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Tampico web site September Entries

Oct 4, 2004

Hello All,
Here are the latest entries for the Tampico Historical
Society's web site. It's been a great couple of months. Our
Annual Pot Luck meeting in August was one of my favorites.
April Hinton gave a wonderful presentation on the history
of the old Yorktown General store. It stirred so many
memories from the audiance members. The Hinton's had their
Grand re-opening of the store this past week-end and they
have done a wonderful job re-creating the ambiance of its

In July, Tom Hickson spoke at our monthly meeting sharing
some of his history and roots in Tampico. He also donated a
huge.....I'm talkin' HUGE, 6 inch binder filled with his
genealogy. I could never get all of the info on the web
site, but if you are in the area, you'll want to stop in
the museum and peruse through it. He's done a fabulous job
chronacling his family history!

We've gained two new members: Tom Hickson (Hixson) and Deb
Peterson. Oh yeah! Welcome aboard. April? Richard? We'd
love to have you two as well.

Lloyd and Amy are back from their TAHS-sponsored trip to
the Presidential Library in California. Amy still cries
when she talks about it. Many thanks to all those that
contributed to their fund.

FYI - Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to send this
newsletter with the hyperlinks to the new entries
(different template). But, at the top of each page of the
website you will see a tab that says "What's New"? Click on
that for the latest entries with hyperlinks to the entry.

Don't forget about the "site-search" at the bottom of the
home page. Just type in the surname or topic you are
looking for and it will give you a list of all site entries
that include that name. It updates every Monday, so check
back often.

There is an index page for each of the CDs I have for
Whiteside, Henry and Bureau Counties. If the name is
highlighted, it has been transcribed to the site. Just
click on the name. If you need a bio transcribed, just
email me and I will get it to you and post it to the site

Thanks to those who have volunteered to help transcribe. I
can use all of the help I can get. We have quite a
following on the website now. Kudos to Richard Hinton for
all of his help on the history of Yorktown and answering
the queries on the message board.

We now have over 718 web pages of FREE historical and
genealogical information on the site. And much more to

Don't forget to check the "Links" section of the site. It
offers links to other helpful web sites to aid in you IL
research, especially Whiteside County. There are also
on-line Family web pages/gen-charts listed and linked.

Although there is no official affiliation, I conside the
ILTrails-Whiteside a "sister" site and I highly recommend
it! You can link to it from our "Links" page as well.

A new acquisition is a box of old newpapers, mostly the
Tampico Tornado, dating from 1905-1919. I will be
transcribing from them shortly, especially
births/marriages/obits. What a treasure!

Many have expressed an interest in purchasing copies of the
Tampico Centennial Year Book (1875-1975). We no longer have
copies availabe for purchase, but I have inquired about
having them reprinted. Stay tuned for more information.

The board of directors meet the first week of November.
That's when the Family History Library/Research Center will
be presented. Keep your fingers crossed. A great BIG thank
you to all who wrote in to support it.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

9/02/04 - Added Village Minutes for Aug. 2, 2004 meeting.
Access via Local Government menu - Village Council Minutes.

9/05/04 - Added history of Princeton and Fairfield
Townships. Access from Past & Present of Bureau County menu
on home page.
9/10/04 - Added Hahnaman History which includes several
mini-bios on its early settlers. Access from History &
Biography Menu
9/14/04 - Added 1885 history of Yorktown Township. Access
from History & Biography menu on home page. "Index -
Portrait & Biographical Album of Henry County - 1885"
9/14/04 - Posted Village Council Minutes for Aug. 16, 2004
Meeting. Access from "Local Government" menu - "Village
Council minutes"
9/15/04 - Posted to October Calendar the Opening of the
Yorktown General Store, October 1, 2004.
9/17/04 - Updated the President's Corner. She has some
"yummy" ideas! Access from "miscellaneous menu" on home
9/19/04 - Added BIO on Jacob Hein. Access from Biographies
(History & Biography menu, front/home page).
9/19/04 - Added BIO on Alfred R. Greenwood. Access from
Biographies (History & Biographies Menu, front/home page).
9/22/04 - Added minutes for the September Village Council
Regular Meeting. Access from "Local Government" menu on
Home page.
9/26/04 - Added Index for Illinois Soldier's & Sailor's
Home in Quincy, IL. Includes admnissions of Civil & Mexican
War Vets 1887-

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