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Jul 27, 2012

Hello everyone, Yesterday I sent an announcement asking that everyone consider "pre-ordering" their new Whiteside Co. History Books through the TAHS because we would receive a % of sales. Don Mulnix, co-coordinator of this project corrected me as follows:
"We will be getting a percentage of the pre books sold, it will not be decided on how many books any one society sold, but the money will be divided between all the societies weather they sold one book or 100 books. After the pre sale is over, you will be able to purchase any number of books to sell thru your society and the money you make on them is yours. . . . "

"I am available to answer all questions, as co-chairman, from any one, whether they live in Whiteside County or out of county or state. All they have to do is e-mail me [Don Mulnix] at dsm_1944@yahoo.com or call me at 1-815-772-3107."

"One problem we have been running into are the pictures submitted. We need the original or a good copy, which will be returned at no cost to them, or they can e-mail the picture to me at dsm_1944@yahoo.com. They must be at lease 300 DPI and in gray scale, that way I can down load them onto a jump drive. Also we will accept up to three family histories from any one person but only one picture. If they want a picture for each family it will cost $15 for all additional picture."

I hope I have helped to clarify some of the instructions. Please direct all of your questions on this project to Don Mulnix to avoid any confusion in the future.

Family History Coorodinator

President, Joan Johnson, 815-622-8705, garyjoan@thewisp.net or reaganbirthplace@thewisp.net

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