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Donations & Membership Dues

Aug 27, 2012


DATE: _____________

Please check all that apply: Donation $_______ *New membership $________ Renewal $_______
If making a donation, would you like your donation to go toward anything specific or may we apply it where most needed?:

_______General Funds
_______Archive Materials
_______Specific Projects, such as purchasing plaques for Main St. Bldgs listed on Nat'l Registry; newspaper microfilm purchase, etc.


_______ (click for form) GRANITE PAVER (12x6, 4 Lines)

_______(click for form) MEMORIAL BRICK (4X8, 3 Lines)

Name: (please include maiden)

(First) (MI) (Last) (Maiden)
Address: ______________________________________________________

Telephone: ( _)___________ Email:

Membership Fee Schedule (effective May 1, 2005)

Memberships are available to anyone, however; for the sake of clarity I am posting a guideline and explanation of terminology.
*Individual & Family Memberships should be for local residents that are able to attend meetings, offer on-site, volunteer help, and will be allowed to vote. You will receive a certificate the first year you join.

If you are out-of-area and cannot attend meetings, we suggest you "donate" whatever amount you like. It will be considered a donation, not a membership. No certificate will be issued, no voting privileges. Donations and memberships are how we maintain the building, pay for appropriate archiving materials and pay operating expenses. The organization is all-volunteer. The TAHS is very appreciative of any and all donations and memberships.
Annual Dues:
*Single = $10.00
*Family = $15.00
Business = $50.00 (we will provide a link to your business web page or create one on our site)
Sponsor - $10.00
Patron - $25.00
Life-time memberships for a one time fee of $50.00 per person will be available to anyone age 55 or over.

___ # of hours you can volunteer as "greeter" and/or tour guide in Historical Society, April - Oct., Saturday, 10a-4p & Sunday, 1p-4p. (You do not have to work entire time. Two - Four hr. shifts are fine on Saturday or Sunday.

____Clerical help (i.e., filng, sorting photos, etc.) _____ Computer work, ______Cemetery Walk

____Cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, etc. once a month) _________Photography/video taping

____ Help on research projects (may include travel to Morrison Court House)

____ Able to help move heavy display items. _____Mow lawn/general lawn maintenance

____Window or floor displays ______Newsletter _____Help find speakers/topics for programs

Family Surnames:___________________________________________________________

COMMENTS: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


Please make checks payable to: Tampico Area Historical Society

Please remit to:

Tampico Area Historical Society
P. O. Box 154
Tampico, Il 61283

Membership is from May 1 - April 30

TAMPICO AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - MUSEUM - FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY/RESEARCH CENTER 119 Main St., P. O. Box 154, Tampico, IL 61283 www.tampicohistoricalsociety.com tampicohistoricalsociety@gmail.com President Joan Johnson, 815-438-7581 or garyjoan@thewisp.net Family History Coordinator, Denise McLoughlin 815-590-2143. We are an all-volunteer organization so your donations are always appreciated! Sign up to receive our e-newsletter. Thank you! Visit us on FACEBOOK, too.
Note: you can not "reply" to this listserver. Contact Joan Johnson, 815-622-8705, garyjoan@thewisp.net.

TAMPICO AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - MUSEUM - FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY/RESEARCH CENTER  119 Main St., P. O. Box 154,  Tampico, IL  61283   www.tampicohistoricalsociety.com   tampicoareahistory@gmail.com  We are an all-volunteer organization so your donations are always appreciated!  Sign up to receive our e-newsletter. Thank you!  Visit us on FACEBOOK.