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Aug 1, 2004

Hello All,
Hopefully you have had a chance to visit the Tampico
Historical Society web site this past month. You'll note
that I have revamped its "look." This was partially for
appearance sake, but my goal was to make the site easier to
navigate. The same information is there, but I have
"catagorized" everything to make your selections/searches a
little easier. Click on any highlighted (colored) word and
it will take you to the page referenced. Click your back
button or "Home" to return to the front page.

There are a few "quick reference" tabs at the top of the
page, but these are certainly not ALL of the pages. The
front page has Six catagories: "History & Biographies,"
"Photo Albums," "Cemeteries," "Ronald Reagan," "Local
Government (a NEW section!)," and "Miscellaneous." Click on
any of the subtitles to access those pages. A few subtitles
are not highlighted, which means it will be coming soon! I
hope you enjoy the new format. Please post a line or two
when you visit in the "Guest Book" and let me know what you

There is a new section "Local Government" which is
monitored by Commissioner Tim McLoughlin. His goal is to
get the town involved with what is happening and give them
a voice. This is best achieved by attending the Village
meetings. But, if he can't get you to the meetings, he will
bring the meetings to you! The minutes of prior meeting are
posted, the Calendar section lists all of the meeting dates
and times and there is an interactive "VILLAGE FORUM."
Currrent discussion is on creating a Chamber of Commerce
for the Tampico/Yorktown/Deer Grove areas. In put is wanted
and needed. You also have the option of starting a new
topic of discussion as well. I hope to see this forum
really take off. You can write in anonymously if you

If you have a Community Event planned, please contact me
and I will post it on our Calendar. I am also starting a
Directory of local businesses. If you have a business in
Tampico, Yorktown or Deer Grove and would like it listed,
please contact me.

There is also a "search this site" search engine now. This
is updated once per week. It is a convenient tool, but
please don't use it as your only source. Some things are
not picked up by their index crawler. As always, you can
email me if you have any questions or concerns. Just click
on my name on the home page or go to the "Contact Us"
section of site.


7/01/04 - Added Bio on Admiral J.M. Reeves in Biographies.
Includes football team photo with Winston Churchill
7/01/04 - Added "Local Business Directory" to menu. If you
would like to be listed, please contact me.
OF TAMPICO located in CALANDAR section
7/01/04 - Added "The Commish" webpage. This is where
Commissioner Tim McLoughlin will post 'what's happening' at
Village Hall. Commissioner McLoughlin stongly encourages
your comments as well as your attendance at the village
7/02/04 - Started a "Village Forum" - An inter-active Q&A
about the Village of Tampico.
7/05/04 - Started a "Church" Directory
7/06/04 - Added more photos for Reagan Memorial Service
7/06/04 - Added Bios for Frank B. Thomas, Auren S. Brewer,
Giles A. Stilson, William J. Love, Franklin B. Clark,
Rosewell B. Denison, Peter Hagen, John P. Badgley, Jacob F.
Leonard, Rufus M. Bullock and Thompson M. Wylie
7/07/04 - Added newspaper articles, link to them from the
Ronald Reagan History page (bottom of page).
7/07/04 - Added newspaper clippings on Reagan - includes
birth notice, seperation from Jayne and other tid bits.
Found in Reagan Photo Gallery. (Note: Articles that were
too large to post in Photo Gallery are linked to REAGAN
HISTORY web page).
7/13/04 - Added more Reagan History
7/17/04 - Added Agenda for July 19 Village Hall Meeting
7/17/04 - Added Donation page for McElhiney Appreciation
7/17/04 - Updated "The Commish" page with minutes for July
5th meeting
7/18/04 - Added "Small Town" article on Tampico (great
history piece) in ARTICLE/HISTORY section
7/21/04 - Added Foy-Harrington marriage announcement in
Articles section
7/21/04 - Added genealogical info on Breckenridge &
Wheelock in Articles section (submitted by relative)
7/30/04 - Added FAMILY HISTORY page - moved
Glassburn/Seekman gen chart to this page.
7/30/2004 - List of Senior Center Activities in August
Calendar. Includes activities for Aug, Sept., Oct.,
Nov./Dec. Many require reservations NOW!
7/31/04 - Added minutes for the July 19th Tampico Village
Council in THE COMMISH section

There are over 600 pages on this site now! And almost 700
photos! Keep it coming!

Denise McLoughlin
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

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