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TAHS Entries for June 2004

Jul 2, 2004

6/01/04 - Added BIO on Alfred Smith in BIOGRAPHIES
6/01/04 - Added BIO on Jacob M. Van Demark in BIOGRAPHIES
6/01/04 - Added BIO on Frank Davis in BIOGRAPHIES
6/02/04 - Re-loaded photo of Lauff Centennial Farm to
6/04/04 - Centennial Farms for Burton, Luyten, Glassburn
and Hamblock in PHOTO ALBUM 1/People, Places . . .
6/04/04 - Memorial notice for Lowell Egert. Found in
6/04/04 - in PHOTO ALBUMS/SCHOOLS, added class photos -
includes names.
6/04/04 - In BIOGRAPHIES, added A.C. Smith
6/10/04 - Added "President's Corner" - Select from left
side-bar menu
Updating Reagan History
6/10/04 - Added "condolences" etc. for Reagan in MESSAGE
BOARD section of site
6/12/04 - Les Niemi has transcribed some wonderful articles
on the REAGAN family from the TAMPICO TORNADO newspaper.
Found in MESSAGE BOARD/Reagan Condolences, thoughts, etc.
Thank you so very much Les!
6/24/04 - Added info for query on Wayne & Harriet Moore
6/25/04 - Revised the Thom. Burden biography now in
BIOGRAPHY section of site.
6/25/04 - Added new PHOTO ALBUM for the Tampico Reagan
Memorial Service. Still have many photos to upload.
6/28/04 - Moved Wetzell from Articles section to
Biographies section and added 5-generation photo.
6/28/04 - Moved Alec McCOMB history from ARTICLES sectio to
BIOGRAPHIES. Added two photos.
6/28/04 - Added Daly Family History in Biographies
6/28/04 Added Bio for Hannah Seastrum in Biographies
6/28/04 - Added Henry Johnson Family History in Biographies

6/28/04 -- Added Rosene Family History in Biographies
6/28/04 - Added info on Sandy Pine Elk Farm & Gift Shop
Grand Opening. Also posted it in the August Calendar of
6/30/04 - Added 1911 class photo and 1919/1920 class photo

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