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Newsletters > TAHS Newsletter & Website Updates for August, 2009
TAHS Newsletter & Website Updates for August, 2009

Sep 3, 2009


Upcoming events
September 22, 7p.m. - TAHS Meeting: Guest Speaker, Terry Buckaloo, Director & Curator of the Sterling/Rock Falls Historical Society. Meet in the Historical Building, 119 Main St., Tampico.

Our October program is usually the cemetery walk in Yorktown Cemetery. If you know of someone you would like to be honored, please contact Denise McLoughlin at your earliest convenience - tampicohistoricalsociety@gmail.com or 815-590-2143.

Here is a list of names buried there:
Anderson, Bacon, Baker, Barrenthine, Bastian, Berge, Belowski, Black, Blackert, Blair, Booth, Bowels, Brandau, Brooks, Brown, Brinkman, Bruder, Buchwald, Bullock, Bump, Bunker, Cain, Carrol, Cartwright, Cassens, Catlett, Conery, Cooly, Cooper, Covell, Cramphin, Darnell, Detloff, Dixon,Dow, Elgin, Fotzler, Frank, Franks, Gertach, Greenwood, Gilkey, Gudgell, Gustafson, Hansen, Hardy, Hatten, Heminover, Hilger, Hixon, Hokquist, Holtz, Hopkins, Houch, Howlett, Humphery, Hunter, Jewll, Johnson, Jorgensen, Kerber, Kerchner, Kolbs, Koenig, Krebs, Kuepker, Landheer, Landsiedel, Lane, Latimer, Lewis, Lickard, Lyon, Markle Mankle or Markle, Martin, Mathis, McCrea, McKenzie, McMillen, Merthew, Merrifield, Merriman, Miller, Montgomer, Moody, Morse, Morill, Menstronma*, Munson, Nelson, Nielsen, Owens, Parent, Pedersen, Pierson, Pitney, Pletch, Ralli, Rasmussen, Remington, Resberg, Richards, Robinson, Rogers, Roseling, Rowe, Saathoff, Saltzmann, Sandrock, Sawyer, Seaholm, Seibel, Senning, Scott, Sheldon, Shere, Souder, Sauder. Stahl, Stltzer, Strike, Sullivan, Sweet, Tanner, Teske, Thomas,Tornow, Voland, Waite, Warfield, Webber, Werderman, Wittington, Winans, Winchell, Wiseman, Yackley, Yonk

We usually have this on a Sunday afternoon. In inclement weather, we hold it inside the YT Community Bldg with refreshments served afterward.

We are very grateful to the Village of Tampico for paying the annual fee for the website and to TheWisp for providing free internet service at the building. Our website renewal is up for renewal this October 15. Please let the village know how important this website is and thank them for their past support and encourage them to continue to do so. Email: tampicoclerk@thewisp.net

Members are encouraged to visit our Family History Library & Research Center, located upstairs at 119 Main Street, Tampico, IL. Treasures abound - we archive the Tampico Tornado newspapers that were published from 1876-1966. Other items include our Funeral Logs, Cemetery Indexes, Family History files, photo albums, Whiteside County history books & biographical sketches and plat maps, many with Directories. We have a computer with internet access, which members can use to access ANCESTRY.com and FOOTNOTE.com In this economy, it's a great bargain for your $10 annual fee. http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/Membership_Donations.html

Our August program was held in the Community Building, where a potluck supper was enjoyed by all. The topic for the program was the Chapin Creamery. We were fortunate enough to have several guests who use to work at the Creamery and shared their "behind-the-scenes" stories with us. Gene Wright also brought some enlarged photographs of the guys at work inside the creamery. Stories were shared by John & Jim Taets, Sonny Rosenow, Denver Cole, Bob Cassens and Cadet Thorp.

Others that could not attend in person sent emails & letters, including a letter from Sally Chapin telling of the history of the Creamery as her mother told it to her. Jim Stevens also reminisced via email - "Wish I could be at the August Meeting. I worked at the creamery the summer I was 15. I remember well leaning over the steam tables turning the cheese slices and filling the cans.
I remember Al Karns, and John Christofferson . Mr Chapin was a great boss to work for. My pay was $.50 an hour and a jug of milk each day.
He almost fired me one day around the 4th when I lit a firecracker to throw it out a window there. I missed and the explosion sounded like the place blew up.
I'm now 77 and still remember that day well.
Jim Stevens"

I could use your help with some of our current research requests:

1. The Franks family that now lives in Archie Yarde's house on Market St. would like photos of the interior, depicting the architecture through the years. They would like to restore it to it's original appearance as closely as possible. They would also like to know who lived in the house through the years. If you have info or photos to share, please submit it to the TAMPICO AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY via email: tampicohistoricalsociety@gmail.com or snail-mail - P. O. Box 154, Tampico, IL 61283.

2. Another request is someone wants to know if there are any LINDQUIST/LUNDQUIST families still in the area.

3. Judy Mayer (nee Lybarger) of NE is looking for information on Oke (spelled various ways) HOLMQUIST. I have transcribed his bio on the website this month. Oke had a child named Nellie O. HOLMQUIST with a lady by the name of Harriet Winslow. Mrs. Mayer is looking for obits & photos of this family.
If you would like more detailed info regarding the surnames involved with this family lineage, please contact me at the historical society email.

Here are the latest updates to our website -

New Entries for August, 2009

Go to our "WHAT'S NEW" page of web site for a direct link to each new entry.


* George Mingle
* JOHNSON's in Union Cemetery (Bureau County)
* Cooley
* Union Cemetery - Bureau County
* Harms Family
* Daniels Family of Whiteside County
* Conroy-Winter


* Union Cemetery (aka: Whittington or Greenville/Fairfield), Bureau County - I have finished posting names, but still need to fill in the data. http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/UnionCemetery_Index.html

* George Johnson Descendancy - Submitted by Bill Bonner

OBITS (Many thanks to Melva Taylor for most of these!)
Josie ACKEBERG; William ADAMS; John BRANDAU; Margaret J. BRANDAU; Chloette BRUNS; Jacob CANTLIN; Harold E. CARLSON; Edw. T. EGAN; Ransom EGERT; Lena E GLASSBURN; Jennie GROBE; Harry M. HURD, Sr.; Mary KILROY; Frances KLOCKENGA; Julia MATTHEWS; Robert MATTHEWS; Charles E. MILLER; Kenneth NIELSEN; Harold OAKFORD; Elijah OSBORNE; HIlma (Lindquist) PETERSON; Grover ROSENE; Anna SCHULTZ; Alma STRIKE




1. Katherine (nee: Kilroy) Redmer - Katherine (nee: Kilroy) Redmer of Suncity West, AZ
Family surnames: Kilroy, France, Chreist & McCormick
Father was Charles Kilroy. Katherine lived in Tampico until she was in 3rd grade - she is now 81 yrs old. Solomon France & Patrick Kilroy were her great-grandfathers. Katherine wrote that she was very pleased with the information she found on our website! It amazes me that folks of that generation are "surfing the web." WELCOME Katherine!

Sneak Peek- Sept. entries

1881 - Winter-Reitz http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/articles/article/1327208/130854.htm

Dir Family Album http://picasaweb.google.com/TampicoHistoricalSociety/DIRFamily#

It is hard to believe that we are winding down another season for the Birthplace as well as the Historical Society. But we can always use extra help, even during the "off" season. Please contact Joan Johnson if you would like to help in any way.

2009 - 2010 Season for RONALD REAGAN BIRTHPLACE & MUSEUM, 111 Main St., Tampico, IL

*April through October, 2009:
Mon. - Saturday: 10a-4p
Sunday: 1-4p Or by appt. after hours

November 1, 2009 - Feb. 28, 2010 - Open by appointment. Contact: Joan Johnson, co-coordinator @ 815-622-8705, or Shirley Lester @ 815-438-7447.

Tampico Area Historical Society & Museum is open April – October, Saturday & Sunday, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Or by appointment. The Family History Library and Research Center is open by appointment or by chance. Contact: Denise McLoughlin, Family History Coordinator, 815-590-2143

Do you have a few hours during the week or weekends? Why not consider being a volunteer at the Reagan Birthplace or the Tampico Historical Society? You'll learn so much about your community and meet some great people from all over the nation. If you would like to offer a few hours of your time, please contact volunteer coordinator, Joan Johnson, 815-438-7581. Thank you!

Please pass this newsletter along to anyone you feel may have an interest. Thank you!

Denise McLoughlin
Family History Coodinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

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