&T) -
Lima News, Lima, OH
1917 - Frederick A. Brewer, Blue Book of State of IL
James Johnston
Silas Hovey
1948 - Hospital Scheme's Backers On Board
1945 - Estate of Edward Devine
1912 - Tornado in Tampico
1949 - A T & T Works for Coast-to-Coast Television
1913 - Tampico (excerpt from a real estate booklet)

James & Eliz. Ladd Clark
Neva May Forward
Where is that?
Power/Curran Families
Looking for cemetery where CARLOSS is buried
WISH LIST! (PLEASE help if you are able)
Sven Rasmussen
Information on Cantlin Family
Message from our TAHS President
White Family
Help Save the TAHS Museum!
Prophetstown Cemetery vs. Riverside Cemetery - Prophetstown

Obit Look-up for Whiteside County, IL

2007- Jerry Hadley, Submitted by Bob Johnson
1928 - Margaret McCrady
1923 - Fred A. Brewer
1908 - Anna McNamara Jacobs
1934 - William Graham
1936 - Clara (Paice) Garner
1938 - Harriet A. Craddock (Chicago Tribune)
1938 - John Meek (Chicago Tribune)
1938 - Dorothy McCreedy (Chicago Tribune) added to an
existing obit
1962 - Catherine Devine (Chicago Trib)
1963 - Elizabeth Graham (Chicago Trib)
1965 - Howard O'Neil (Chicago Trib)
1966 - Rev. Ambrose Weitekamp (Chicago Trib)
1980 - William B. McCabe (Chicago Trib)
1982 - Richard Shaheen (Chicago Trib)
1983 - Evelyn McCabe (Chicago Trib)
2005 - William J. Shrock
1949 - Mrs. Victor Pearson Submitted by Melva Taylor
1949 - Linda I. Frank Submitted by Melva Taylor
1949 - Clifford Johnson Submitted by Melva Taylor
1949 - Amy Heiss, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1949 - Bernal D. Hellier, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1949 - Martha (Hall) Breed, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1950 - Benjamin Collins, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1949 - Charles Chriest, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1949 - Mrs. Charles Hackbarth, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1949 - Mrs. Henry Radatz, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1949 - Dennis L. Thompson, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1948 - William L. Rosenow, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1948 - Christ M. Von Holten, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1948 - Francis LeonaDorathy, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1948 - Minnie D. (Olsson) Aldrich, Submitted by Melva
1948 - L. W. Denison, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1948 - Ida (Elmendorf) Pearson, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1942 - Fred May, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1942 - Marsha J. Allen, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1942 - Minnie (Dudley) McKenzie, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1937 - Mrs. J. W. Johnson or Johnston, Submitted by Melva
1937 - Walter B. Adams, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1937 - Mary Ellen (Welch) Renner, Submitted by Melva Taylor

1937 - Nels O. Rosene, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1937 - Jay B. Maxfield, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1960 - Mike Shaheen
1950 - Mrs. A. E. Bennett

1885 BIOGRAPHIES - Whiteside County
Henry C. Donaldson, M. D., Transcribed by Becky Jones
John H. Bley, Transcribed by Becky Jones
John Fieldsend, Transcribed by Becky Jones
Martin Ryerson, Transcribed by Becky Jones
Henry Grinnold, Transcribed by Becky Jones
C. F. Royer, Transcribed by Becky Jones
Walter H. Scott, Transcribe by Becky Jones
A. J. Bracken, Transcribed by Becky Jones
Russell Hunt, Transcribed by Becky Jones
James Stewart, Transcribed by Becky Jones
Samuel A. Langdon, Transcribe by Becky Jones

William Ruck

1948 - Leona Lane - Gerald Rebert, submitted by Melva
1949 - Florence Herbon - Harry Hummel (wedding
announcement), Submitted by Melva Taylor
1950 - Rita Mae Callahan - Robert Van De Velde, Submitted
by Melva Taylor
1950 - Marilyn Ann Peterson - Eldon Hollis Fritsch,
Submitted by Melva Taylor
1945 - Mr. & Mrs. James Welch Quietly Celebrate Their 45th
1954 - Shaheen - Bray
1901 - Fell - Macomber
1941 - Graham - Rapp
1950 - Jeannine Larson - Richard Meissel, Jr. Submitted by
Melva Taylor
1945 - Eileen Long - John W. Burke

Tampico Grade School Class of 1945-46, Submitted by Jim

The "Blow Out"


New Album! Brandenburg

New! Baldwin, Sickels, Potter, Washburn (I found these on
my hard drive. Can you add more information?)

DAR - Jennie Cleveland Sturtevant

Good Times - Menu

I hope you will find this helpful and informative. There is
a site search engine on our HOME page. I encourage you to
utilize all three sources: the search engine
, the "What's New?" page of
, as well as the TABLE OF CONTENTS

Our message boards are monitored daily, with several
"regular" members that are familiar with our areas. I can
help with look-ups in our archives, especially the Tampico
Tornado newspapers, published from 1876-1966. You are more
than welcome to contact me tahs@thewisp.net for any
questions, but I encourage you to also post on the message
board for a broader audience and many more people who may
be able to answer any questions.

Please pass the link to our website on to your friends and
relatives. For your Whiteside research, I also encourage
you to check out Chris Walter's website on Genealogy Trails
- http://genealogytrails.com/ill/whiteside/ Between the
two of us - we've got ya covered! (smile)

Another BIG THANK YOU to all of my contributors this
Also, a reminder about our fund-raiser Domino Night on
Sept. 15. The 50/50 drawing goes towards our roof, so
please contact Joan Johnson or me to get your tickets in
advance. $1.00 ea. or 6 for $5.00

Denise McLoughlin
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

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