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Newsletter & Website Updates - Oct., 2011

Nov 4, 2011

CALENDAR OF EVENTS http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/page/page/22558.htm

Our October program was well attended. The October program of Tampico Area Historical Society was presented by Barbara Mask and Pamela Blecha of the Fulton Historical Society. Mrs. Mask interviewed Mrs. Blecha as she portrayed Nellie Reagan (mother of President Ronald Reagan) while she described the early years of the Reagan's family life, from their marriage in Fulton to living and working in Tampico, then on to Chicago, Galesburg, Monmouth, back to Tampico, then to Dixon and later their move to California.
Photo: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photodEI9nLPjGf57nYYNCWbVYA?feat=directlink
Pictured - Barbara Mask on left - Pamela Blecha (as Mrs. Nellie Reagan) on right.

The November TAHS Program will be held on Thursday, Nov. 22, at 7 p.m. in the Historical Bldg., 119 Main St. A video will be shown of the 2011 Memorial Day Cemetery Walk in the St.Mary's Cemetery & the Tampico Memorial Cemetery.

RONALD REAGAN BIRTHPLACE - http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/R_Reagan_Birthplace_Museum.html
The Ronald Reagan Birthplace is officially closed for the 2011 season, except for the Thanksgiving weekend. They will be open on the following dates, before the new, full-time 2012 season begins:
Friday, Nov. 25, 2011 & Saturday, Nov. 26, 2011. Manager, Joan Johnson will have the Birthplace open for tours these two days. If you have out-of-area guests, this would be a wonderful treat for them. Contact Joan Johnson: reaganbirthplace@thewisp.net or 815-622-8705 for details.

February 6, 2012, 10a-4p: The annual Ronald Reagan Birthday Party, sponsored by the Tampico Area Historical Society, will be held on Ronald Reagan's birthday. Both the Ronald Reagan Birthplace, 111/113 Main St., and the Tampico Area Historical Society Bldg., 119 Main Street, will be open for tours. Refreshments will be served in the Tampico Historical Bldg., 119 Main St. More details to follow, when the time gets closer. Contact Joan Johnson, reaganbirthplace@thewisp.net, or 815-622-8705.

March, 2012 - Open on weekends. Saturday, 10a-4p and Sunday 1p-4p. Contact Joan Johnson, reaganbirthplace@thewisp.net, 0r 815-622-8705.

April 1, 2012 begins the full-time 2012 season. Open Monday through Saturday, 10a - 4p and Sunday, 1p-4p. Groups should contact Joan Johnson in advance: 815-622-8705 or reaganbirthplace@thewisp.net
If you would like to visit the Birthplace during the "off" season, please contact Joan Johnson or Shirley Lester to schedule an appointment.

The Birthplace welcomed over 1,800 guests this year, representing 45 states and 23 countries.

VETERANS' DAY MEMORIAL SERVICE - November 11, 2011 @ 11:00 a.m.
The annual Memorial Day Service was presented in Reagan Park, Tampico, IL by the Tampico American Legion. After the tribute in the park to our Veterans, the Tampico Area Historical Society was open and served refreshments & a military display. https://picasaweb.google.com/ddm1050/TampicoAmericanLegionPost574?authuser=0&feat=directlink

Tampico Area Historical Society and Ronald Reagan Birthplace will host Author Peter Hannaford for a Book Signing of his new book: "Reagan Roots". The signing will take place on Monday, Dec.5 at 2 PM in the Historical Society Museum located at 119 S. Main St.: Tampico, IL. Author, Public Relations Expert, Former Aide to President Reagan, Peter Hannaford's career spanning over four decades, includes a long association with Ronald Reagan; representation in Washington of foreign heads of state and some of the nation's and world's largest companies; senior roles in presidential campaigns and Republican National Conventions; and authorship of numerous articles and seven books. Four of his books are about Ronald Reagan (1983 - The Reagans; A Political Portrait) (1994 Remembering Reagan) ( 1997 Recollections of Reagan) and (1998 The Quotable Ronald Reagan). Joan Johnson, Director of Ronald Reagan Birthplace and President of Tampico Historical Society cordially invites the public to come meet Mr. Hannaford on Dec. 5. For more information, call 815-622-8705 or e-mail - garyjoan@thewisp.net. Submitted by Joan Johnson

If you haven't visited the LDS www.familysearch.org lately, you will definitely want to check out their "new," version of the site. https://www.familysearch.org/ If you go to their original familysearch.org site, you will see a brown-colored box at top-center of page that reads "try the updated site." Click on that box to link to the new page. You have the option of filling in name, date, location and years of interest, as well as searching for records, trees, catalogs and/or books; or you can scroll down the page a bit and select the country of interest. This section often contains the actual documents, such as birth, death, marriage certificates or the old church registers with births/baptisms/marriages/deaths. These are NOT indexes only! They are the actual photo copies of the original records. Check back often as they seem to upload new data on a regular basis. By the way, this is all FREE!

GENEALOGY NIGHT? - If there is enough interest, I will consider having a "genealogy night or day" at the Historical Society. This would be a scheduled day & time when the Tampico Historical Society's Family History Library/Research Center will be open to those interested in utilizing our facility for their local research. Some things that may be of interest are plat books, funeral logs, cemetery lists, family files, and a large collection of the Tampico Tornado Newspaper, published from 1876 through 1966. We have wi-fi service, so bring your laptops. We have a scanner/printer/copier. TAHS members receive a discount on copy prices. If you are interested in this, please contact me at tampicohistoricalsociety@gmail.com.

RESOURCES - If you are not sure of the date of an event, such as the birth/marriage/death date of someone you are researching, try the online Sterling Gazette Index: This is an Index Only (not the actual articles). It will give you the subject, description, date of issue of newspaper, page & column number. The Gazette newspapers are archived on microfilm at the Sterling Library and available to the public. (Also available via inter-library loan, so check with your local library). I often use this index to get a specific date or time frame and then check our TAHS archives for the Tampico Tornado newspaper for an article or obit in same time frame. It's a very useful tool. The Sterling Gazette has another website that actually has the news article, which you can print or save to your computer. That link is: http://sterlingpl.newspaperarchive.com/ Not all years have been uploaded, but the little drop down boxes will show what years are currently available.

Minutes for Sept., 2011 Meeting: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vOQpdfpLAOZeFOv_OgRHsCfy5dytT6YEFmQhMyZ-Epk/edit
Group meets at 12:30pm in the banquet room of the Good Times.
Thursday November 17th, 2011. TALRPC met & reported on activities going on in our area. Terry, Pres. TALRPC .815-535-3665 Next meeting, Dec. 15, 2011

SISTER CITIES Privloyne, Russia
Andrew Hinton hopes to establish reliable & regular communications with our Russian counterparts, leading to citizens of both regions to communicate (farmer-to-farmer, school child-to-school child, homemaker-to-homemaker, business-to-business, etc...) Andy writes, 'Privloyne (priv-LOY-nay) is a village of about 3600, located in the south of Russia, between the Black & Caspian Seas. Their economy based mostly in agriculture and the nearby gas pipeline'

Note: Tampico is also Sister Cities with Tampico, Mexico.

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New Entries for November, 2011

OBITUARIES - http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/Obit_Index.html

1880 - Samuel Emmons
1904 - L L Emmons, Riverside Cemetery, Sterling, IL
2011 - Mary J. Mosher, St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Tampico
2010 - Henry Wiersema, Fulton Twp Cemetery, Fulton, IL
2010 - Myron Cox
1880 - Samuel Emmons - Sterling, IL
1904 - L L Emmons - Riverside Cemetery, Sterling, IL
2011 - Catherine DeSplinter - St. Mary's CatholicCemetery, Tampico, IL
2011 - Delmar Bates - Cremation
2011 - Gladys V Smith - Tampico Memorial Cemetery
1944 - August Jensen - Fairfield Cemetery
1944 - Hugh R Hermes - St Mary's Cemetery, Tampico
1944 - Dolly Margaret Cox - Leon Cemetery
1944 - George Davey - Tampico Memorial Cemetery
1944 - Walter J Thompson - Tampico Memorial Cemetery
1944 - Nettie Hayes - Greenville-Fairfield Cemetery
2011 - Mary Bateman - Out of State
2010 - Oscar Hostetler Out of State
2011 - Donald Howlett - Oak Knoll Memorial Park, Sterling
2011 - Joseph Ryan Rosenow
1927 - Gerald Glenn Weaver IOOF, Rock Falls
1938 - Lewis Winchell, Yorktown Cemetery
1930 - Fay Fred Yerdes, Lyndon Cemetery
2004 - Marvin Ackeberg, Tampico Memorial Cemetery
2008 - Nathan L Tabor, Out-of-State
2004 - Mary C Adams, St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Tampico
2005 - Velma Car-Skaden, Riverside Cemetery, Sterling
2007 - Alta Allison, Southside Cemetery, Pontiac, IL
2004 - Ronald Reagan, Simi Valley, CA
2003 - Helen Kaiser Anderson, Riverside Cemetery, Sterling, IL
2003 - William Baltzell, Carbondale, IL

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The TAHS is still accepting orders for Bricks or Pavers to line the Memorial walkway to the Ronald Reagan Statue. The cannon is temporarily in place in Reagan Park, awaiting completion of the statue. The proceeds from the sale of bricks & pavers will help pay to complete the statue. We encourage you to become a part of history and order your memorial brick or paver TODAY! https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/ALQXY-4qbp7WS03iTAk3tA?feat=directlink

ORDER FORM FOR BRICK: https://docs.google.com/open?id=1ywZn3dAx3N5nLljVz-ogrdbOPUxk20OcWnUF9zuQTivfOBXo1Z_8b2XveX15

ORDER FORM FOR PAVER: https://docs.google.com/open?id=1jtoc-2kUO2f18WY7ATTiywk7bLZanpEQcHAsNxxUTujUeouaDIJdeNN8qAbU

You can mail a check for your order (see order forms for address) or, if you would like to pay by credit card, go to the dedicated website: http://www.reaganstatue.org/

Happy Thanksgiving!
Denise McLoughlin
Volunteer Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society
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