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TAHS Annual Potluck Meeting

Jul 15, 2019

It's that time again. Our annual Potluck meeting. Bring a dish to pass, and your own table setting. Beverage will be provided.

Dick Volker will be the guest speaker at the August 27th meeting of the TAMPICO AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY. This is our annual potluck meeting. We encourage everyone to attend and bring family and friends for this special meeting. Bring a dish to pass. We will meet a little earlier than usual and in a different location. We will meet in the Tampico Community Building on W Market St. at 6 p.m.

Dick Volker was in sales management with the company for over 40 years. Quite a variety of advertising passed through his hands, some of which he has collected and maintained in his home in Princeton. Loretta, Dick's wife, has especially focused on collecting advertising related to the fountain Coca-Cola, which was the division Volker was associated with. Loretta has made her kitchen into a mini-museum starting with a kitchen soffit packed full of Coke advertising pieces, and extending around the walls are metal serving trays, toy trucks and cars placed in slots in Coca-Cola bottle cases, plus a very large framed puzzle.

Dick and Loretta will enjoy telling us more about Coca-Cola and the items in their collection. Volker has done much research on the company, and for the past three years has enjoyed presenting programs on The History of Coca-Cola. (Who remembers the 5 cent Coke served in a glass bottle?)
Please mark your calendar and join us:
Tuesday, August 27th
6 p.m.
Tampico Community Bldg, W. Market St., Tampico, IL
Contact: Denise McLoughlin, 815-718-3617
Event is free, donations always welcomed.

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