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TAHS CALENDAR OF EVENTS  including "Adopt-a-Grave"

Apr 21, 2009

CORRECTION: Contact # for Joan Johnson should have been: 815-438-7581.

The Tampico Historical Society in conjunction with Flowerland of Prophetstown will be hosting an "ADOPT-A-GRAVE" fund raiser. There are a lot of unkept graves during the holidays. It may be because family is far away, doesn't have time to decorate or maybe all family has passed away. Whatever the reason, we want our cemeteries to look beautiful when the Historical Society does their annual Memorial Day Cemetery Walk. Flowerland in Prophetstown is helping us create these beautiful arrangements at a low cost to you. Choose from one of the 4 arrangements below (see link t flyer below), and help our Historical Society. We will provide arrangements for Tampico Memorial, St. Mary's Catholic and Yorktown Cemeteries and place them on the appropriate stones. Tell us whose grave you would like to remember, or we will adopt one for you. We will notify about the information of who you adopted. Orders must be called in no later that May 21st. If you are interested please contact Joan Johnson 815-438-7581, garyjoan@thewisp.net.



* April 24 - Murder Mystery Dinner held in Community Building, W. Market St., Tampico. Limited seating. Tickets: $15. Contact: Shirley Lester, 815-438-7447.

April 28, 7:00 p.m. - Tampico Area Historical Society monthly meeting. 119 Main St., Tampico. Contact: Joan Johnson, 815-438-7581

*May 1, 12 noon - AGAPE Luncheon & Fashion Show @ YWCA, Sterling Tickets and information can be obtained from Cheryl Thede at 815-537-2259 or Joan Johnson at 815-438-7581 or Connie Cato, Executive Director at 815-438-3080.

* May 25, 10:00 a.m. - Annual TAMPICO MEMORIAL DAY CEMETERY WALK. Start at 10 a.m. in the St. Mary's Cemetery and end in the TMC. Tentative plans include Dr. Ed Temple & wife & Kermit Branson. Others TBA. Contact Joan Johnson, 815-622-8705 or Denise McLoughlin, 815-590-2143

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