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Newsletters > TAHS Newsletter & Updates for Oct. - Nov.. 2008
TAHS Newsletter & Updates for Oct. - Nov.. 2008

Dec 18, 2008

Hello All,

It has been a difficult two months for me so please bare with me as I continue to try to catch up on all of the updates to site. My sincere apologies for the tardiness. Without warning, I was without a computer for quite a while! If you have been waiting for me to transcribe or return an email request, please consider re-sending it. My "in box" goes on forever and it may be a while before I can get to everyone's requests; especially during the holidays!

As always, you can check the "What's New" page on the site to review new entries.

We have had some great contributions this month, which will surely help pay those winter bills. Yipes! It's amazing the difference between residential and "commercial" charges for those utilities! After paying for the new roof (thanks to many wonderful donations!), repair of the chair lift that takes folks up to to the Family Library & Research Center, and some regular maintenance repairs, our funds are again depleted. In these tough times, we are especially appreciative for the donations received and hopefully will continue to receive. I am still trying to get all of the Tampico Tornados filed away in archive-safe boxes and the loose sheets into mylar protective sheets. The grant from Prophetstown will help us achieve this goal.

No news as to when we will get our Tampico Tornadoes back from the state. They suggested they would be back by Thanksgiving, but no one has returned my emails. My research efforts are very limited - one, because we don't have our newspapers back and two, our subscription to Ancestry.com has expired and we do not have the funds to renew. It is $300 for the subscription.

Here are some updates on the TAHS organization and its website. Please note new contact numbers for me:
Denise McLoughlin
304 Market St. Apt C
Prophetstown, IL 61277

You may also send to my attention at the Tampico Historical Society, P. O. Box 154, Tampico, IL 61283

Phone numbers:
Home: 815-537-9073 (I haven't figured out how to retrieve messages from it yet- giggle!)
Cell: (BEST way to reach me!) 815-590-2143

New Members:
(May 2008)
Nancy Hayden, Ind. membership.
Family Surnames include: Sykes, Owens, Tyson, Smith, Boyd, Olney, Halligan, Burns ___. Nancy writes: "I have lots of Sykes, Tyson photos which are not identified."

(July, 2008)
State Representative, Jerry Mitchell. He writes: "Tampico is an integral part ofthe 90th District and the birthplace of President Ronald Reagan."

Nov. 18, 2008
Joyce A. (Ottens) Kimmel, CO (Life-time Membership)
Surnames: Kimmel, Rinehart, Leonard, Love, Craddock

Darrel Stearns, VA (Life-time Membership)
Surnames: (great-grandfather) Rev. Isaac Stearns - Prophetstown, IL 1860. Mr. Stearns offered a special thank you to J. Pritchard for informing him of our organization and its work.

Contributions & Donations:
Muriel Cooney Nerod donated Tampico Tornado Newspapers:
Dec. 27, 1928, Dec. 14, 1933; April 4, 1940; May 23, 1940; May 30, 1940; October 17, 1940; and June 1, 1944

Bob Johnson donated a new stool and Jim Anderson donated a used sink for the bathroom to be installed upstairs in the Family History Library & Research Center.It was decided at the November meeting of the TAHS to contact a plumber for price quote to install a bathroom (stool & sink) upstairs in the Family History Library and Research Center.

Proeger (?) from Prophetstown, donated the Caboose they use to transport visitors/customers around the tree farm to select/cut their Christmas trees to the TAHS. The TAHS has entered it in the Prophetstown Christmas Parade and also used it to take folks around Tampico to see the Christmas lights during the Christmas in the Country activities.

Wal-Mart in Rock Falls donated $1,000 to the TAHS in support of the people they serve in the community.

Propetstown Area Community Foundation Grant donated $1,000 to the TAHS, which was specifically earmarked for "preservation" purchases.

Highlights of TAHS meetings:

Duane Thompson fixed the furnace in the Library. He also contacted the company that fixed our chair lift and was able to get them to reduce the bill by $150. The repair of the chair lift came immediately on the heels of replacing the roof on the TAHS/Library. These extra expenses have depleted our funds and we hope for many new memberships and monetary donations to help pay the winter utilities.

Veterans' Day - The Historical Society was open and served refreshments after the Memorial Day Service in Reagan Park on November 11, 2008. Photos were published in the Echo newspaper and are on file at the TAHS. The veterans seemed to really enjoy just sitting around and reminiscing their service experiences. We are now asking vets to continue this at our January 27, 2009 TAHS meeting. Please contact president Joan Johnson, 815-438-7581 or garyjoan@thewisp.net, or contact program director, Denise McLoughlin, 815-590-2143 or tahs@thewisp.net if you would like to participate in this program.

THPAC met Wednesday, October 8, 2008. The organization decided to meet with the Village to determine the exact purpose of their group.

Plans are in the making for the 100th Birthday Party for Ronald Reagan in 2011. Other towns on the Reagan Trail will be celebrating the event as well.



* Joseph Benner - Requested by M. Stewart
* J. Murray Eaton - Requested by M. Stewart


* Mrs. Lovey Eaton - Requested by M. Steward

OBITUARIES Key= LN/Les Niemi, ddm/Denise McLoughlin, MLT/Melva L. Taylor

* 1896 - Ebenezer Pitney - LN
* 1992 - Kenneth Moore - submitted by (son) Roger Moore
* 2008 - Dathel Harms ddm
* 2008 - Mildred Easley ddm
* 2008 - Gwendolyn Wilson ddm
* 2008 - Donald Karn ddm


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* Renner "to Les Niemi "
* Fisher Family
* William Maynard
* Dudley Family - Prophetstown
* Harms Family
* Favorite Websites
* North Hume School
* Epha Edgar Snider


* LEAHYs of Killorglin - Submitted by Jos. Leahy

PICASA PHOTO ALBUMS (Off-site web album - cannot be indexed by search engine)

* South Eastern Union School 1897-98 - Submitted by Lisa Martin



* No events submitted!!!
* Saturday, Dec. 6, CHRISTMAS IN THE COUNTRY - Starts at 2p.m. Santa arrives about 4:15. See flyers in bank for details. Nothing was submitted to me to post to site.


* This week in Tampico History (transcribed by Les Niemi for the Tampico Tornado newspapers) - Week of October 26
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* Update formatting for Photo Albums
* Class Trip
* Logging In!!
* Can u find the obit of Peter Brants?
* 1872 Plat Map On Line!
* Denise
* Happy Thanksgiving!


* 1971 - Emma Marie (Staelens) Calsyn - Submitted by Melva L. Taylor
* 1971 - Linda M. Kaecker - Submitted by Melva L. Taylor

Please continue to check our "What's New"? page for December's updates.

You won't want to miss Les Niemi's "This Week in Tampico History" columns, posted on our Message Board: http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/Message_Board.html I get so many emails telling how much they enjoy and look forward to this weekly column. Les has been transcribing the Tampico Tornado newspaper for many years. We are very fortunate that he takes the time to share his treasure trove of information with us. BIG THANK YOU, Les!

Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends out there and a very Happy Holiday season to all. Please drive carefully and stop back and see us from time to time. We hope you will pass our website on to those you feel may enjoy and/or benefit from it.

Denise McLoughlin
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

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