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Newsletters > TAHS Minutes for Nov. 23, 2010 Meeting
TAHS Minutes for Nov. 23, 2010 Meeting

Jan 15, 2011

Tampico Area Historical Society Meeting November 23, 2010

   The TAHS met in the Historical Building. Members attending were:
Joan Johnson, Shirley Lester, Bob and Geri Cassens, Ethel Rosene, Bill Widolf, Denise McLoughlin, Bob Johnson, Terry Gaskill, Duane & Ruth Thompson, and guest Andy Hinton.
   President Joan Johnson led the Pledge to the Flag.
   Secretary Ruth Thompson read the minutes of the last meeting which were approved as read.
   Joan Johnson treasurer, gave the treasure report. Terry Gaskill made a motion to accept the report. Duane Thompson seconded. Motion passed.
   We are still in need of ways to make money for the TAHS.
   Joan urged everyone to support the Gala Celebration of Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday. We should be proud of our heritage. Save up for this event and try to attend. The money made from this Gala Celebration will come to the TAHS to be used for the Statue of Reagan in Reagan’s park.
   There is going to be a traveling museum of this area. It will feature local towns, each having 3 panels to represent them. It will be in each town for a period. Anyone having an idea what to put on the panels, please inform Joan.
   No ideas for raising money were discussed.

   New Business:
Denise reported that the Web Site was hit many times this past month.
The Message board is the most popular.
Second was Reagan Birthplace.
Third was Obituaries.
It has 6000+pages on it. Denise does a fantastic job of keeping this going.
   Robert J. & Jean Anderson of Naperville, IL are new members.. He is the grandson of Horace Harriet Brown; ancestors, Anderson, Brown, Wait, & Whipple.
   Duane stated that the chair lift had been tested for the year. The cost, less than last year. $100.00 for the test and will be $75.00 for the State license.
   Andy Hinton was a guest and he explained that he was in the process of making the city of Privolnoye, Russia a Sister City of Tampico. It has a population of 3600 people. A farming community. East of the Black Sea. He gave a very good presentation of his trip to Russia.
   Newt Ginrich will be the featured speaker at the Gala Party. He will be here the afternoon before to visit the Reagan Birthplace.
   December 4th, is Christmas in the Country at 4PM. Royalty will be announced at 4:15. Santa will be there, Caboose rides will be given, cocoa and cookies will be in the Tampico Ambulance building.
December 3rd is the parade in Sterling. If no snow on ground they will take the HY&T train there.
   Next meeting will be early, January 18th, so we can plan more for the 100th Birthday parties.
   Gary and Joan Johnson have invited members to come to their home the 28th of December to celebrate Christmas. 6:30 to 8:30.

   Meeting adjourned   .

Ruth Thompson

NOTE THAT WE MEET EARLIER IN JANUARY. WE WILL MEET ON JAN. 18th, 2011. Please plan on attending.

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