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Newsletters > TAHS Newsletter & Website Updates for July 2009
TAHS Newsletter & Website Updates for July 2009

Aug 1, 2009

The summer programs have been enlightening and entertaining. In June, we had Dr. Darroll Erickson speak on doctors in Whiteside County prior to 1900. Emphasis was given to doctors in the Tampico vicinity. Attendance was high that night since prior to his retirement, Dr. Erickson was the family doctor for many of our members. The audience participation was great as several folks shared some special memories of Dr. Erickson’s kindness as well as his life-saving actions for which they were very grateful.
Don Wallace was the guest speaker for our July meeting. His visit was quite timely and tied in nicely with the “Save Our Scoreboard” efforts. Coach Wallace remembered when he and a few other faculty drove up to Michigan in the fall of 1967 to pick up the scoreboard. Surprising, it was not to replace an existing scoreboard – it was their ONLY scoreboard. They were really taking a chance, since there was serious discussion about eliminating the football program at Tampico High School. They opted to take their chances, since the alternative was to attend the dreaded “Teachers’ Institute,” which is where they were supposed to be that day!
Next month is our annual potluck held in the Community Building. We meet a little earlier this night, so mark your calendar accordingly – Tuesday, August 25, @ 6 p.m. Bring a dish to pass and your own table setting. Beverages will be provided. The topic for the evening will be the old Chapin Creamery. We’ve invited as many past employees as we could find to come and share their stories with us. This is open to the public, so please join us for a nostalgic evening of food and fun.
A big thank you to all who have attended our fund raisers. The “Haystack Dinner” was quite a success. It was comical to hear how many were overheard saying “I had to come to find out what the heck a Haystack dinner was”! It was yummy. Kudos to Kay Lancaster for the idea and to all the volunteers who helped put it all together.
There’s been more & more interest in our Family History Library & Research Center, located in the upstairs of the Tampico Historical Building, 119 Main Street. This is open by appointment or by chance, so please give me a call if you would like to visit and/or utilize our resources. We archive the Tampico Tornado Newspaper which was published from 1876-1966. Other treasures are funeral logs, directories, maps & plat books, county history books including biographical sketches, family files, photos, old school teacher's ledgers, year books and a plethora of other historical documents, data and photos. We have a computer and TAHS members will have access to Ancestry.com. Membership is only $10/individual, $15/family. Life-time memberships available for age 55 for $50.
Denise Mickelson & Karen Dever have done a wonderful job with the new Tampico High School window display. We have seen a new surge of interest from our young people in protecting our history as witnessed with the “Save Our Scoreboard” movement. The new window display seems to hold special appeal with the younger generation. They are the lifeline of our organization and preserving our history and it is so refreshing to see them take an interest in our group.
Shirley Lester from the T. A. R. P. group is still working with the artist for the Reagan statue to be displayed in Reagan Park. Outside sources are offering a website, but this is still in the planning stage. There is a special fund at the People’s Bank (Tampico Banking Center) for donations towards the statue.
I have been very busy working with several families finding graves in our area cemeteries. It has been as helpful to me as it is to them. We have found some discrepancies and I have made the corrections on the site. The cemetery project is my focus as I continue to update the information and reformat the indexes for our area cemeteries online. It is a major undertaking, and I truly apologize for taking so long to get it all completed. To all those who have contributed corrections or new information, please know I am so very grateful to you for the help. There are still many corrections/additions to be made, but we’ll get-er-done eventually.
Please note the new email address for the historical society – tampicohistoricalsociety@gmail.com
Thank you – have a great summer!,
Denise McLoughlin
Volunteer Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

New Entries for August, 2009

2009 - 2010 Season for RONALD REAGAN BIRTHPLACE & MUSEUM, 111 Main St., Tampico, IL

*April through October, 2009:
Mon. - Saturday: 10a-4p
Sunday: 1-4p Or by appt. after hours

November 1, 2009 - Feb. 28, 2010 - Open by appointment. Contact: Joan Johnson, co-ordinator @ 815-622-8705, or Shirley Lester @ 815-438-7447.

Also – the Tampico Area Historical Society & Museum is open April – October, Saturday & Sunday, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Or by appointment. The Family History Library and Research Center is open by appointment or by chance. Contact: Denise McLoughlin, Family History Coordinator, 815-590-2143

Do you have a few hours during the week or weekends? Why not consider being a volunteer at the Reagan Birthplace or the Tampico Historical Society? You'll learn so much about your community and meet some great people from all over the nation. If you would like to offer a few hours of your time, please contact volunteer coordinator, Joan Johnson, 815-438-7581. Thank you!

August 3, (Monday) - Tampico Community Club - meet at Good Times for spaghetti lunch. After lunch, go to Community Club for dessert and program by Sheriff Kelly Wilhelm discussing Senior Scams.

August 4 - 7 p.m., TAHS Board meeting

August 7 & 8 - "Back-to-school-city-wide-garage-sale"! Contact: Sandy, 309-854-2252 for details. Many have already signed up, so this should be a good one!

August 12 - Veteran Motor Car Club of America Nat'l Presidential Tour (about 9 a.m.) Main Street, Tampico (see flyers around town)

August 20, 12:30 p.m. - Tampico Area Long Range Planning Committee (TALRPC). Meet @ Good Times. Umbrella program for area businesses, clubs/organizations to inform & coordinate. President: Terry Gaskill, 815-535-3665

August 25, 6 p.m. - TAHS annual potluck. Bring your own table setting and a dish to pass. Beverage provided. Come to the Community Bldg on W. Market St. for this special event. Program Topic is on the Chapin Creamery. Come join us for a nostalgic evening as past employees tell share some of their (mis) adventures of that by-gone era. Please join us! Contact: President Joan Johnson, 815-438-7581

August 27 - Tampico Area Community Club (TACB) sponsoring bus trip to LaSalle. Tickets $40/person. Contact Anita Stickel by August 17th to reserve spot. Activities include mule-drawn canal ride & visit to historical home in LaSalle.

FOR A DIRECT LINK TO EACH NEW ENTRY, VISIT OUR "WHAT'S NEW"? PAGE ON WEBSITE: http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/Whats_New.html


Temple Family Photo (identification)
FYI - Temporary Access to Ancestry Canada Ship Manifests
Elsie Yarde
Brown Family
Emmons, A. F. R.
Clarence & Hazel Kennedy
Hawthorne Villa
George Mingle
"Mabel" 1897 Autograph Book
Harms Family
Shere/Pierson Families
Les N

Lizzie ACKEBERG; Paul ALBRECHT; John A.ANDERSON; Orpha (Underhill) BACKERKEPSTER; Lula BLACKBURN; Lisa BRAASCH; Charles BRANTS; George BRECKENRIDGE;Glenn M. BROOKS; Bernadine BRUDER; Florence CADY; Leslie E. CHAPIN; LeRoy J. COGGINS; William DEVINE; Majorie EGAN; Harry F. ESHELMAN; Foster FIKE; Harry A. FRANCIS; Hazel (McKenzie) GILLETTE; Bernadine GLASSBURN; Kenneth L. GLASSBURN; Gustav HAAKS; George HANSEN; Mae (Schultz) Hansen; Carl E.HASSELMAN; Charles E. HASSELMAN; Howard E JAQUET; Paul D. LOVE; Julia LUTYENS (notation in gossip column); Elizabeth (Kline) Majeski; Lauren MATTHEWS; Robert MAYBERRY; Henry Meier; Fredrick G. NEAR; L. Lenola (Hamilton) NEUMANN; Mrs. Clifford OLSON; Arthur V. PIERCE; Walter Louis PLAUTZ; Helen (Dessing) RHOADES; Albert ROBERTS; Elizabeth (Houch) ROMAN; Robert R. ROWLAND; Wilhelmina (Sachjen) SANDROCK; Mrs Tim TURNER; Leone M. (DeBusschere) Verhulst; Elsie YARDE;

Solomon Brown - Submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb

Temple Family (I added more photos)
Christian Church (Church of Christ) - added photo of S.S. class with name identification! Pierce, McKenzie, Griffin, Anderson, Parent, Seymour, LaDue, Rosene, Vaughn, and Lutyens.
PEOPLE - 1915 10th birthday party of Gladys Russell. Includes names: Walker; Tonkinson; Russell; Oliver; Boyer; McCombs; Dillon; Nelson; Denison; Kilroy; Crucius; Emmons/Dunn; Corbin
TAMPICO HOUSES - Cain house ca. 1906
S. O. S. = Save Our Scoreboard
TMC - J. L. & Maryette PIERCE
TMC - John Howard Pierce
TMC - Edna Dronenberg
TMC - Tracy A. Pierce
TMC - Lillian E. Pierce
TMC - Stella M.Pierce
TMC - Alvin Pierce
TMC - John T. & Mary A. Pierce
TMC - Wm Rowe (d. 1877)
TMC - Mary Rowe (d. 1882)
TMC - Millie A. Breckenridge
TMC - George E. Breckenridge

BIOGRAPHIES - Bureau County, 1885

J R. Earnest submitted by Duncan Clee


Tampico Memorial Cemetery: Death date of Marvin Lutyens corrected. (submitted by daughter)
Tampico Memorial Cemetery: Added Madlyn Lutyens (submitted by daughter)
UPDATED JOHNSON information in the Tampico Memorial Cemetery
Update Alfred Rasmus HANSEN in the TMC
Update to the "D's" in the TMC index - Deviner, Devise, Devore, Dewatres, Deweese, Diller, Dillon, Dir, Domspike, Dow,Dowd, Dragoo, Drayton, Drew, Dronenberg & Druin
Tampico Memorial Cemetery - Corrected spelling of Marion ROHLFF and added headstone
Tampico Memorial Cemetery - added headstone photos for J. L. & Marryette Pierce
Tampico Memorial Cemetery - corrected spelling for DRONENBERG entries Tampico Memorial Cemetery - added Tracy A. Pierce, WW vet
Tampico Memorial Cemetery - added Lillian E. Pierce
Tampico Memorial Cemetery - added John T. & Mary A. Pierce
Tampico Memorial Cemetery - corrected death date for John Howard Pierce
Tampico Memorial Cemetery - added additional info on BRECKENRIDGE family provided by Chistine Conner

1951 - Dororthy Hasselman marries James Devine
1958 - Jane Hasselman marries Gerald Rosenow
1934 - Bernadine Pierce weds Kenneth Glassburn
1939 - Marjorie Pierce weds Carl Scott
1884 - Julia WELCH to William LUTYENS

1989 - Scott 50th Anniversary

G. W. Glassburn celebrates birthday

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