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TAHS Website Updates for January/Feb., 2009

Mar 7, 2009

BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION COMMITTEE: A bathroom was installed in the upstairs Family History Library/Research center. Joan Johnson thanked our Building Committee members, Bob Johnson & Duane Thompson, for their assistance and over-seeing of the project. The invoice, totaling $1,414.39, was paid, which left little funds to pay our winter expenses. The TAHS sold 50/50 raffle tickets to help defray the pending expenses. (Note: The drawing was held on February 10th - the winner, Tom Garland of Garland Funeral Home, donated half of his winnings back to the TAHS!)

HISTORICAL PRESERVATION & ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Denise McLoughlin, Vice Chairperson of THPAC, reported that Mary Ann Batten had resigned from the organization. The group met, accepted Mrs. Batten's resignation and nominated Karen Dever to replace her. According to the Village ordinance, the THPAC organization must maintain a 5-person membership. Current members include Denise Mickelson, Chairperson; Denise McLoughlin, Vice Chairperson; Jerrie Schindel, Secretary; and Mark Newman. A THPAC member will recommend Karen Dever to the village council to replace Mary Ann Batten.

PROGRAM: The program for the January 27th meeting was a group of area veterans sharing vignettes of their military experiences. World War II veteran, Bob Cassens, served in the Navy from 1944-1946. Korean vets included Roy Haney, Army, 1958-1964; Dennis Morath, Army, 1957-60 and William Widoff, Army (Calvary), 1953-55. Vietnam was represented by Terry Gaskill, Air Force, 1965-69; John Taets, Army, 1966-68 and Arthur Sage, Army, 1965-67. Don Lester served in the Army Nat'l Guard from 1954-59. Each veteran chose to tell us of some very comical events and many shared photographs as well. It was an honor to have them as our guests and we hope to have similar programs in the future. View photos from this evening > http://picasaweb.google.com/TampicoHistoricalSociety/TAHSPrograms?feat=directlink

Irv & Joan Stewart donated various memorabilia representing Tampico's history, which included some old THS newsletters!

For the first time in three years, the weather gave us a break for our annual Ronald Reagan Birthday celebration. We had a terrific turn-out. More details will follow in next month's minutes. The next regular meeting of the TAHS will be March 24, 2009. Be sure to check out the pictures

Joan Johnson and Denise McLoughlin attended the Tampico Village meeting. Joan thanked the council for their monetary support for the historical society through the years, particularly for our roof fund. She extended an invitation to the up-coming Reagan Birthday party on February 6, 2009 (see photos of the event - Go to the Reagan Museum web page of the TAHS website and click on the photo to access the entire photo album. Click on individual photos to enlarge, read details and leave comments)

Joan also informed the village that she is on the committee for the Reagan Centennial Birthday party and plans are already in the making for the 2011 event.

Denise McLoughlin also prepared an itemized report that addressed some concerns expressed by Commissioner Hill in their prior village meeting regarding the TAHS website, which the village now pays for annually. A copy was given to all council members. The report gave some important stats which included an 8% decrease in cost from last year and details on how this was achieved. Commissioner Hill assured us that she was only asking questions and that she was very pleased with the website. We again thanked the village for their support for the TAHS and ask that our site members do the same, if an opportunity arrises. Our sincere thanks to those of you who wrote or called in with your support after learning of the villages concerns as printed in the paper.

The Illinois Newspaper Project has finished microfilming our Tampico Tornado newspapers and the newspapers are back in our posession!

The Sandy Pine Elk Farm is closing their doors. They have contributed so much to our community and did such a great job promoting this area. They will be very much missed and we wish them the best in all of their new endeavors! See the CALENDAR OF EVENTS for their final close-out dates.

Tampico Area Historical Society has joined the Society Support Program offered by the Family History Store. If you purchase genealogical products or gifts, please check out their on-line store. When you make a purchase, you can designate a portion of it to go to your favorite Society enrolled with them. We are one of only two for Illinois. http://www.thefamilyhistorystore.com/society-support-program-i-21.html

February 6, 2009 - Annual Reagan Birthday Celebration, 10a-4pm. Birthplace/Museum will be open - 111 S. Main Street, Tampico, IL. Refreshments served at the Tampico Historical Society, 119 S. Main Street, Tampico, IL.

March 2009 - Open Saturdays, 10-4p and Sundays, 1-4p

*April through October, 2009:
Mon. - Saturday: 10a-4p
Sunday: 1-4p
Or by appt. after hours

*CLOSED ON EASTER SUNDAY, April 12, 2009 & MOTHER'S DAY, May 10, 2009 - Please call to request tours on these dates.

November 1, 2009 - Feb. 28, 2010 - Open by appointment. Contact: Joan Johnson, co-ordinator @ 815-622-8705, or Shirley Lester @ 815-438-7447. Please call in advance during these months so that we may accommodate your visit. Thank you.

WHAT'S NEW? (Itemization of new entries to site for current month)

* March 8, (Sunday) 8a.m.-1p.m. Tampico Lions annual Pancake Breakfast @ Tampico Middle School. Contact Ron Church, 815-438-3442 or Tim McLoughlin, 815-590-2065
* MARCH: SANDY PINE ELK FARM LIQUIDATION SALE: The liquidation sale will be the weekend of March 21st -22nd and March 28th-29th, from 10-5 all days.
* March 17 (Tues) 3:30 p.m. - Tampico Girl Scouts @ TES
* March 24 (Tues) 7p.m. - TAHS monthly meeting, Program to be announced
* April 4, (Saturday) , 1-2p.m., Tampico Lions Club annual Easter Egg Hunt. Tamplco Elementary School. Contact: Ron Church, 815-438-3442 or Tim McLoughlin 815-590-2065.
* April 8 (Wed) THPAC 7p.m. Tampico Historic Preservation Committee meets in Historical Building, 119 Main St., Tampico, at 7p.m.
* April 10 (Friday) 1p.m. - Prophetstown RNA Youth Chapt. 516 Egg Hunt in Booth Park
* Propehtstown Parade - Saturday

Joyce Armstrong Cooper (FL): Family ties in Bureau Co. - McKune?

OBITUARIES (*submitted by Melva L. Taylor)
* 1926 - Magnus Peterson - *
* 1926 - Joseph Darnell *
* 1971 - Harold Howard Crandall *
* 1971 - Paul Esslinger *
* 1971 - Carl Oscar Ross *
* 1974 - Frank W. Renner *
* 1974 - Elfrieda Berg *
* 1974 - Vida Glassburn *
* 1975 - Nellie LaDue *
* 1975 - John Hammerle *
* 1975 - James F. Hansen *
* 1975 - Carol Waldron *
* 1977 - Clora Meisenheimer *
* 1977 - Nels August Johnson *
* 1989 - Harry E. Chapin *
* 1989 - Helen Newlon *
* 1989 - Richard Moloney *

* Lowry Family of Ballyreagh
* Ballyreagh Antrim
* Sandy Pine Elk Farm Liquidation Sale
* This Week in Tampico History - w/o Feb. 1
* This Week in Tampico History - w/o Feb. 8
* This Week in Tampico History - w/o Feb. 15
* This Week in Tampico History - w/o Feb. 22
* St. Mary's Cemetery - Hooppole
* Kemmis Cemetery
* Future of this website
* Swan Families born in Boston Mass.
* Daniels Family in Whiteside County
* Hart/Booth Line
* Geneaology Humor
* Burdette Foy, s/o Almond Foy & Rachel Austin
* Foytown Cemetery
* Mine Workers
* Free Canadian Records!
* Harrington Families


Christian C. Robertson; Frederick F. Williams;


George James;


MESSSAGE BOARD - January 2009

* Bureau County Look-ups
* This Week in Tampico History - Week of Dec. 28th
* This Week in Tampico History - Week of Jan. 4th
* This Week in Tampico History - Week of Jan. 11th
* This Week in Tampico History - Week of Jan. 18
* This Week in Tampico History - Week of Jan. 25
* This website's # of pages.
* Swan families born in Boston Massachusetts
* Lindquist family Line
* Genealogy Humor
* Find-a-Grave, New Feature!

OBITUARIES (Key: Melva L Taylor = MLT; Les Niemi = LN)
* 1907 - Jesse H. Davis
* 1916 - "Grandma" Mary (Grigg) Thackaberry - LN
* 2008 - Doris Irene Buikema Gaskill Kilberg
* 1997 - Delbert E. Hepner - MLT
* 1996 - Carol Jean (Moore) Hatten - MLT
* 1970 - Louella Esther (Burroughs) Warner - MLT
* 1971 - Luella (McCombs) Carlson - MLT
* 1971 - Mille Reynolds - MLT
* 1971 - Frank Hewitt - MLT
* 1971 - Raymond McKenna - MLT
* 1971 - Nellie Beebe - MLT
* 1971 - Arthur Anderson - MLT
* 1971 - Arelene (Reynolds) Stouffer - MLT
* 1971 - Wayne E. Trabelot - MLT
* 1971 - Nina Alberta Ruck - MLT
* 1971 - Orva Meredith - MLT
* 1971 - Jennie (Craddock) Kimmel - MLT
* 1971 - Betty (Lancaster) Stone - MLT
* 1973 - Gladys (Hamblock) Ruhl - MLT
* 1973 - Robert Connolly - MLT
* 2008 - Carl M. Nelson - Submitted by Joan Johnson

BIOGRAPHIES -Bureau County, IL 1885

* P. G. Larson - requested
* Charles McKune - requested

Kudos again to Melva Taylor and Les Niemi for all of their contributions to our website.

Keep all of that great information coming! It is so very appreciated. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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