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TAHS Website Updates for April 2008

May 2, 2008

Hello All - Finally, Spring is in the air!
As always, for a direct link to all of the entries, please visit our WHAT'S NEW page of site: http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/Whats_New.html

There are many events listed on our Calendar. Please make special note of the Tampico High School Alumni Dinner on June 27, 2008. Reservations are needed by June 13. Contact Mary Anne Batten.

Also note the annual Tampico Memorial Day Cemetery Walk presented by the Tampico American Legion & the Tampico Area Historical Society. TAMPICO - Memorial Day Cemetery Walk 2008 - Start @ St. Mary's 10a., End @ Tampico Memorial Cemetery
Tampico's American Legion Post 574 will be doing the honors.

Presentations in St. Mary's Cemetery, beginning at 10:00 a.m.:
Dr. Sharon Callaghan presenting Fr.'s O. T. McGuire, who served St. Mary's Church from 1930-1946 and A. Weitekamp, who served St. Mary's from 1946-1966.
Pat Burke presenting his great-grandfather, Peter E. Burke, a prominent early citizen and co-founder of the St. Mary's Church in Tampico.

Presentations in Tampico Memorial Cemetery:
Terry Gaskill presenting his father, Marion Gaskill, a long-time employee of the Telephone company.
Joan Johnson presenting Helen Woods Nicely, whose father, Riley Woods owned the Tampico 1st National Bank, and, together with her husband, Paul, provided Tampico with many philanthropic efforts, including the donation of the buildings and lot for the Reagan Birthplace/Museum and the Tampico Area Historical Society/Museum, both located on Main Street, Tampico.
Prof. Gene Wright presenting the Cain Family, early settlers and businessmen of Tampico. Haney Cain and his sons ran the Cain Drug store in town for many years.

Tampico America Legion will be putting up the Avenue of Flags starting at 8a.m. on the 24th. Anyone wanting to help please call Commander John E Taets at (815)-438-5182 or be at the Village Hall Garage at 8 a.m. and bring a hammer to pound stakes in the ground.


May 1/8/15/22/29 (Thursdays) - Domino Game Night @ Community Building 6p.m. $1 Tacos at Good Times 5 p.m.
May 2 (Frid) 7:30-9:30 - Last day for Breakfast Social in Community Building
May 2 (Friday) 6p.m. - TES Mini Concert & Cook-Out
May 5 (Monday) - Community Club in Tampico Community Building 12 noon Pot Luck/Bring dish to pass/tableware. Harp Music by Sharon Callaghan. Details on August trip to Springfield.
May 7 (Wed) - TES Pre-K & Kindergarten Trip to Niabi Zoo
May 8 (Thurs) - TES 1st Grade Trip to Wildlife Prairie Park
May 12 (Mon) 7p.m. - Tampico Lions Club, Terry Gaskill, 815-535-3665
May 13 (Tues) - 11:00 a.m. - Assembly - Gary Matevia at TES
May 14 (Wed) - 4th Grade trip to Timberlake Playhouse & Heritage Canyon
May 15 (Thurs) - Internet Safety Prsentation 6 p.m. - at TES
May 15 (Thurs) - 12:30 p.m. - TALRPC meets in Tampico Community Building on Market St. All invited
May 19 (Mon) Pre-K Graduation, A.M. Class 10:00 a.m.; P.M. Class 6p.m.
May 19 (Mon) - 5th Grade DARE Graduation - 8:30 a.m.
May 20 (Tues) - TRACK & FIELD DAY (Middle School)
May 21 (Wed) - Awards Assembly 8:30 a.m./Talent Show
May 23 (Frid) - NO SCHOOL Teacher Workshop
May 26 (Mon) - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day
May 26 (Monday) - Annual Tampico Memorial Day Cemetery Walk - start at St. Mary's, 10 a.m. Honorees: Peter Burke; Fr.'s Maguire & Weitekamp; Marion Gaskill, Helen Nicely; Cain Family
May 26 (Monday) 7 p.m. - Tampico Lions Club, Terry Gaskill, 815-535-3665
May 27 (Tues) - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - Pick up report cards - dismissed 8:30 a.m.
June 27 (Friday) 5:30 p.m. - Tampico High School Alumni Dinner @ Deer Grove Country Club. Reservations needed by June 13. Mary Anne Batten, 815-438-5895
June 27/28/29 (Fri/Sat/Sun) - Annual Tampico Festive Days/Homecoming

1891 - Jane (Fee) Glassburn
1915 - Peter Burke
1924 - Engerman Olson, Submitted by Joan Johnson
1931 - Margaret McNally, Transcribed by DDM
1931 - Johan Olson, submitted by Joan Johnson
1936 - Emma Johanson Olson, Submitted by Joan Johnson
1946 - Fr. T. O. Maguire
1962 -Fred R. Cain
1965 - George R. Cain
1966 - Fr. A. Weitekamp
1970 - Vernon Edward Heintzelman, Submitted by Sharol Molland
1976 - Mrs. Clifford (Eleanor) Harms
1976 - James E. Cain
1988 - Harold "Bill" Schmitt, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1988 - Leo Eugene Schauff, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1988 - H. Vincent May, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1989 - Gordon C. Garland, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1989 - Martin Scheffler, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1989 - Fay S. Kauffman, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1989 - Donald Glassburn, Submittted by Melva L. Taylor
1989 - Francis McCormick, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1989 - C. Deane Frary, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1989 - Barlow Roy Sigel, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1989 -Harold Crandall, Jr. Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1989- Pricilla (Topsy) Cox, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1990 - Charles Thompkins, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1990 - David Haenni, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1990 - Kathleen Sue (Erdman) Quimsby, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1990 - Eugene Rosene, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1990 - Kenneth Woolums, Submitted by M L Taylor
1990 - Gordon "Steven" Nelson, Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
1995 - Voila D. (Heintzelman) Buckley, Submitted by Sharol Molland
2008 - Kenneth McCormick
2008 - Brandon D. Spears
2008 -Robert Gerdes
2008 -Dr. Curt J. Gronner
2008 -Roelvina Zuidema
2008 - Elizabeth Andersen

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James E. Stothard, Requested by Brad Saul

1988 - Bernadine A. Kunkle

HISTORY - Tampico
1944 - H. E. Cain Prepares Article on Early History of Tampico - Many surnames mentioned in this article!

I still need volunteers to help with various projects. If you would like to help, please contact Denise McLoughlin, tahs@thewisp.net, 815-438-2065 or cell: 815-590-2065. Projects include filing, sorting & putting photos in albums, making displays, research, cleaning, volunteer on Saturday or Sunday, from 1-4p.m. to help with visitors, etc.

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Have a great month!
Family History Coordinator
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