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WHAT'S NEW? New entries for May 2004

Jun 1, 2004

Here it is - the first official newsletter for the Tampico
Historical Society. As you may have noticed, I have been
busy totally revamping the website as well as adding a
plethora of information and photos. Many thanks to all of
you that have contributed towards this.

There are a few things I'd like to point out about the new
"face lift" of the site.

1. The new header (photo at top of each page) is the mural
that is painted on the side of the Village Hall building
and I think it was painted by our own Donnie Kirst. It
depicts the history of Tampico, i.e., The two fires, the
tornado, the town's incorporation in 1876 and of course,
the "Dummy" (HY&T railroad). All of this is chronicled in
the "History of Tampico" articles, as well as the "Tampico
2. I'm so happy to finally have all of the cemetery
listings on line now. However, there was a slight logistics
problem (i.e., I goofed). The listings were scanned from
the original lists, not transcribed. Originally, I had
transcribed the Tampico Memorial Cemetery. Many of you
wrote in to tell me of inccorect spellings or omissions,
and it was very simple for me to make the corrections to
the transcribed listings on the site. I did not have the
original lists to make the corrections on them. Long story
short, I need your help again. The new scanned listings do
not reflect the corrections. Please let me know if you find
any errors. I cannot correct the scanned list in pdf
however, I can list the corrections on the primary page. I
apologize for this, but it was impossible for me to
cross-reference the changes from the old to the new.
3. The new "search this site" is a marvelous new tool that
I've added. However, it only updates once per week. Don't
rely on it as your only source for perusing the site for
your family names. You will also need to hit your back
button to return to the Tampico site after viewing all of
the search results.
4. The website is now the "Official" website for the
Tampico Historical Society and paid for by the Village of
Tampico! I still do this on a volunteer basis (not
reimbursed or paid in any form), but I no longer have to
pay for the web space out of my own pocket (which I have
done for 3 years). This is exciting to me, not only for the
financial relief, but because the site has gained the
attention and respect of the community leaders. This will
encourage more participation from the village, which
benefits all of us.
5. This site is always a "work-in-progress." I'm especially
excited about the new "Biography" section. Please be sure
to review them periodically, as I continue to add new
information to the family bios as I acquire it. Many thanks
to all of you who have already submitted your family
histories. Family Histories should be snail-mailed to my
attention, Denise McLoughlin, to the Society's address
listed on home page of the site. Photos can be emailed to
me in jpg. format (bitmap works, too, but I prefer
jpg.)These will be uploaded to the site, but not printed
out for the family files in our Family History Library. If
you would like photos included in your family file at the
Historical Society, please snail-mail copies to the
5. If there are specific types of information you would
like to see included in this newsletter, please contact me.
This site is for YOU. Enjoy! ~ Denise

WHAT'S NEW? May Entries

5/01/04 - Added NEW Photo Album for maps, atlases, etc. The
street map of SW Tampico also gives brief history of the
CB&Q RR. Also included Farm ownership atlases for all
Whiteside County Townships!
5/01/04 - HY&T RR maps/atlases submitted by Neil Wolf.
5/02/04 - 1920 photos of Elmdorf Groceries & 1st Nat'l Bank
located in Photo Album 1/People,Places
5/02/04 - How Whiteside Misssed Forming a Part of the State
of Wisconsin - located in ARTICLES section of site.
5/03/04 - Early Tampico History added to Menu (transcribed
from Portraits & Biographical Album of Whiteside County,
IL. Originally published 1885, Chapman Bros., Chicago, IL)
4 pages
5/03/04 - Bio on George Foy in BIOGRAPHIES section of site.

5/03/04 - Bio on N. Lutyens with lithograph in BIOGRAPHIES
section of site
5/03/04 - Bio on J.W. Glassburn from an 1885 publication in
BIOGRAPHIES section of site.
5/03/04 - Bios on Albert J & Andrew T Glassburn (1885) in
5/04/04 - More early history taken from the Tampico
Centennial Year Book - 1975 (2 pages)
5/04/04 - History of Hahnaman Township, including Deer
Grove (2 pages)
5/07/04 - Updated "CALENDAR" for up-coming events May &
5/07/04 - Bio on Geo. Forward in BIOGRAPHIES section
5/07/04 - Bio on Alpha Eugene Jacobs in BIOGRAPHIES
5/08/04 - Obit for Albert Ellsworth in ARTICLES/HISTORY
5/09/04 - LEON CEMETERY listings in pdf. format. Select
from menu
5/09/04 - Photo of YMCL Band 1910 in PHOTO ABLUM 1/People,
Places, Things. Submitted by Neil Wolf
5/10/04 - Completed TAMPICO MEMORIAL CEMETERY listings
(Whew! What a job that was. Feel free to post your kudos in
the guest book - smile)
5/12/04 - Added listings for ST MARYS CEMETERY
5/12/04 - Maps of Cemetery layouts for TMC,
Fairfield/Yorktown and Leon Cemeteries in MAPS & ATLASES
5/12/04 - Added YORKTOWN/FAIRFIELD CEMETERY listings
5/15/04 - Two obits (John & Amy Strouss) in
ARTICLES/HISTORY/OBITS. Submitted by Dennis Krebs
5/17/04 - 1914 TAMPICO MERCHANTS DIRECTORY. Located in
5/19/04 - Added new links to IL COUNTY FORMATION ANIMATED
with brief description of each website.
5/21/04 - Photo of Bridge #51/Hennepin Canal. Located in
5/22/04 - Added new PHOTO ALBUM - TRAINS. I have transfered
all of the HY&T photos to this album and added new photos
Started seperate photo album for GRAVESITES - will add new
photos as time allows. Select from MENU in left side-bar.
5/27/04 - Added new BIOGRAPHIES section. Select from
side-bar menu
5/27/04 - More photos submitted for the LYON family
5/27/04 - Added NEWSLETTER/MAILING LIST as a new feature.
Select from side-bar menu
5/27/04 - Added Bios on BROWN, JACOBS, LYON & EMMON in
5/27/04 - Added a "search" engine for site. NOTE: I have
added many more entries since the installation of the site
"search engine". The search engine is updated once a week.
It is a helpful tool, but until I am finished upgrading the
site, it will not "find" all the new entries yet.

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