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Website Fiasco Again!!!!!

Sep 7, 2007

Hello All,
For those of you who have been with us for over a year, you
will recall that our website was shut down for a few days
last year by "Citymax," the company that we pay for the web
space. A long story-short - Citymax lost our payment and
were quite rude in the beginning. After they realized their
mistake, they were very apologetic and gave us a "free

It is time to renew the subscription and they are asking
almost twice the amount that it should be. I have sent them
the correct "version" of the bill. I have not heard back
from them yet. It appears they are trying to recoup the
"free" service they had given through the years.

Please make note of our email address, should we be shut
down again. You can reach me at tahs@thewisp.net. You can
also reach me at my personal account at
ddm1050@hotmail.com. The web address for Citymax (web space
provider to whom we send the payment in Canada) is

I am dealing with the same person (Susana) that created the
havoc last year. There are no telephone numbers to call.
Everything is done via email. Let's hope all is resolved
and we can continue to utilize Citymax for our site. With
the exception of the annual billing issues, it is one of
the best deals out there. But, not if they are going to
"over charge" or "double-bill" us! Keep your fingers
crossed that this works out ok. Be sure to contact me for
updates if the website goes down. I only have access to
your email addresses on the website, so if it gets shut
down, I will have no way to inform you. Please jot down my
emails and contact me if the site goes down.

Since this is becoming an annual issue, I will be open to
suggestions for other web servers if you can recommend any.
Thank you for all of your support!
Denise McLoughlin
Site Administrator

Last Edited on Sep 5, 2007 3:45 PM

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