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TAHS Website Updates for February 2008

Mar 1, 2008

We're almost there! Our goal of $13,000 to replace the roof
on the library/historical society buildings is thisclose to
being accomplished. We have had some wonderful donations
from members, RNA matching fund-raisers, the Community
Building and the latest is the Village of Tampico has
donated $3000.

We have one more fun event planned and we hope you'll
spread the word! On April 5th, we will hold a "Murder
Myster Dinner" in the Community Building. RNA Chapter 516
will match our funds up to $1000. Tickets are $10/person
and we are only seating 10 tables. Sign up for tables of 6
or 8. The mystery will be performed by high school
students. Each table, as a team, will determine who the
murderer is at the close of the evening. Dinner will be:
roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, salad bar,
coffee tea or lemonade and choice of dessert. There will
also be door prizes. Call Shirley Lester to reserve your
spot today. 815-438-7447 or 815-499-4770.

For a direct link to each new entry below, visit our
"What's New"? page of the website:



RONALD REAGAN BIRTHPLACE will be open weekends in March,
Saturday 10-4p & Sunday 1-4p. The Birthplace is run by
volunteers. It is suggested you call in advance to be sure
someone will be there for you. Birthplace: 815-438-2130
(has an answering machine); Joan Johnson: 815-438-7581;
Shirley Lester: 815-438-7447.

Sunday, March 2, 2008, 8a.m. - "12-ish" - Annual Tampico
Lions Club Pancake Breakfast, held in the Tampico Middle
School cafeteria. Donations accepted. Will serve until
about noon as traffic dictates. Contact: Bill Widolff,

Tues., March 25, 2008, 7:00 p.m.TAHS meeting in Tampico
Community Bldg. on W. Market St. Special guest: Prof. Gene
Wright presenting Black Hawk. Reservations suggested.
815-438-7581 or 815-438-2065. Please note we will not be
meeting at the museum for this special meeting. Public
invited and welcomed! Refreshments. 50/50 drawing! Advance
ticket sales: $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. Contact Joan
Johnson, 815-438-7581, Shirley Lester, 815-438-7447 or
Denise McLoughlin, 815-438-2065. Or mail order - Tampico
Area Historical Society, P. O. Box 154, Tampico, IL 61283
or to Joan Johnson, 1720 Matznick Rd, Tampico, IL 61283

Sat., April 5, 2008. 6p.m. - Murder Mystery & Dinner at
the Tampico Community Bldg. $10/person. An entertaining
evening of fun and food. Proceeds go towards the new roof
needed for Historical Society and Library. Reservations
required: Shirley: 815-438-7447 or 815-499-4770

2008 - Scott Forward
2008 - Harry Eckberg
1963 - Mary (Hickey) Rapp, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1963 - Minnie M (Howlett) Rogers, Submitted by Melva Taylor

1963 - Rudolph G Bratz, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1963 - Alice W. Heard, Submitted by Melva Taylor
1963 - Mrs. Frank Bingenheimer (Notice only - no obit),
Submitted by Melva Taylor
1972 - Bessie (Wilkinson) Rigler, Submitted by Melva L
1982 - Lawrence Tornow, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1972 - Carrie May (Winchell) Hunter, Submitted by Melva L.
1972 - Minnie (Carper) Frank, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1972 - Harry Pierceson, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1972 - Mable J. (Spath) Woodworth, Submitted by Melva L.
1972 - Charles Wheat, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1955 - Riley F. Woods
1958 -Mrs. John H. (Mary E. Ford) Welch
1958 - Mrs. G. W. Muhleman
1958 - Mrs. R. F. (Esther Mae Stacy) Woods
1905 - Andrew M. Soderberg
1905 - Conrad Seyller
1958 - Roy E. McKenzie
1983 - Mary A. Naftzger, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1983 - Edward C. Morse Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1983 - Kermit Branson Submitted byMelva L. Taylor
1983 - Montgomery Davey, submitted Melva L. Taylor
1982 - Blanche (Jonson) Hatland, Submitted by Melva L
1982 - Charles Allen Hitchcock, submited by Melva L. Taylor

1982 - L. Marie (Bivens) Ford, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor

1982 - Vera E. (Foley) Adams, submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1982 - Meta Ella (Matthes) Mathis, submitted by Melva L.
1982 - Leona (Fritsch) Gumfory Hayden, Submitted by Melva
L. Taylor
1978 - Arneda (McNeill) Kyseth, Submitted by Melva L.
1978 - Helen Jeanne (Bushman) Beier, Submitted by Melva
1978 - Clayton J. Smith, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1978 - Irene (Walker) Woods, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1978 - Madeline (Livey) Sisler, Submitted by Melva L.
1978 - Robert Hart Renwick, Submitted by Melva L Taylor
1978 - Peter Burke, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1976 - Raymond Foley, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor

Can you help answer any of these queries?
Amos Short
Jacob George-Pricilla Holly
Wm. Foy 1788? 1791? Vermont? New Hampshire?
Sterling Public Libary
Looking for obit for Wm. Foy
Sippel, Berge Families of Henry & Bureau Counties
Love Center?
Burdette Foy, son of Almond Foy & Rachel Austin
Daniel Foy
Wish List (update on Roof fund!)
WANTED: "Ghost Towners"
Richard Victor
Howell M Searcy

1872 Business Reference for Whiteside County

Jacob Garwick, requested by Dale Ratcliffe

Henry Bush

Berge (aka: Birge) Family Album - These photos are already
in our HOWLETT/PARENT Album, but they include the Berge
family, so I have started a seperate album for the Berge

PICASA WEB ALBUMS (Unfortunately, our search engine cannot
index these albums. You will need to go to each album of
interest to manually search for surname) Here is a link to
ALL of our web albums:
http://picasaweb.google.com/TampicoHistoricalSociety Click
on Album of choice. You may then click on individual photos
to enlarge, read details or leave comments.

Burial Permits - Milo Smith has donated a box of Burial
Permits. I have been scanning them into a Picasa Web Album
and also linking to them from the cemetery lists. This is
an awesome donation and it helps fill in some missing gaps.
This will take quite a while for me to finish, so check
your names of interest often. A BIG THANK YOU to Milo!

Military - I continue to add to the Military photo album. I
am also adding additional information to the photos as I
find them. Please check back to this album often as I
continue to update and add. Currently, I am posting photos
from a wonderful book I found in the Walnut Public Library
- "Honor Roll, Bureau County 1917-1919" It contains mini
bios on each soldier along with photo. I won't be able to
post all of Bureau County, but will try to get all of our
surrounding areas.

LEON CEMETERY PHOTOS - I have added more headstone photos
to the Leon Cemetery Photo album. I hope to get them all
linked to the Leon Cemetery Index next month!

REAGAN BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION - Photos of the Reagan "Party"
1872 Street Map of the Village of Tampico (before its
incorporation as a village). You can click on little
magnifying glass in upper right corner to enlarge and pan
the map.

1930 - Howell Searcy Body Moved to Tampico
2008 - Who's Who in Tampico - Spencer Jaquet
1958 - Movie Is Closed (Tampico Theatre)
1905 - Mrs. Frank (Grace) Foy Awarded $2000

Tampico Memorial Cemetery Index - I made some corrections
to the "McKenzie" information. The maiden name of Lovina
McKenzie, mother of Clyde & Roy and wife of Ray. H. is
listed as "Scott" in one log and as "West" in other logs. I
am pretty sure the West is correct.

David & Debra Thormahlen (IL) - Surnames: Brown, France,

I need your help. We are planning our annual Memorial Day
Cemetery Walk on May 26th in the Tampico Memorial Cemetery
& St. Mary's Cemetery. If you would like to represent
someone, or would like to see someone represented, please
contact Denise or Joan. If you know someone that might be
willing to represent anyone, please ask them to contact us.
I really need your help with this - PLEASE!

Thank you to all who contributed to the website and
historical society! You are why we are so great!

Denise McLoughlin 815-438-2065 cell: 815-590-2065
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society
Joan Johnson, president 815-438-7581 or

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