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TAHS September Program

Sep 18, 2019

“ Our River Bottoms - Then and Now”
People and events have changed our County "bottomlands" that once teemed with wildlife and now host manicured fields and production facilities. Local economies benefit from over $ 50 million per year in economic activity from river bottom farming which began in the 1840s. Now after 170 years, what do the numbers tell us and what changes are likely on over 80,000 acres that are unique in our County?

Our presenter is Larry Russell who is a County Board member, trained hydrogeologist and a retired rural development specialist.

Presented by Larry Russell. Larry is:
- a graduate of Erie High School, Bradley University (civil engineering) and University of Florida (water resource management)
- with senior-level management responsibilities in university, city and utility positions
- with public involvement on the County Board, in City government and non-profit boards
- now retired and a resident of Fulton where he and Linda are active in a number of civic activities
Date: Sept. 24, 2019
Location: TAHS, 119 Main St., Tampico
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Contact: Denise McLoughlin, 815-718-3617

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