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TAHS Newsletter & Website Updates - Jan/Feb., 2012

Feb 22, 2012

CALENDAR OF EVENTS - http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/page/page/22558/2012-2.htm (Be sure to use the advance arrow to look ahead in March & April. Check often for updates)


They are still looking for a grant to cover expenses for 13 exterior brass wall plaques. These bldgs are on the Nat'l Registry and the Tampico Historic Preservation Advisory committee would like to present each bldg owner with a plaque, noting the address, listing on Nat'l Reg. & the year the bldg was built. Each plaque is $210 (inc. special screws, p/h). Here is a sample from the company: https://docs.google.com/open?id=1EcWqnJA8uEjoP4l95AoN5iaFPzOi9bWpxrjIGIyEveujzH6As6XS6h5H0QRC
The Tampico Historic Preservation Advisory Committee is comprised of the following members:
Denise Mickelson, President, 815-499-2699
Karen Dever
There are 3 openings for members. Contact the Village of Tampico or Denise Mickelson if you are interested in joining this committee.
Meetings are held quarterly at this time.
Historic Bldg Maintenance: http://www.illinoishistory.gov/ps/maintenance.htm

The building located at 110 Main St. has been purchased by the Scuteri family: Lt. Colonel Mike Scuteri & wife, Helen.
They have already put a new roof on the building and have had it inspected for any structural issues. All seem fine and they will continue to renovate the building. Back in January Mike wrote: "I am an active duty officer (Lieutenant Colonel) and my wife is a stay at home mom with our three kids. My mother owned a main street store front in Morris, Illinois for many years. I grew up in Illinois, graduated from Illinois Wesleyan in Bloomington, Illinois.

I am interested in learning more about the history of the town, President Reagan's life there, and the military service members that served before me. I like the website and have reviewed much of it's content. I am a big Jelly Belly fan."

https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/t4bMk2k8H0l3uC-JBcvIstMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink We have one Confederate Soldier in our TMC = Howell M. Searcy. His family is Winnie (nee: Smith), & daughters, Amadon & and Rosina. Amadon married Edgar Swan. However, we have not been able to find any military information on him. Goal: 1) Find military information so we can honor him in a Cemetery Walk and 2) Assist in getting him a proper headstone as opposed to the hand-painted one. Suggestions?

Monday, May 28, 2012
It's time to start planning for our annual Tampico Memorial Day Cemetery Walk (May 28, 2012). This year, in honor of the 150 Anniversary of the Civil War, we would like to honor as many Civil War Veterans as possible. Do you or someone you know descend from any of these Veterans? If so, please contact me about having them honored this year. Please pass this request along and contact me at tampicohistoricalsociety@gmail.com Thank you. Also, looking for some help coordinating this function. Thank you.
James Fullerton, Co I 47 ILL INF (d. 1920)
Aldrich Marvin Tampico Civil War Pvt (Deserted)
Brown James Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. E, 35 Ill. Inf (see IL State Muster)
Cantlin James Tampico Civil War Pvt., Unassigned Recruit
Caskey A. T. Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. B, 54 Ill. Inf
Chapman Henry Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. A, 9 Ill. Cav
Collins Robert Tampico Civil War
Davis William Tampico Civil War
Emmons E. A. Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. B, 34 Ill. Inf
France Sol Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. G, 147 Ill. Inf
Fullerton J. B. Tampico Civil War Co. I, 147 Inf
Gibson William Tampico Civil War Pvt
Giles Henry Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. B, 34 Ill. Inf
Gray John T. Tampico Civil War Corp., Co. B, 58 Ill. Inf
Gilford C. F. Tampico Civil War Corp., Co. C, 141 Ill. Inf
Hackett William Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. F, 13 Ill. Inf
Hayes Isaac Tampico Civil War Pvt
Hodgeboom John Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. B, 64 Ill. Inf
Howlett John, Sr. Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. B, 9 Cav
Leonard J. F. Tampico Civil War Sgt., Co. E, 148 Ill. Inf
Lutyens Nick Tampico Civil War 1st Sgt., Co. B, 58 Ill. Inf
McGrady Barney Tampico Civil War 34 Ill. Vol. Inf
Milligan J. H. Tampico Civil War
Reeves J. C. Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. C, 8 N.Y. Cav (2004)
Renner James Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. E, 148 Ill. Inf
Renner John R. Tampico Civil War
Hughes J. B. Tampico Civil War Pvt
Rowe William Tampico Civil War Pvt., 53 Ill. Inf
Schneider Jack Tampico Civil War Pvt
Searcy Howell M. Tampico Civil War Confederate
Smith Richard Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. B, 34 Ill. Inf
Steadman T. O. Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. B, 75 Ill. Inf (2011)
Stilson Giles Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. B, 64 Ill. Inf
Turner C. H. Tampico Civil War Corp., Co. E, 104 Ill. Inf
Wylie T. M. Tampico Civil War 1st Lieut., Co. I, 63 Ill. Inf
West Dewitt C. Tampico Civil War Pvt., 34 Ill. Inf
Wetzell Henry Tampico Civil War Pvt., Co. A, 140 Ill. Inf
Wheelock E. E. Tampico Civil War Pvt., G, 147 Ill. Inf
Smith Fred W. Tampico Civil War
Whittington James Tampico Civil War Pvt
Wood H. A. Tampico Civil War Co. B, 73 Ill. Vol. Inf

Bacon John Tampico Catholic Civil War
Conlin James Tampico Catholic Civil War Pvt
Donahue Daniel Tampico Catholic Civil War
Fitzgerald James Tampico Catholic Civil War Pvt
Fleming Roger Tampico Catholic Civil War
Leahy James Tampico Catholic Civil War

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Amber Wildermuth wrote:
Thank you for approving my friend request! I found your website when searching online for information on my Grandma Dixie's grandfather, Jess Howlett. Her father is Jess's son, George Howlett. She has lots of memories of her grandparents, if anyone is still looking for information, you can message me for her contact information.

Dean Mustang-Matters Hillestad wrote:
In 1995 I had the pleasure and honor of spending a portion of Reagan's birthday in Tampico visiting his birthplace and cake with the local Republican club.Thank you for what you do.
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